Queen Sonja and King Harald Pictures

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I have never seen this before.Sonja,Harald,and MM before Victoria's wedding.

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I have never seen this before.Sonja,Harlad,and MM before Victoria's wedding.


Thank you :flowers: That was a beautiful scene, Mette-Marit entering, greeting King and Queen and admiring their outfits and orders.
Here is another picture and a video of it (scroll down).
What a nice family scene! Of course they know they are being filmed so this isn't truly private, but they do seem very natural here.
Thank you for the video! Now I know that MM does not curtsey to them in private!
I don't really know where else to put it so I post it here:

It's a video that shows Queen Sonja with Judy Chicago at Oslo Kunstforening in May 2013.
NRK TV - Nasjonalgalleriet - 07.10.2013
They talk in English, it's really nice (the second and longer scene of them together is at 6:55 min.).
Engagement King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway:
Preparations for wedding of Prince Harald and Sonja:

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