Queen Sonja and King Harald Pictures

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May 10, 2006
A Picture thread for the Norwegian Royal Couple

Here are some beautiful pictures of Queen Sonja

GettyImages, Polfoto, Polfoto, Uk Press, Knudsens Fotosenter
King Harald and Queen Sonja

Uk Press, Fotomarktplatz, PPE, ANP,Polfoto
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Wowww !
Nice idea to create this thread, thank you her Majesty !:flowers:

I can't believe the Queen is 69 ! She is so beautiful . I especially like the first one (beautiful face). Concerning the 5th pic, I have never seen Queen Sonja wearing this gown . When was it ?
Anita said:
Concerning the 5th pic, I have never seen Queen Sonja wearing this gown . When was it ?
I think it was during a Visit to the USA.
Here are two more pictures of Sonja wearing this gown.
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Some pics from getty images (I hope you enjoy them :flowers: )
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hey, Mims111! Great pictures! :flowers:

Some more of the lovely couple:

ANP, ANB,Polfoto, KnudsensFotosenter
Very tired-looking Queen Sonja :lol:

A "Best of Harald and Sonja" :rolleyes:

picture sources: Se&Hör, UK Press, ANB, Uppa, Knudsens, Scanpix, ANP, Fotomarktplatz
Beautiful Queen

:flowers: Beautiful pictures of the Queen , originally posted by Alexandria

I really like this one:

Pictures by Morten Krogvold (Newscom).
Thanks, Her_Majesty.

Haakon looks very much like his mother when she was younger. Looking at Sonja's wedding day photo, their face shape and features are very similar.
Wow, that's actually sort of scary...twins separated at birth?
I Really Like Queen Sonja.....

.....she is so natural with such a great way about her. Love her in this YouTube video.

I swear I could tell what she was talking about! How strange! I don't speak Norwegian. She began by talking about the number of people that the room would seat. Something about the president, maybe, using the room for events. She drew our attention to the plate designs being reflected in the wall/ceiling rosette detail. Talked about the bell calling for silence at the dinner table. She was indicating that there were pieces missing from the lighting fixtures, I think - something about that. Amazing to be able to understand! Was it because she was enunciating so clearly - tons of words similar to English. :p

She also seems like a delightful woman. Funny, too, a good sense of humor. Would love to meet her. She has a twinkle in her eye! One of those people one wouldn't mind having as a seat mate on a long airplane journey. Neat lady!

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Has anybody ever seen a picture of them where they are kissing each other ???
You're right that really is sweet :wub: .
If anybody has any other pictures like that I would really like to see them :flowers:
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