Royal Family of Jordan Current Events 2: February 2013 - Aug 2023

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27 june 2014 Mcrown prince husseins birthday: princess muna, p. Iman, p. Salma, prince feisal with wife, king and queen, p. Ghazi

This pic was taken during the independence day celebration last May 25th. CP Hussein's birthday is tomorrow (June 28th) & Petra republished those old pics marking the occasion. Usually they are publishing new portrait for his birthday .. I wonder why no new pic this year!!. Perhaps it will be published through social media.
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July 5th, 2014

Sharif Zeid bin Hussein bin Nasser (b. 1947) paaed away yesterday. His funeral will be held today at the royal tombs.
The late Sharif is the son of princess Maqbula bint Abdullah I of Jordan & H.H. Prince Hussein bin Nasser. He was married (first) to his first cousin, Sharifa Thuraya bint Rakan but they divorced later .His second wife is Ferihan Dabbas. He had issue:
• Sharif Hussein bin Zeid ( s/o Thuraya).
• Sharif Hassan bin Zeid (s/o Ferihan)
• Captain Sharif ‘Ali bin Zeid.who was killed in Afghanstan few years ago ( s/o Ferihan)
• Sharif ‘Abdu’llah bin Zeid
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June 9, 2015- King hands over Hashemite standard to Armed Forces

Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein, Prince Hashim, Prince Faisal, Prince Ali, Prince Nayef, Prince Talal, Prince Raad and Prince Rachid attended the ceremony

Jordan News Agency (Petra) |King hands over Hashemite standard to Armed Forces

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She is Sharifa Sarra bint Ghazi bin Rakan bin Nasser ( b.1971). Her matermal grandmother is princess Rajiha bint Feisal I of Iraq, brother of the late king Abdullah I of jordan. Her Aunt sharifa Fatima bint Rakan was married to Sharif Nasser bin Jamil, the brother of HM Queen Zein Alsharaf of Jordan.

princess Azza bint faisal1 of iraq,died in beirut,lebanon 1987,had one daughter and 5 grandchildren still lives in lebanon

Statement by the Royal Hashemite Court

Amman, Sep. 5 (Petra) -- In light of the increasing use of various media outlets and social media platforms to express views and opinions, including by Royal Family members, many of whom occupy positions in international organizations and NGOs and rely on media outlets and social media tools to convey their points of view and positions, the Royal Hashemite Court asserts that any statements, opinions or comments made by Royal Family members (except official statements issued by the Royal Hashemite Court or through the media and social media channels of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II) strictly express the personal views of those individuals, as Royal Family members are entitled, like any Jordanian citizen, to express their personal opinions.

Following is a list of the Royal Hashemite Court's official sites and social media channels:

- His Majesty King Abdullah II:

King Abdullah II Official Website |

- His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II:

سمو الأمير الحسين بن عبد الله الثاني، ولي العهد | الموقع الرسمي
December 23,2016
Jordan royals celebrate birthday of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him,(Al Mawlid Al Nabawi )& Christmas (birth of Jesus Christ):
His Majesty,accompanied by HRH Crown Prince,attends a ceremony marking the anniversary of Al Mawlid Al Nabawi
His Majesty King Abdullah II receives Christian leaders on the occasion of Christmas

Queen Rania:
The festive season is all the more special this year because Muslims and Christians are both celebrating important events on their religious calendars. Today, Muslims mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, and the day after tomorrow, Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
This week, we commemorate together a message of compassion and coexistence and remember all that we have in common; because at the heart of both faiths is peace
I hope our children and grandchildren will always come together in the same way as the call to prayer sounds and the bell chimes ring, blending in peaceful harmony
Queen Noor: (Facebook)
Al Anbiya The Prophets 21:107 (On Prophet Mohammad)"And We have not sent you, O Mohammad, except as a mercy to the worlds"
Mariam 19:33 (On Prophet Issa) "And peace is on me the day I was born and the day I will die and the day I am raised alive."
We are truly blessed to witness these days the birth of Prophet Mohammad PBUH and the birth of Prophet Issa (Jesus) PBUH; advocates of peace and love.
Very pleased to see King Abdullah sharing this message of peace and tolerance yesterday.
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Mar 2,2016

King Abdullah II, prince Feisal, prince Hamzah & Prince Hassan Attended the funeral of police captain Rashid Zyoud who was killed in a major crackdown security forces launched against outlaws (ISIS members) in the northern city of Irbid yesterday night.

Ammon news photos.

Yousif Allan Photos:
Prince Hamzah:
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King attends funeral of Major Rashed Al-Zyoud

Amman, March 2 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, on Wednesday, attended the funeral of martyr Major Rashed Hussein Al-Zyoud.

Al-Zyoud, who was killed during a security raid on a terrorist cell in Irbid Governorate, northern Jordan, was buried in Al Hashemiyya District in Zarqa Governorate east of Amman.

Members of the Royal family, senior civilian and military officials also attended the funeral.

Earlier today, a Royal Decree was issued promoting martyr Rashed Hussein Al-Zyoud to the rank of Major in recognition of his sacrifice.
Sad news. King Abdullah looked very affected.
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