Queen Letizia's Co-operation Trips 2015-

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The Queen will make a Cooperation trip to Guatemala from June 4 to 6, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports in a statement.

The Queen will visit projects against child malnutrition and gender violence on her trip to Guatemala

Tuesday 4

- Trip to Guatemala.

Wednesday 5
- Meeting at the National Palace with the first lady of Guatemala, Lucrecia Peinado. The meeting will focus on mental health, a topic of particular interest to Queen Letizia as well as to the Guatemalan first lady, who is a doctor by profession, the sources have explained.

- Visit to the Cultural Center, where she will meet the workers of the Spanish Cooperation Office, and to the North Workshop School.

Thursday 6

- Visit to San José Chacayá, in the department of Sololá, where she will visit projects that are being carried out to combat child malnutrition.

- Visit to projects for the elimination of gender violence in Chimaltenango: a comprehensive care center for women and an initiative that seeks the economic and political empowerment of indigenous women.

- Visit to La Antigua, where the Queen will visit the Training Center, where a meeting with Spanish aid workers is planned.

Here are a few more photos from the planning meeting ahead of the cooperation trip to Guatemala.
PPE Agency
Queen Letizia arrived in Guatemala City ahead of her 3 day Cooperation trip
PPE Agency

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Tour of the Bicentennial Plaza, restored with the help of Spanish cooperation.

Meeting with members of the Spanish Cooperation Office in Guatemala where the main lines of work of the Country Association Framework 2021-2024 will be presented.

Queen Letizia visits, with the mayor of Guatemala City, the works of the Taller Norte School, which has the technical and financial support of the Spanish Cooperation to improve the living conditions of young people at risk of exclusion.

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Day 2 - Queen Letizia Visit Guatemala On Cooperation Trip

Visit to projects for the elimination of gender violence in Chimaltenango

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Queen Letizia visits the Cooperación Española de La Antigua Guatemala
Queen Letizia visits the Spanish Cooperation Training Center of Antigua Guatemala

Queen Letizia meets in Guatemala with Susana Arrechea and her team from New Sun Road, 2024 International Award from the Princess of Girona Foundation in the "Create a Company" category

A few more photos from Day 1 in Guatemala.
PPE Agency

Queen Letizia was received at the National Palace and that building is one of the most impressive examples of Spanish, Moorish and American style architecture in the world. I remember as a kid we had the Spanish version of Encyclopedia Britanica, called Encyclopedia Salvat and I was mesmerized by the single picture of the palace view from the plaza. Now thanks for YouTube I can check out what Queen Letizia is experiencing too

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