Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2024

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Wow surprised to see Beatrice but she looks happy. And beautiful :flowers:

Would like to see more of Charlottes dress but she looks amazing.

They both seem to fit the Art Deco theme well.
Yes. They are friends since babies.
Beatrice is fantastic. Like a Florence painting.
And for the first time since many years I see Charlotte well dressed at the Rose ball. I think I remember this dress of Princess Caroline. Didn't she wear it in the beginning of her marriage with Prince EA?
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Wow yeah commenting on baby weight :whistling: She looks pretty good for a woman with a baby who is not even three weeks old.

Caroline looks :eek: did she get caught in a cyclone in a circus tent :lol:
although i don't like their dresses that much but their jewellery is on point especially caroline's earrings, they looks quite similar to the pieces princess charlene borrowed on her wedding day .
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Caroline wore the dress Charlotte is wearing to the 2000 Nijinsky Awards.
When I saw Charlotte's gown I thought it was sort of missing something and I was right. It looks a lot better with the beautiful, slightly oval, brooch. Looking at them side by side and Charlotte's just misses. Her hair is gorgeous but it is definitely 1940's rather than 1920's.

When I looked at Caroline's earrings I thought they reminded me of the aigrette that Charlene borrowed from Caroline for her wedding. Nice to know I was right. But that is where all that is lovely ends. The choker is just nasty and the OTT ruffles bring to mind a circus character that bounces and rolls! :ROFLMAO:
I actually thought Beatrice looked incredible for someone who only gave birth less than a month ago. It was great to see her there! Pierre looks quite handsome with a beard.

I love the Art Nouveau theme idea, everyone whom I've seen photos of so far has pulled it off well.
Lol how do you all remember who wore what gown ages ago!?! Boggles the mind. :lol: I miss seeing Princess Alexandra and Andrea & his lovely wife as well, but am so very happy that two of Princess Caroline's children were able to make it ~ the genetically gifted Charlotte whom looks like her mama's twin and the equally handsome Pierre. And of course the newest member of the family ~ the swan Beatrice Casiraghi. :heart: What surprises me the most is to see that Charlotte brought her friend. What a kind gesture, as usually a new boyfriend accompanies her. It's good to see her taking her time and not jumping from one man to another with no spare time in between, marks Charlotte's maturity into her 30's imho. Taking her time to find the one and also a stepfather for her little boy. :)

Btw the roses are outstanding!!!! Reminds me of Emma Watson and Beauty & the Beast.
But apparently, she has a new boyfriend haha : Dimitri Rassam

Prince Albert did not come ?
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Not a fan of the top of Charlotte's dress. It just emphasizes the boniness and not all that flattering on her. The lower half is beautiful.

Beatrice looks every inch a princess. She almost always gets it right.

Charlotte is wearing one of Caroline's dresses from the past

Thank goodness she isnt wearing the present one. That gown Caroline has on is the most hideous thing I have ever seen at a formal event.
Yes it's different, this event tends to be rather theatrical & and over the years Caroline has certainly worn some interesting gowns
The dress of Princess Caroline did wonderfully fit in the theme of the ball: the Wiener Secession (Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and the likes). The pattern on the Princess' gown reminded to that.
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This year, it is carnaval,
Caroline and Charlotte wear ugly clown dresses
Happily, Beatrice raises the level
This bal de la Rose become dull from year to year
The dress of the Princess of Hannover was really fabulous.

This is the dress: picture

The floral pattern is often repeated in designs of the Wiener Secession: picture

The geometric top pattern is also a standard theme of that style: picture

Two years ago I was in Les Baux-de-Provence (yes, the place of which Prince Jacques is Marquis des Baux) and in the stone caves there (Carrières de Lumières) I have seen the best exposition in my life ever. HUGE pictures of Gustav Klimt and other artists of the Wiener Secession were projected in crystalclear HD quality on the walls and floors of the caves and it just blew me away, with heavenly music from that period. Since then I am a fan of that art form. This was how it looked in the caves below Prince Jacques' marquessate: picture.

Princess Caroline lives just two or three kilometres furtherer from Les Baux, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. I am sure she has seen that exhibition as well. Maybe se became insprired by this exhibition for the Rose Ball?
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Difficult to find a more horrible dress than Caroline's !
Difficult to find a more horrible dress than Caroline's !

Although it's an unfluttering dress, I have to admit that she can "support" it on her. I doubt if other woman could "wear" it.
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