Royalty of Africa

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And the Coronation of the new King of Zulu take place today

Prince Aghatise Erediauwa of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria attended the Benin Bronzes repatriation ceremony and reception at the National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. on October 11:

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I am also intrigue in African kingdoms, so I bought and read a glossy photobook with every African history of different countries including South Africa, NIgeria, Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon etc. etc. including the History of the origins of the African Kingdoms by Pierre Alexandre. The title of the glossy coffee table photo book is "African Kings" by Daniel Laine.

When I try to compare Africa's traditional monarchies to other ones in Europe or Asia they remind the situation in places like the Holy Roman Empire/Confederation/German Empire, the Italian states in the Renaissance or more recent, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia's elected federation of monarchs. Each has its own traditional government within a larger entity.

I'm glad the republican forms of government respect these leaders because they represent a continuity of the people's history beyond the time republics existed.
Is anyone familiar with the organization 'African Royal Kingdom'? Last Saturday they (two kings from Ghana representing the 'Trusteeship Council of ARK') crowned the vice president of Suriname as 'King of Afro Suriname Heritage'.

See for example this picture. It is causing quite some confusion here.

The explanation in the Surinamese media is:
Brunswijk [is name of the vice president] receives this award from the Trusteeship Council of the African Royal Kingdoms (ARK), a collective of respected traditional leaders of various African kings in all African countries charged with upholding the cultural heritage and traditions of the entire African world, including the continent and its diaspora, and which also directs the Royal Institute for Global African Cultures and Traditions.
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