Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, News 3 (December 2007 - April 2013)

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The three girls are lovely. Alexia is by far the prettiest, but I agree with Grevinnan, Ariane , will be a beauty!
Great to see the Dutch princesses as we don't see them very often! Looks like it was a fun family event!
Great to see the Dutch princesses as we don't see them very often! Looks like it was a fun family event!

Not very often?The girls are out and about on a regular bases the last couple of months,to all kinds of events,
either with their parents or their grandmother.Slowly bit by bit grooming them for their future public roles.
And ofcourse,when Sinterklaas arrives it's exciting for all children,even when they're grown-up like the parents.
Sinterklaas is a fabulous tradition and is the Dutch equivalent of Santa,but older and we celebrate his birthday on
december 6th...:)
Does Ariane have pink at on the ends of her hair; or is just the lighting? Regardless, I love seeing these beautiful girls! And is so nice to see WA & Maxima bring them to events among the people instead of apart from the people.
The three girls are adorable, and Alexia is the beauty of the family. However, Ariane could be the prettiest of all three when she would grow up...As for Amalia she is a little princess in every sense of the word!

Well, I think we sees the Netherland little princesses much more than we could see the Spanish ones, which is a pity, for they are really lovely too.

According to princess Catharina-Amalia looked forwardto her 7th birthday today, since it means that she can start playing in the field hockey competition. Before today she could only participate in the training, as 7 is apparently the minimun age.

Some 'gifts', of which the princess is probably not aware herself yet: at Schiphol airport the chairman of KLM will baptise an old Dakota plane 'Catharina-Amalia'.

And today the royal militairy concert band will give a performance in the Kloosterkerk in The Hague for students of the 'prinses Catharina-Amalia school' from The Hague. The princess herself will not attend though.

The princess will celebrate her birthday at school and at home. Princess Máxima will help out on the Bloemcamp school today as she was on the 'surveillance scheduele' (which means that in the school break she will walk on the school yard with a few other parents and teachers to make sure that nobody will injure themselves or others ;)).

A pity that they didn't release a new portrait of the princess, but we have seen her and her sisters more often in public lately.
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Thank you, Monic, for these lovely and moving photos of Princess Catharina-Amalia .... oh, those sweet children dresses in dreamful colours.
Accordign to Peter van der Vorst in RTL Boulevard, the princess is doing well at school. Before she skipped a class this summer she was bullied/ teased by class mates for being a princess. He did not reveal the source.
well that is novery nice if really happen, and i am surprise at this age they would do that for being a princess, at this age they really do not know what exactly means to be a princess! this might come from the parents, kids listen them talking? hope she does not ppay attention to kids like that!
As already announced an aeroplane, the legendary Dakota PH-PBA of Prince Bernhard, was named after Princess Catharina-Amalia.
Princess Amalia celebrates 7th birthday | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
She's only 7 but has to be already reckoned with! :lol:

Thank you, Monic, for these lovely and moving photos of Princess Catharina-Amalia .... oh, those sweet children dresses in dreamful colours.
You're welcome, Tilla. :flowers:
Amalia was a cuddly toddler but I prefer her a little cute girl. :lol:
That must be a great gift for a 7 year old! I hope she had a great birthday!
I noticed that Princess Victoria was talking in English to Amalia and was quite impressed by this. Beautiful pictures with Victoria and her godchildren.
I love the last picture- where Amalia was admiring Victoria's earrings. Can you imagine Amalia asking "Aunt Vicky- can I have your earrings?" :lol: she's so adorable.
Lovely shots! It is so nice to see that Victoria seems so close with her godchildren.
I love your site! What a cute bunch!:flowers:
Awesome pictures, Thanks for sharing them, I love the how loving Victoria is with all her Godchildren, she is going to make a wonderful mom.
Awww, Princess Victoria looked so sweet with Ingrid Alexandra, Amalia, and Christian. I love the picture of her hugging them. Victoria will be a great mom when she have children one day.:);)
Victoria seems to really love children, I wish she and Daniel many to come....mean while, the little dutch princesses seem to do just fine!
What a brilliant website. Victoria is awesome with children, and I love how Amalia seems to be very curious about her earring he he... lovely girl.
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