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Sorry don't know that, but, that is a stunning ring..... oh so beautiful..... Puts some of the other royal wedding/engagment rings (not putting then down) to shame in a way. Not to put them down.....
Here's a picture of the ring that Prince Gustav zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg gave to Elvire when he was engaged to her in 2001. It's quite large! I hope she gave it back to him!

Originally posted by samitude@May 7th, 2004 - 11:05 am
Here's a picture of the ring that Prince Gustav zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg gave to Elvire when he was engaged to her in 2001. It's quite large! I hope she gave it back to him!


I hope she gave it back, too! That would be a very valuable piece! Was the ring he gave her from the Berleburg family or have any historical significance at all?
My vote for most interesting ring goes to Clothilde's ring of hearts. I just think it interesting that the heart is facing a left or right direction, instead of facing Clothilde or facing the person who would be shaking or kissing her hand.

IMO diamonds and platinum go with everything. Diamonds are far less valuable, though, than rubies (most rare) or sapphires or emeralds. Maybe that is why royals wear the colored stones.

Is platinum a popular metal for rings in Europe or other places? It is here in the US. And it is really durable. You can smack your ring in a file cabinet and it will come out okay. One's finger, maybe not come out okay. :p
Clotilde's ring is really special. The design, materials and work seem to be superb. I guess, I too would vote for her ring.

You are right, Paulina, in that the top quality rubies (over two carat stones of best "pigeon blood" colour, no visible inclusions, excellent cut) are (usually) more valuable than white diamonds of good quality but the rest of the coloured stones sapphires and emeralds are (usually) less expensive. Of course there are always exceptions in gemmology. That's why the "usuallys" :lol:

Platinum is nice in that sense that it is white when white gold alloys have sometimes colour problems after the rhodium plating is worn off. Platinum gets though more easily scratched than the average white gold alloys - the surface of platinum rings get this silky patina but it actually looks quite nice. I wouldn't call platinum harder but somehow sturdier metal. Some goldsmiths have described finishing a platinum piece (which means the polishing) like trying to polish tar. Difficult.

Platinum is interesting people more and more here in Northern Europe, but usually the customers are surprised when they hear how expensive it is compared to other precious metals.
Very nice!

Actually Letizia's engagement ring reminds me of Mary's wedding ring... diamonds all around.

What does letizia's wedding ring look like (perhaps wrong topic though).
Letizia's engagement ring is very plain - it's lovely more like a wedding band. Does anyone know how big the diamonds are?
samitude said:
Here's a photo of Queen Margrethe's engagement ring.


It looks as though there are two rings there, and they are BOTH HUGE!
Clothildhe's ring is most defanitly special. Very beautiful!
chanel said:
It looks as though there are two rings there, and they are BOTH HUGE!
It is one ring with two stones. Maybe 3 - 4cts each. Yes, the stones are huge.
nouwrein said:
I think they have a simple gold band as wedding ring

This is sort of off the topic again, but it's a lovely stroy about the gold used for Felipe and Letizia's wedding rings.

There is a small town in Asturias where the men--for the sake of maintaining old traditions--still sift for gold in the river the way it was done in Roman times. As a wedding gift to the Prince and then future Princess these men sifted for gold until they had found enough gold for two wedding bands, and this was the gold used to make the rings. Pretty neat, huh!
It reminds me of the wedding rings of the British royal family... They are traditionally made of Welsh gold.
Here is another view of Queen Margrethe's engagement ring. (Left hand)
APL pictures.


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Margarethe's engagement ring is absolutely huge. Even though the pics aren't that clear, it is obvious that the diamonds are massive!!!!
Its so large, it looks as though the diamonds have melted on her hand... that is how large they are. WOW!
are these two the same ones? Don't look alike...


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They don't seem to look alike only slightly. However, I believe they might be the same.
Letizia's ring is lovely but it looks more like a wedding band or a dress ring rather than an engagement ring.
Since we're also talking about wedding rings here, here's a great photo of both the engagement and wedding ring of Crown Princess Mary (the photo was posted by Mayflower from the Crown Princess Mary forum) :

princessvalondra said:
Are there any close up's of Princess Grace's engagement ring?
I found some. I don't know if they have already been posted. They're not very clear though, but you get the idea.:p


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Here is a close up of Mary's rings, taken from the picture posted above by tiff_tiff_tiff2000.


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I didn't mcuh care for Letizia's engagement ring simply because it didn't look like an engagement ring. It was more of a wedding or eternity band.

Although I thoroughly dislike this woman, I have to conceed that Clotilde has a nice engagement ring, very whimsical and romantic; good choice by Filiberto.
Engagement Rings

1) Infanta Elena
2) Queen Elizabeth II
3) Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
4) Princess Astrid of Belgium
5) Viscountess of Althorp
6) Princess Alexandra of Denmark
7) Princess Caroline of Hanover
8) Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxemburg
9) Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxemburg

The last two rings are very similar, that type of engagement is probably worn by all luxemburg royal brides. Its looks like cabachon ruby, I could be wrong....


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Infanta Cristina engagement ring.


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