Skiing Royals

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princess lalla salma sking

princess lalla salma sking


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The Norwegian royals in Skiskilsdalen near Lillehammer, they are living in Prinsehytta

But this year they was skiing near Kongsseteren..
kittencrews said:
Pierre Casiraghi 2003
Why he have a Norwegian flag on his jacked? Was it a Norwegian jacket?
LaMinka said:
Why he have a Norwegian flag on his jacked? Was it a Norwegian jacket?
Flags seems to be in fashion to have on clothes. The Norwegian flag, for it's clear colours, seems to be used a lot. Quite a change from when you could count on the people wearing Norwegian flags on their back-packs, caps, or whatever, being either Norwegian or tourists... :rolleyes:
from hello (All photos: © Rex and AFP)

1 - Like many fellow winter sports enthusiasts, young European royals have been indulging in some snowy fun recently. Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Mette-Marit took their youngsters with them on a recent trip to the Norwegian resort of Lillehammer, but also made time to share a little cross country skiing together
2 - Warmly wrapped up in a chocolate brown one-piece suit and cosy knitted cap, the couple's daughter Ingrid was wide-eyed as she took in the snowy vista
3 - Nine-year-old Marius, Mette-Marit's son by a previous relationship, looks a seasoned pro in his safety helmet and tinted goggles as he is accompanied on the slopes by the crown prince

4 -The exclusive Austrian resort of Lech was the destination of choice for the Netherlands' Prince Willem-Alexander, his wife Maxima and their two young daughters
5 -Princess Catharina-Amalia, who's known simply as Amalia, hangs on tight to her baby sister, Princess Alexia
6 -Togged out in a kitted cap with pink bobbles and a pair of cute kitty mittens, the two-year-old Dutch princess was clearly having a whale of a time during her sledding experience

7 - Frederik of Denmark lived up to his prince charming reputation when he was spotted toting his wife's skis for her during a winter break in Switzerland
8 - Although Mary and her prince are both keen sports enthusiasts, the pretty brunette reveals her spouse has the edge on the piste. "He's much better at skiing than me, but he's been doing it for a long time," she says

Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and their families in Baqueira-Beret in 2006:

Source: Diez Minutos
Amalia and Ingrid's clothes are nearly the same shade of brown - very in this season, or did their mummies go shopping together? ;)
Margrethe and Sonja doing Country-coss skiing


Harald , Sonja and Märtha


Sonja and Haakon


ZDF Royal
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Letizia and Felipe (then fiances) skiing. (from seegerpress)

It seems that Letizia will have another break in her skiing lessons. Last year she was just after the labour and c-section and this winter she will already have a big belly :)

Too bad for The Princess of Asturias's skiing improvements but what a joy for the family!
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Crown Prince Olav with his parents King Haakon VII and Queen Maud of Norway would ski at Bygdo Royal Farm in Norway.
They're all much better skiers than I am :) I didn't learn until I turned 30, and it's only my second season at it- I love it but I'm not good at it. They're lucky that most learned as children and I love seeing their ski weekend photos
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark skiing
Skiing, Prince Charles and the BRF

The BRF now has a long tradition of enjoying skiing. Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and their families have all enjoyed skiing.

The Duke of Windsor was also a keen skier having skied in Norway in 1914 and in Austria in 1935.

I was wondering who introduced Prince Charles to Skiing?

Was it his father the Duke of Edinburgh? Was he a keen skier?

Or was it Lord Mountbatten?

Did the Queen ever ski?
Charles learned to ski as a schoolboy, a 14 year old.. His early trips were to Scuol in Switzerland and Vaduz in Liechtenstein. I’ve never heard of the Queen skiing at all, though perhaps Prince Philip did when he was very young. Edward VIII certainly skied, as you stated. There are photos of himself and Wallis Simpson at an Austrian ski resort in the 1930s. Charles was probably taught on the slopes by a ski instructor.

Press photos from 1969 of Charles ‘at skiing and polo lessons’

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Thanks for that.

What I was wondering is who wanted Charles to do the lessons? It would have been quite a trip to Switzerland for a 14 year old. Was Prince Philip behind it?

I have also found out that the Kent family were skiers with Prince George skiing with the Duke of Windsor in the 1930s and the current duke skiing in the 1950s. Prince William of Gloucester also skied in the 1960s.
It may have been one of those end of term trips organised by Gordonstoun school itself. British public schools often arrange trips like that for groups of students. Interesting that Pr George of Kent, who was close to his oldest brother, also skied. Prince Charles hero worshipped Pr William of Gloucester and perhaps wanted to emulate him.
Crown princess Victoria skiing in Sälen yesterday.

King Carl Gustaf and crown princess Victoria skiing in Sälen in January 2023.

King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, crown princess Victoria, prince Daniel, princess Estelle and prince Oscar skiing some years ago.
Kungafamiljen på skidtur vid Drottningholms slott
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