Prinsjesdag 2003-2012

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I'm looking forward to Prinsjesdag - I always like the Dutch way of doing things and it is one of great traditional yearly events to show off some pageantry! It is also perhaps the most important event in a constitutional monarch's diary!
I always nice to see the pagentry displayed by the Dutch on this day. I reviewed some of the old threads. Its going to be interesting to see what the Royal ladies will wear. Margriet will be stunning as always, Maxima seems to have an on/off year with last year being a little off IMO so we should get a great dress this year, Laurentien will push the envelope yet again and Beatrix will look Majestic!
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I would guess that security will probably be extra tight this year. I do hope that the Queen continues the tradition of arriving in the carriage. I love seeing the photos of the Queen in her carriage.
Oh dear,it is a very rainy start of the day here,hope the famous "Orange sun" will break through in time before the Royal procession leaves Noordeinde Palace early this always does on haydays of the Monarchy,no matter what weather the day starts with,the sun comes out in time but looking outside now....:ohmy:

You will see the Royal procession leaving the Palace,the procession consists of:

The Royal Military Band Johan Willem Friso

The Commander of the Royal Guards Regiments Grenadiers and Hunters

The Banner-Guard of the Royal Guards Regiments Grenadiers and Hunters

Honorary Bataljon of the Royal Guards Regiments

Mounted Banner Guard of the Royal Constabulary Force

Honorary Escort of the Royal Constabulary Force

Mounted Banner Guard of the Cavalry

Honorary Escort of the Cavalry 1st Platoon Cavalry

Equerry in Chief,two coachmen

First carriage:

Drs.W.N.Cosijn,Master of Ceremonies
Ir.E.H. Baron van Tuyll van Serooskerken

The second carriage will hold:

HE drs.M.Hennis,Grandmaster of the Court
HE van Loon-Labouchere,Grandmistress of the Court

Honorary Escort National Police Services 1st Platoon

The Gala Glassberline:

His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn
Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien
Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet van Vollenhoven

Escorting Adjutants of Her Majesty The Queen:
Lft-Colonel Hermans
Lft-Colonel Lukken

2e Platoon Honorary Escort National Police Services

Crown Equerry:Colonel of the Royal Constabulary Force,G.E.Wassenaar

Golden Coach:
Her Majesty The Queen
His Royal Highness The Prince of Orange
Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima

Escorting Adjutants of Her Majesty The Queen:

Captain-Lft. at Sea,Mrs.J.C.M. van der Meulen
Lft-Colonel P.A.Maarse

Adjutant-General and Chief of the Military House of Her Majesty The Queen,HE H.Morsink

Honorary Escort of the Cavalry 2nd Platoon



The Royal Guards Regiments Grenadiers and Hunters are the oldest regiments in the Royal Army
and were founded as the personal life guards by HM King Willem I.Since that time they have a very strong
connection with the Royal House.
At present the Regiments consist of men and women on service abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan and other troublesome destinations worldwide.

The first spectators have already arrived early this morning,come rain come shine....

For enhancing extra security,large concrete flowerpots have been placed along the entire route of the Royal procession:

Hall of Knights yesterday,cleaning and a-fixin...:

courtesy Royalimages
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I think all Royal Ladies look splendid,at least from what I saw as they left the Palace,HM is red-pinkish,Máxima dito,Margriet in beautifull blue and Laurentien rather dark but very chic.
i hope we get pictures soon :)
i love prinsjesdag, i guess it will have a special meaning this year after the tragic events on queen's day.
I just caught the end of the live feed. Maxima looks smashing as do Her Majesty and the other Royal ladies. It looks cold out. I agree that this year is special to the Dutch people and the Queen.
great pictures, maxima was the absolute star of the day!
The photos are so magical.

Courtesy of PPE.

PPE Agency

The are magical pictures. I always think that this and the opening of Parliament in the UK, and the New Years Court in Denmark are the hightlight of the royal year. So stately, and royal in my mind. Everyone looks beautiful aswell. :)
wow! they do not stop! just arriving fron new york, and it does not look on them the change of hours have affect them, they look marvellous! I am not crazy about the dress or hair piece but overall she looks great specially after such an hectic agenda in new york and a long flight too!
According to RTL boulevard the dress that princess Máxima wore was designed by Jan Tamineau, a youbg Dutch designer who also designed the mail bag jacket the princess wore in New York.

There was extra security this year, but not as drastic as in some previous years (f.e. in the 70-ties when there was the thread of the kidnappers from the Molukken).

ANother controversy: the contents of HM's speech was already leaked to the press by a labour parlamentarian, who is suspended for 1 month.
Wow, for the first time I don't like anyone's dress - I don't think that color really suits Beatrix, Margriet's is just rather dull, and Maxima's and Laurentien's outfits just don't seem very remarkable. However, I love Maxima's headpiece (in contrast to Laurentien's, which is sort of scary-looking), and her hair really looks beautiful.

And I love these pictures - having a private conversation, girls? ;-)

Seriously, though I do always wonder what royals talk about when they're out on the balcony.
People can't know the content of HM's speech??

The contents of the Speech are secret untill HM speaks but the Speech used to be given to both MP's and journalist under embargo,meaning not to publish or bring anything in it out in the open till the actual day,Prinsjesdag.

This labour critter leaked the whole thing to a political journalist as this year was the first time the journalists didn't get it in advance due to the previous years of leaking and having no respect for a simple discretion.

The MP is suspended but as he has no respect to Parliament and just fills his owns pockets by giving it all to Westerman,(the journalist I mentioned who is so over the top on himself he thinks "The Hague" is nowhere without him) I want him out of Parliament.And without any funds in his pocket for the next year and a half,just out pennyless.Socialists!Bah,what a conniving pocketfilling lot with a holyer than thou attitude.Fuerra!

They will have to respect that it is HM who is left to announce whatever the Governments concoctions are for the next year,which is an un-gratefull task on itself if you look at the nonsense in the contents,not some simple creepy no-good.

A special by Royalimages on TRH The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima:

courtesy Royalimages.
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Wow. The queen and princess maxima looked amazing! Wonderful!
I love seeing the Royal Family arrive in the carriage! There is just something so regal, so fairytale-like about that gorgeous golden carriage. Thank you for the links to the photos!
I have been away for a little bit, but did Princess Maxima cut her beautiful hair? I really didn't like her style this year. IMHO
I think it is just her hairstyle. I agree, I don't like her dress. It is not flattering on her body.

Royals good value for money, says minister

Wednesday 16 September 2009
The Dutch royal family is more than good value for money, finance minister Wouter Bos said on Wednesday, in response to suggestions that queen Beatrix's budget should be cut as one of the government's planned cost savings.
On Tuesday, it emerged government spending on the royal family will be at least €40m this year, excluding the cost of security, state visits and maintaining the palaces. Of that Beatrix gets a 'salary' of €834,000 and almost €4.3m in expenses.

Read the entire article here.

Aparently the royal family is the most popular thing where people want to cut costs, in general surveys. This is hardly surprising, though not very effective as we can only save a few million while there is a defecit of billions. Anyway, the Labour minister of finance felt like he needed to defend the monarchy, as you can read in the article above.
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