Royals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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The Norwegian court announced (after some prodding from the media) that the King and Queen, as well as the Crown Prince would attend the games.

From Denmark, CP Frederik will attend.
I hope that if Zara Phillips makes the team, which seems very likely that some of the BRF will go. Of course China has several 'issues' which could make that trip dicey politically.
From England at least Princess Anne would come, i am sure. And maybe the Duchess of Cornwall might as well.
I know if Zara makes it to the Olympics that Princess Anne will most definitley be there, and maybe some of her cousins.
William and Henry and Tim who is her Stepfather Peter and Autumn.
Crown Prince Frederik's going, even though there was lots of talk about him not, because its being held in Beijing and there's controversy, etc.
Princess Nora vuz Liechtenstein is on the IOC so I suspect she and some members of the Liechtenstein princely family will be there, though they will likely go unnoticed. :)
The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima are going
Most Royals are members of the IOC and will be present for the games in Beijing. King Constantine of the Hellenes and the Princess Royal are both members and they will be present.
Prince Albert of Monaco he will most likely attend
Are the Spanish Royals going this year? I remember seeing pictures of all of them-down to little Juan Valentin, at the Olympics in years past. Or was that just because Cristina's husband was on the Spanish handball team?
Isnt Mary attending with Frederik?
Also Princess Haya will be attending since she is the FEI President.
I think royal families will go to the Olympics since most royals are sportsman and they will most likely cheer for their athletes.
Nothing is said from the royal court but I can guarantee that King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of sweden and mybe the Crown Princess too will travel to beijing.
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maybe some Brunei royals will also be present. at least, we hope! ;)
Also swedish royals attend:

Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf are in Beijing from 14. August to 24. August.
And the luxembourg royals?? will they go?? anyone know about that??
Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on August 8 in representation of Spain.
The confirmation of the popular couple’s official presence at what looks like being one of the most controversial openings of recent times, came in the wake of a meeting in the Spanish capital between President José Luis Zapatero and China’s minister for foreign affairs, Yang Jiechi. “Spain is China’s best friend in the European Union,” said a beaming Jiechi, who urged Sr Zapatero to try to convince his more squeamish counterparts in Europe to follow Spain’s example by not mixing sport with politics.
(source: tenerifenews)
Crown Princess Mary said that the family will be visiting Tasmania this year, perhaps they will meet up with the Crown Prince during the Olympics and continue onto Australia. :flowers:
I think that Pierre Casiraghi might visit it. He visit The Olympic Games in Torino, so I think he could visit China, but who know??
Crown Princess Mary said that the family will be visiting Tasmania this year, perhaps they will meet up with the Crown Prince during the Olympics and continue onto Australia. :flowers:

This has been confirmed, see this thread :flowers:
Beijing Olympics - 08-08-08

I can't tell you how excited I am for the upcoming Summer Olympics! I even took time off of work so I can watch as much as possible. Anyways, i thought we should have a general discussion topic about it.

What are your favorite sports? (beach vollyball and gymnastics are mine - that reminds me I have to go see if they have chosen the rest of the women's team)
How do you think the home country will fare in the medal count? (I'm gonna guess they'll be in the top 5)
Do you anticipate anything non-sports-related happening during the Games? (protests, earthquake, etc)
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