Roc Agel Royal Residence

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Lord Rossmore

Oct 21, 2009
Does any one have pictures of Roc Agel which is located just above the hills of Monaco? Ive never seen any pics of it but have heard it countless times when reading about the Life of the late HSH Princess Grace.
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:stocking:It seems there aren't too many pics of Roc Angel. We too would love to see how it looks inside.

:candycane: However, perhaps the reason why there haven't been too many pics is because it was while Pss Grace was alive the haven for the family to kind of 'get away' from things to be together alone?? Or; maybe since it's not as big as the palais the palais always seems to attract everyone's attention??:poinsettia:
If you look at the 'Grace Kelly, princesse de monaco documentary' on you tube, there are a lot of pieces from little home movies made by Grace that show Roc Agel.
And the photoshoot of Caroline and Stefano for their 5th wedding anniversary were they pose with their kids in a blue kitchen is taken in the kitchen of Roc Agel
The Roc Agel estate is a small part of the Mont Agel, Monaco's mountain. Roc Agel is just over the border with France, about 35 minitues by car.

Grace had her art studio there, while Rainier looked after the farm.

A picture of the horses at Roc Agel:
The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 307

An account in French about Roc Agel:
(6) Roc Agel

Grace at Roc Agel:

Mont Agel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Geography of Monaco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here is a picture of place where Grace had tragic accident. It was near Roc Agel. She had a crash just after she left Roc Agel:

the last pic shows the property Roc Agel, here is a better close up:
In the right down corner of the pic there is a house, where family lived and Albert lives till today. This house was pictured in Paris Match article in 2006, although those pics never showed the whole house.
Great thread, i didn't know that picture in the kitchen with Caroline and Stefano was in Roc Agel.
No they were made by Karl Lagerfeld. The day before he did the shoot with the family in his house La Vigie where they are all dressed up.
They did the shoot in the kitchen in Roc Agel because at the time Caroline and Stefano were staying there because they had work done on the plumbing in Clos Saint Pierre. Rainier was also present.
Karl Lagerfeld gave an interview in Paris Match about the shoot.
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Aereal view of Roc Agel:


And also found it on Wikimapia (princely farm)
By zooming out you can see how far it is from Monaco.
And in the south east of the property you can see the place where a helicopter can land.

Thanks cdm :flowers::flowers:
for this Great info on Roc Agel estate, I always wonder like it looks, what size and architecture it had. To think that Pss Grace left that house to never come back in this world… very nostalgic for me…

Great finding:)
Aereal view of Roc Agel:


And also found it on Wikimapia (princely farm)
By zooming out you can see how far it is from Monaco.
And in the south east of the property you can see the place where a helicopter can land.

Great find!! Thank you!!:heart:
So when Albert and Charlene are at Roc Agel they have to cook by themselves?
Or Stephanie / Caroline with family?? No chef around? :lol:
I like that thought. The whole Grimaldis at one place and they are just as normal as we are, cooking, cleaning, making beds :)

Le Roc Angel is the private residence (therefore, not Royal or Princely residence even) of the family in the Roc Angel Mountain in Monaco, I believe it's the "country house" that Charlene refers to repeatedly in interviews. When Grace was alive, she and Rainier used to take the kids up there as the weekend house. They had farm animals, etc there as well. As far as it's known, there's no servants, other than security guards (of course) there, with the occasional Driver. (remeber the various recaps of the day of the accident where Grace was repeatedly asked by the driver if she wanted him to drive them but Grace refused?)
I remember seeing a 2002(? Maybe it was 2001 or 2003, Pauline was 7 at the time, and Camille and Alex were both born at this point, and JGG had yet to be acknowledged, and Rainier hadn't died yet.) interview with Caro and Steph, of Diane Sawyer ("Princess Caroline & Family" on youtube, I think), Diane closed it by saying that when she interviewed Albert that he said one of his fondest memories growing up were "Sunday morning pancakes that Mom & Dad would make."
Just like a normal family. That's what I thought.
Great! Let's hope they can cook a proper meal
Now that i see this thread again...
I wonder: Do Albert and Charlene have to live in the Palace? Or they live between the Palace and Roc Agel?
Also...Rainier and Grace, with their family, lived mostly in Roc Agel or the Palace?
Rainier and Grace lived primarily at the palace, especially after they expanded the families private apartment and the births of their children. Roc Agel was for weekends and holidays. There was also their apartment in Paris, Chateau Marchais and their chalet in Switzerland to spend time in away from Monaco. Before his marriage Rainier spent a lot of time at Villa Iberia his home at Cap Ferat which he sold after marriage. Roc Agel was purchased after the marriage.
Not sure but I would guess that for Albert & Charlene the palace would be their principal residence as well as office and Roc Agel would be the place to get away from the formality of palace life and relax a bit in private.
If you go to YouTube and watch the documentary on Grace by Frederic Mitterand they are a number of clips from family home movies taken at Roc Agel.
I disagree, NGalitzine.
Albert and Charlene primarily live at Le Roc, using The Palace for official occasions and as their office.
Albert stated that in numerous interviews.
You could be right but since the private apartments are being redecorated that would imply future usage.
Some photos of the tennis court as it was being built. The photos were taken by one of the construction workers.

Screencaps of the house at Roc Agel. From the documentary, "The Curse of the Royal Family" by E! Tv

Grace working on one of her pressed flower collages at Roc Agel

A magazine page with a photo of Roc Age, from the air
Thanks for all the pics agogo!

It's a huge property with a lot of houses, maybe guest houses.
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!
And with google street view you can't see anything but trees.
You could be right but since the private apartments are being redecorated that would imply future usage.
I would think so too!

Does someone know if the landing field for the helicopter was built before or after Grace's accident?
Probably after. The Monaco helicopter company was started by Stephano.
Christiane Stahl said in her book that Prince Albert uses to go to Roc Agel every evening after the work and also after a gala from spring to november, but in winter he stays at the palace and she says that he stays also at the palace when he must to be in the palace very early in the morning but it is rarely. She said that there are offices to work now in Roc Agel and sometimes they had meetings at Roc Agel.She told in her book that the first time she saw Charlene it was in Roc Agel in april 2006
I don't blame them. A palace is a strange place to live. I can't imagine that it would ever feel homey. P. Caroline couldn't wait to get out of there.
Eringer said that after the death of Prince Rainier, Prince Albert did not like to stay in the palace because he was so lonely. Maybe it is big and roomy. I'm sure that the private family apartments still had the memories of his parents. Caroline and Stephanie have their own families and homes so it doesn't surprise me that Prince Albert felt comfortable elsewhere.
An old picture of Roc Agel.
I can see why it was so beloved by Grace and Rainier. High atop a mountain, overlooking the hills of Monaco. No one around to chase them with cameras. It looks lovely.
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