Royals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Wow. I can't believe the Olympicsa re already over. Thank you so much everyone that contributed!
Our country finally won a gold, but in a sport that has no bearing on the medal tally.:doh: We won a gold and bronze in wushu, which is just an exhibition sport and where only 25 countries participated. The athletes from my country never made it to any semifinal. Phooey.

What is Wushu? :blink:

I have to say that I didn't like London logo for the next JJOO.

Pretty awfull, and the britsh performance in the closing ceremony was poor.

Definetly China has been overwhelming, its performance was astonishing, It will be difficult for other cointries improve what China has made in this Olympic games.

I also wan't impressed by London's performance at the closing Ceremony. Would it've killed the London Mayor to button his suit jacket before the flag-handover ceremony?! And maybe it was just the sound on my vcr tape but the London songstress and guitar player didn't sound good. But they said no other country will probably be able to compete ceremony-wise with China because they don't have the $$$$$ to spend on it that China did.

Thank you very much for amazing games, Beijing. It was wonderful. Great closing ceremony. I have watched it on TV and I had to cry, because a great time is over.

It was very nice, and I did get a little misty eyed that it was over. I did like the song "Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing". I wonder if NBC would put that on their soundtrack.
Thank you very much for amazing games, Beijing. It was wonderful. Great closing ceremony. I have watched it on TV and I had to cry, because a great time is over.

Watched last night on NBC with tons of interruptions. According to the President they were exceptional games. Not the best games, just exceptional. :bang:Well, now that everyone comes back we will hear more details. I am sure there is a big void in a lot of people's lives in China now that the party is over.
Does anyone have any information on the Paralympics?
Still some photos:
Infanta Cristina in the Swimming Synchronized event. Spain won the Silver Medal, behind Russia.
IBL Bildbyrå
Prince Willem Alexander cheers as the Dutch team wins the Olympic Ladies Hockey final
ANP Beeldbank
Willem Alexander cheers for the gold medal in Swimming
Princess Royal and Sir Clive Woodward watch Great Britain s Tony Jeffries in action against Ireland s Kenny Egan in the Semi Final Middleweight bout
Princess Royal returns home
A few news stories about protestors:
2 women punished for seeking Olympic protest permits
Human rights and Beijing's Olympic hustle

From the second article: "China would keep good civic order, of course, but the usual political repression would be lifted, at least for the duration. And, in fact, three protest sites were set aside for demonstrators and a simple permit process was set up.
Seventy-seven permit applications were made. None was granted. At least six of the applicants were arrested. Others -- no one seems to know how many -- simply disappeared, for how long or where to are anybody's guess."

:glare:Not surprising!

Very proud of my country i must say,well done GB!!!!!!!:D
anybody see the Lauren Jackson hug Yao ming in closing ceremony
Is she the American who played for the Russian women's basketball team? I saw some woman hug him, but I had no idea who it was.
Apparently Michael Phelps is partial to Italian female swimmers.;)
Seems like he first tried to have a date with gold medalist Federica Pellegrini, who told the journalists that she doesn't speak English. "But he does speak Italian" said they. So she replied she has a boyfriend already: Luca Marin, Laure Manadou's ex-boyfriend.

Later Michael tried to do the same with silver medalist Alessia Filippi, but she didn't comment.
"Also on the block will be electric appliances used by Liu Xiang, the celebrity 110m hurdler forced to quit the Games with an injury"
:ermm:Why would someone want appliances used by an athlete who didn't even compete?

Maybe because Liu Xiang is olympic gold medalist and world champion and a big star and great athlete?
Wow! Thank you for all of the pictures that everyone posted. The royals from different countries looked so happy and cheerful while they were at the Olympic events. I watched the opening and closing ceremories on TV. I saw a few royals at the Opening ceremory on TV on August 8th but I did not see any royals at the Closing ceremory on TV on August 24th. :flowers:
I have seen Princess Anne at th Closing ceremony
i dont like london logo either,but i think the britsh performance in the closing ceremony wasnt so bad ,and the mayor london showed a bit cute ,lol. did he say something about his clothes
I may be mistaken, but I thought that I saw the Greek royals at the closing ceremony.
Are any royals besides the Earl of Wessex attending the Paralymics and Special Olymipics?
Are any royals besides the Earl of Wessex attending the Paralymics and Special Olymipics?

Infanta Elena will be present at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games on the 6th September (probably she stays there longer). Infanta Elena is the honorary president of the Spanish Paralympic Committee.
Crown princess Victoria will be at the Paralympic Games from the 8th to the 14th September according to the agenda of the Swedish Royal Family
Royal Court of Sweden
I really liked the outfits worn by the Olympic hostesses - the ones carrying the medals and the ones escorting the medal-winning athletes. That was one of my favorite parts of watching the Olympics - seeing what color & style of dress the women were wearing. I really like the red ones above though! They are the prettiest ones I seen so far.
nobody see The opening ceremony for the Beijing Paralympics? it was great too .the songs the dances and all the colors , in someways it is better than tthe opening for the Olympics on Aug. 8
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