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I'm so tired about reading about Princess Letizia's family from people betraying her for $ that I want to offer a much different perspective. One that rarely makes front news but gives us "a sense" of where she comes from.

Like her mom going back to University at 60 y.o.

Paloma Rocasolano vuelve a la universidad - Nacionales - Famosas, noticias de famosos, fotos al detalle - Revista de corazón, prensa rosa y famosos - Diez Minutos

or Letizia's grandmother, Menchu, receiving Spain's National Radio Award for a life dedicated to radio. She is 83.


Its Paloma's second try at University. Years ago she was enrolled in Greek History, but was caught cheating during the exam.

Los Ortiz-Rocasolano

This time Paloma enrolled for art history.
She probably has never left those university courses, she studies at the Open University and probably she only studies one or two subjects each year. Many adults or retirees decide to return to college to occupy their free time, and there are specific programs that offer several courses a year on different topics.

She works, takes care of her father and her granddaughters, so she does not have much free time.
Wow, it seems like Letizia's female relatives have a natural nice thinness to their bodies even in older ages. How lucky.
Telma Ortiz and Jaime Del Burgo divorce after 3 years
Exclusiva en ¡HOLA!: Telma Ortíz y Jaime del Burgo se divorcian de mutuo acuerdo

Finally, the rumours seem to be true. The marriage was odd from the beginnnig, Jaime, who is from a very wealthy and conserviative family (a rumoured ex of Letizia) married Telma quite out of the blue. While Jaime could provide financial and emotional stability the relationship was strained from the beginning. Jaime hates the tabloid press and Telma, who comes across as restless and a very different character compared to Jaime, was banned from taking her daughter out of the country when the couple decided to live in New York. Amanda's father got a restriction order against the planned move. Now Jaime lives and works in New York, Geneva and London and Telma in Barcelona, it seems they were unable to find a way to live together.

I find it very telling that they divorce and not keep up the marriage for stability/security purposes only while they live apart, maybe there is a new partner. Jaimes family will be embarrassed as they are very traditional and religious, it makes sense that Jaime is asking for an annulment of the religious marriage.
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I agree that the marriage looked hasty since the very beginning.
On the other hand, if I remember it well, Jaime´s family wasn´t too happy about his choice of wife, so maybe they are happy now that this chapter is over and hope his second try will be better.
She is set to become the future queen of Spain, but one member of Princess Letizia's family has called for a referendum on the entire monarchy.
Henar Ortiz Alvarez, the aunt of the future queen Letizia Ortiz, made her feelings known on Twitter
tweeting: It's time for the people to speak. Sign and retweet.'
Just one day after King Juan Carlos announced his abdication and transfer of power to his son Felipe, Ms Alvarez urged people to sign a petition on a referendum as debate about a republic heats up.

Princess Letizia's aunt tweets followers calling for a Republic | Mail Online
As per the article they had a party for him at Zarzuela,I assume they meant Felipe & Letizia's residence?

I wonder also if Letizia's delightful aunt Henar Ortiz Alvarez was present.

That would be interesting, but I doubt it since Henar is from Letizia's father's side and the party was for her mother's father.
Aunt Henar on live television
Henar Ortiz destapa el giro radical de su sobrina Letizia en Telecinco - ESD

Henar Ortiz supports the republican movement with Pablo Iglesias, what does not create any bad environment with Letizia and Felipe.

She also said she would like to see much more of her nieces Leonor and Sofia, while acknowledging that she understands that Letizia's life has changed completely: "I do not recognize my niece from the day after the engagement."

Henar had the opportunity to stroll along the Palace and meet Queen Sophia, whom she describes as an "exceptional person."

On the case Noós she said: "I resent the corruption as all Spaniards and this can not be so."
Criticising the same sistem that gives her public relevance and the chance of TV appearances (and money, since Telecinco pays very good for their "interviews"...:whistling:

You can suck it, Henar. If you weren't so fond of media attention, I could buy the whole "queen's progresist aunt". But nope.
With an aunt like that, I don't blame Letizia for not letting her see Leonor and Sofia... if that's the case indeed.

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