Royals Eating & Drinking

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Interesting insight into the state of the UK wine cellars for state banquets and receptions.

Not sure from the article if this is the wine cellar for the Palace or just the Government's stock which is used at State banquets.
Royals going out (restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas)

i thought it would be interesting to know where royals like to go out for dinner or lunch, or where they go for a drink or to have fun.

felipe and letizia are usually spotted out eating or going to the cinema. some of the restaurants they chose in the past are:

diverxo restaurant
chen restaurant (in aravaca)
Ten con Ten
El rey de los tallarines
Gumbo, in malasana
La esquina del Real
Pizzería Emma y Julia
Il Pastaio
La Catapa
La Cantina de Matadero
La Negra Tomasa
La Terraza del Casino
Viva la vida!
Café Taberna Tirso de Molina
La Bicicleta
Medina Mayrit
El Asador Donostiarra
Casa Lucio
El Landó

they had drinks previously at:

Del Diego
La Riviera

they also go to the cinema frequently, usually in cinema renoir or cinema Manoteras.

william and kate are sometimes seen out in restaurants and pubs in the UK, they were seen at The Kings Head Hotel in Great Bircham, at Dans Le Noir and also hosted a Christmas party and lunch at the Bumpkin restaurant in London's Notting Hill.
Do you think Queen Elizabeth has ever eaten McDonalds?
Good question. Is it really unlikely that HM has had a Big Mac attack at one time or another? There's McDonalds everywhere. :D
What a wonderful find!! You've just made my day Curryong! :D
Diets of the royals

Maxima lost a lot of weight in recent years and Letizia manages to keep very slim also. What diets and exercise routines do the royals follow?
Maxima lost a lot of weight in recent years and Letizia manages to keep very slim also. What diets and exercise routines do the royals follow?


IMHO thank God - we do not know
Favourite Tipple

I just did read about the Queen and her Gin, which can be bought now - "Buckingham Palace small-batch Dry Gin".

And this article on "Bunte online" debunks my favourite personal conspiracy theory about the British Royals: I always thought, they become that old, because they all drink Gin with Dubonnet... But the article claims, Prince Philip prefers beer, namely "Boddingtons" from Manchester.

For those of you, which care - here ist the Wikipedia entry for the beer:
Romanov Vanilla Ice Cream


I was looking for Romanov stuff on the Internet and found this:

"Cooking with the Romanovs". In this episode, Russian historian and "Moscow Times" food writer, Jennifer Eremeeva will be making vanilla ice cream from a recipe used in the kitchen of the last imperial family. This recipe was originally shared by Matryona (Maria) Rasputina - daughter of the infamous "starets" Grigori."

Link for further description, a vid, the recipe and a "How-to":

I hope you enjoy this too! Happy end of Summer!
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