Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 9: December 2005-April 2006

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The Queen was on tv today knighting David Jason, she really seemed to be happy and was having a good chat with him.
Sir Del and Lady Trotter
Del Boy's doubly lovely

Arise, Sir Del David Jason

Wedding Dels
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Sir David Jason - very fitting. It's not everyone who can play a pint-size cockney. No, you need an actual pint-size cockney.
Queen Elizabeth II (R) greets the High Commissioner for Grenada, His Excellency Mr. Joseph Charter at Buckingham Palace, in London, 07 December 2005

From getty


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Queen Elizabeth II

1.-arrives at the Belfast Central Mission, Northern Ireland, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005. Her Majesty arrived along with His Royal Highness the Duke of Endinburgh to visit the central mission which was awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary services

2.- with President of Ireland

From polfoto and terra


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Woow!!Thanks lots for pictures, fanletizia,!The visit was not mention on the Royal Diary at all, couldn't think that Her Majesty still working really hard, having a trip at this time which Her Majesty rarely does in those recent years.Her Majesty looks wonderful!!!
How lovely to see the Queen in the Northern Ireland! And it's wonderful to see her being received by President Mary McAleese, what a special meeting!

I immediately went to the President's official website to find out any additional details, and this is what I found.

Plus, here are two additional photos that I found at Getty Images. Here the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are together wit President Mary McAleese and her husband Dr Martin McAleese at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast. Photos by Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images.


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Today 13th December 2005, Her Majesty will pay a visit to Reuters offices in Canary Wharf, and it's really special for the first time that it will be live webcast on the internet from 10.45 AM GMT, herr is the link if you want to watch it on the internet:

Also there has been an announcement from the British Royal Website:

7 December 2005
At the invitation of The Queen, His Excellency Mr Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, accompanied by Senhora Marisa Letícia Lula da Silva, will pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from 7 to 9 March 2006.

The President and Senhora Lula da Silva will stay at Buckingham Palace.
From: http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page4741.asp
HMQueenElizabethII said:
Queen presents rocker May with CBE:
Queen guitarist Brian May has received a CBE from the Queen.
From http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=2360782005

I've always liked Brian May, even moreso than Freddie Mercury, so I was glad he got this. It was such a surprise back when the Beatles first got their MBEs. I wonder what John Lennon would make of Sir Elton, et al.

The Queen seems to be knighting more and more entertainers lately.
Queen Elizabeth is welcomed by company chairman Niall Fitzgerald to the Reuters building in London December 13, 2005. The Queen visited Reuters' new global headquarters in London's Canary Wharf on Tuesday and then sent a simulated despatch to mark the official opening of the building.

from getty


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Here are a few more pictures of Queen Elizabeth today as she opened the new building of Reuters at Canary Wharf in London. The Queen also got to send a simulated despatch to mark the official opening of the building.

I love the aubergine/wine red-ish suit the Queen wore today, very stylish!

Pictures by Toby Melville, Jonathan Bainbridge & Dylan Martinez for REUTERS via Yahoo.


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GrandDuchess said:
Here are a few more pictures of Queen Elizabeth today as she opened the new building of Reuters at Canary Wharf in London. The Queen also got to send a simulated despatch to mark the official opening of the building.

Pictures by Toby Melville, Jonathan Bainbridge & Dylan Martinez for REUTERS via Yahoo.

she looks great. I dont much care for the smoke stack hat, but I love her suit. the burgundy of the coat and the bright red of her dress go well together. it's almost "pre-raphaelite" in a way.
ah, how wonderful to get to work there. it would be so cool to get a christmas gift from the Queen.
Giant Christmas Card for HM The Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace - December 15, 2005
(from wireimage)

Royal footmen stand with a giant Christmas card to the Queen in the Marble Hall at Buckingham Palace in London, December 15, 2005. The card bears an image of a Christmas tree decorated with a thousand photographs of members of the public who also sent their Christmas wishes to Queen. Computer manufacturers Hewlett Packard gave the National Children's Homes charity 1 pound for each contribution.

Polfoto 22-12-2005 Britain's Queen Elizabeth II talks with choristers from Her Majesty's Chapel Royal who appear in her Christmas Day broadcast to the Commonwealth, in the chapel at Buckingham Palace in London, Thursday Dec. 15, 20055. This year The Queen praises the generous humanitarian response and compassion shown to those who suffered from the succession of natural disasters and acts of terrorism during the year.


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Paula** said:
Has anyone voices clips of the Queen? :(
Well, in two days time we will have video and sound with the Christmas Message. Not long to wait. :)
Does anybody know if it will be at Noon again in Canada?
It's nice that she wants her grandsons to have christmas at windsor.
seto said:
It's nice that she wants her grandsons to have christmas at Windsor.
According to the report posted by Skydragon, it's more a case of the grandsons wanting the Queen to have Christmas at Windsor. :)
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's Agenda for January 2006

Wednesday, 18th January
The Duke of Edinburgh will open Docking Primary School and Nursery, Chequers Street, Docking, Norfolk.

Tuesday, 14th February
The Duke of Edinburgh attend a dinner to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Kurt Hahn Trust at the German Embassy, 23 Belgrave Square, London.

Friday, 17th February
The Duke of Edinburgh will attend a 400th anniversary event to mark the granting of the Royal Charter to the Port of Dover by King James I in 1606 in Dover.

Monday, 20th February
The Duke of Edinburgh, President of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, will hold a reception at Buckingham Palace.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, this will be the first time I will have the possibility to hear the Queen's speech to the Commonwealth live on television, previous years I've just seen it on the internet. It's gonna be so great!

For me there's two major speeches tomorrow - first my own King's (Carl XVI Gustaf) traditional speech via radio around lunch time, and then Queen Elizabeth's in the afternoon!

I hope to see some really interesting glimpses!
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