Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2024

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aww I love the pics of them dancing! It looks like a good time.

Is that girl sitting next to Pierre, Melanie?


Okay, goodnight and have fun.... I'm going to party and dance with all of you in my dreams....
They must be already at the after party by now... and you can go only if you've been to the party, or if you're friend with the bouncer...
The night of the Balls (Rose and Red Cross) the Jimmy'z is closed for everyone except those who attended the Party (and those who know the bouncer of course). So it is very difficult that photographers manage top get in...Believe me, the security is strict!
I don't think the after party started yet. I haven't heard the fireworks yet (usually around 2) which basically signal that it is heading to its end.
Oh sorry, I misread the watch. I think (not sure) the after party starts around 2/2.30, right paca?
paca said:
I don't think the after party started yet. I haven't heard the fireworks yet (usually around 2) which basically signal that it is heading to its end.

We actually have "insider"..When fireworks are on, change of positions:p

It has been such a great and pleasant night with all of you, but I'm afraid I have to go too..why today had to to be Daylight Saving time, one hour less to sleep..but don't wanna complain, I had great time tonight;) (Monaco's you were great dancing partner:p )

For you going to Jimmy'z wishing all the best and the ones going to bed, sweet dreams..Have a nice Sunday and see you around!:)
I think my cousin won't miss the party. He will tell me about the fun they had.
I guess so. I usually see (and hear) the fireworks around 2 which I think used to be the signal for Rainier to officially leave (and my kids to wake up since the noise is just incredible being reflected by all the buildings - you can actually feel our building vibrating)
Thanks for all the photos. :)

Everyone looked great and like they has a lot of fun! I like the dancing photos, especially of Prince E-A, he looked like he had a blast.
I must admit though, that I was disappointed by the lack of festive Ethiopian/reggae colors on Charlotte and Princess Caroline. It was a nice attempt though by the Princess, wearing green (emerald) earrings, red shoes, and the black dress.;)
strange, I still haven't heard the fireworks (and they are usually hard to miss, though today was no wind, so maybe I overheard them unless they dropped them since it is daylight savings now.)
More of the kids having a good time...




WOW!!! Everyone looks great!!! Charlotte's Drop Dead Gorgeous!!! Her hair is finally tamed and much neater!!! Pierre is looking so HOTT!!! Pierre's hair is sure growing out fast!!! It seems like every time we see him his hair is getting longer and longer!!! I like it like he has it now and him with long hair, but I like his short hair better. It looks like its time for another haircut! But he's still very cute and handsome,gorgeous!!! Caroline and Ernst look very happy Ernst seems so Jolly now! Caroline chose that great elegant black gown!!! Andrrea came with Tatiana and they'd seem so joyous too! Albert was there too as usual being the ruler himself now nice good man. Too bad and it makes me sad that Tama Stephanie wasn't there she wasn't there last year either. How dissapointing!!! But she's probably at home being a great mom and laughing and playing with her kids and boyfriend Mittheu (smiles)!
Isn't that Sharmine Sharivar next to pierre? The other supposed to be next PG?
As much as I like them I have to say I would like to see them wearing colorfull clothes, Caroline, Ernest, Albert and Andrea are all wearing black and Tatiana confuse Reggae with Roman LOL. Charlote... I don't know what to say, like her, like the dress a little bit but have nothing to do with the braids, well at least she honored the Reggae thing with the hairdo.
Anyways they are having fun and we are here talking about them, that's all it matters. :D
and that was only in october. He does have some speed our PA, doesn't he? Though she fits Pierres age group much better.
Ohhh My Ernst has got the giggles, well more like gigantic laughs!!! Are there any pictures of Pierre dancing?
They all look like they're having such a good time!

I have been looking through all of the arrivals pics again, and I can't believe how much these two look like their parents. The resemblance is really remarkable!



(Both from Getty Images.)
michelle said:
I think Caro and Steph will be kept in charge of their traditional stuff all the way.

I think it's automatic/tradition that Albert's wife would be in charge of both the Rose Ball and the Red Cross Ball. A gracious move would be to offer Caroline to continue with one or the other but she would probably decline. The Circus I believe was Rainier's connection and probably will stay with Stephanie.
Oh my God they're practiaclly identical to their parents in those pictures Bella Lumina! But even more Beautiful and Handsome!
Michelle, do you know the guy next to Pierre? He mistook me for someone else (for whom I still don't have any clue) the other day in the supermarket and was totally in shock when he realized his mistake (it took him quite a while to gather his speech so i suppose I have a long lost twin or sth running around here :D). glad to see he has recovered.
paca said:
and that was only in october. He does have some speed our PA, doesn't he? Though she fits Pierres age group much better.

Didn't he sue over that one too? :D ;) Is she now dating Pierre?????? or is she just there as a guest?
pinklady1991 said:
Didn't he sue over that one too? :D ;) Is she now dating Pierre?????? or is she just there as a guest?
Yes, i think he considered it, but dropped it. Funny though that now he can hand his gf or supposed gf down to his nephews. A new way of recycling.;) :D
With different American guest celebrities there does Prince Albert and Princess Caroline and the rest of the family have the Ball in French or English. Wht language do they speak with the non europen guests like Bob Marley and the others that have been there over the years and today? Thanks
enchantednights said:
i will get those for you no later than monday!

Thank you so much Enchanted!!!:)

ps did anyone notice eugunie was there as well ....i wish there was more of a close up and that thing on tatiana's head looks like barb wire or thorns from the side when you look at the detail
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Who is the black lady that is seen with the Grimaldis/Hannovers? She must be very close to the family. Any info is appreciated.
monaco70s said:
Caroline looks stunning, and she's wearing like a beaded bracelet maybe to match the Ball's theme.

Charlotte is beautiful without a doubt, but the dress and maybe her hairdo just don't help her to show her beauty more.

I agree! Oh my God, Caroline's dress is fabulous! And this is the first time I can say that about a look of Caroline for some time! But Charlotte.... she looks beautiful as always, gorgeous with her face and makeup and hair, but the dress is a disappointment. But only she could come out wearing that and look semi-pretty. Anyone else wearing it would be terrible. Only char could pull it off without seeming like a total loser.
:) I love Charlotte so much. I don't give a damn what she wears or how she looks. She is a sweet person, I can see that in her smile and her eyes. That is what truly counts.
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