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Rosa Lewis is perhaps best known these days as the inspiration for the main character in the 1970s TV series "The Duchess of Duke Street," She was a Victorian kitchenmaid who became a world-renowned cook and the proprietor of the Cavendish Hotel on Jermyn Street in London. Edward VII, both as Prince of Wales and later as King, greatly appreciated Rosa's excellent cooking and her sharp Cockney wit, as well as her beauty. It is rumoured that Rosa was one of his many mistresses, but she was the soul of discretion on this subject so the rumour has never been confirmed. Rosa lived through both world wars and experienced first-hand the resulting upheavals to the social structure. In prosperity and diversity, her wit and wisdom never failed her. This article tells her story.

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We have a new article, thanks to BeatrixFan. Setting up the blog has put the articles on the back burner, but we have a few in the works and this is the first of them.

For members who are old enough to remember the original Duchess of Duke Street TV series, where Gemma Jones gave an unforgettable performance as Louisa Trotter, gourmet cook, proprietor of the Bentinck Hotel on Duke Street, and irrepressible Cockney wit, this article will introduce you to the woman on whom that character was based, Rosa Lewis, proprietor of the Cavendish Hotel on Jermyn Street (right next to Duke Street!), noted cook and irrepressible Cockney wit! Rosa was Edward VII's favourite cook, and it's rumoured that she was a lot closer to him than that. Many thanks to Sam for another interesting and informative article.:flowers:
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My pleasure! It's nice to put Rosa's name back out there.
My pleasure! It's nice to put Rosa's name back out there.

Thank you for researching and writing this article Beatrixfan. I vaguely remember my mother watching this series on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre in the 1970's.
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I never saw the series the first time around but I did see the repeats here and they were superb. It's also worth mentioning that so prolific was Rosa that she even got a mention in 'Upstairs, Downstairs';

Lady Marjorie: Sir Hugh said that meal was worthy of Rosa Lewis herself
The article's already had quite a few views over at TRA, Sam. Pretty good for one that hasn't been up for 24 hours yet. This is also the first TRA article that's been advertised on Twitter and Facebook, so you're being a ground-breaker for us!
:lol: Little 'ol me a groundbreaker? Faaaaabulous.
I really enjoyed your writing Sam well done.
I have recently watched The Duchess of Duke Street, and consequently been reading everything I can get my hands on about Rosa Lewis. I am curious if she had ever printed, written, or published any of her recipes?
The food in the movie looked so wonderful. We never see food prepared and served in such manner, here in the US. I would like to attempt to create some of her dishes.
Any advice?
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