Queen Rania: Picture Thread 5

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Jul 18, 2004
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Queen Rania: Picture Thread 5
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Lovely official portrait I like her dress and her hairdo. Thank´s Nadya

This is definitely one of the nicest official photos of Rania I have ever seen. She is radiant in this picture.
I've seen this pict for the first time - very innocent and delicate! Was is taken after Salma was born?

Yes monic this pic was taken in 2002. We have seen all photoshoot.:flowers:
Those two or three years after becoming queen were the peak of her attractiveness but not the stage where she got scarily thin.
Thank you for the black and white portrait. The photographer in me was in love with the composition and tones of the photograph, it was incredibly harmonious.

As for Rania she looked lovely, it was refreshing to see a profile shot.
I like the picture where she is wearing the green dress (Elie Saab I think???). IMO, she should wear his designs all the time for evening wear as he really knows how to bring out the most feminine qualities in his dresses. Every woman looks like a queen in his designs.
I like this picture best because it shows Queen Rania as a real woman 'warts and all' so to speak instead of some unreal, glossy airbrushed creature. I see her up close reasonably regularly and she looks more like this than what we are usually presented with in photos we see of her.

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Seem very natural in the photo

Thank you
Thanks for the great photos Nadya! I love Queen Rania in that gorgeous purple gown. She looks so beautiful! I also love her hair in the second picture - her long cascading curls are really pretty.
Queen Rania on Twitter:
"Just testing out my husband's tank restoration project over the weekend"
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