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Here's some news about hard-working P. Sumaya.

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Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Visits Princess Sumaya University of Technology

Dr. Tayseer Smadi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation paid a visit to Princess Sumaya University of Technology (PSUT) this week and was greeted by Professor Hisham Ghassib, the President of PSUT.

March 17, 2005--Dr. Tayseer Smadi toured the university as he learned about the institution's programs, facilities and ambitions in hopes for further cooperation.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya Bint El-Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, assured Dr. Smadi that, 'PSUT is prepared for its development plans in new buildings, facilities and programs and the ministry's support for the university's needs shall be directed towards the enhancement of technology in Jordan.'

Dr. Smadi was impressed with the facilities and programs the university offers the Jordanian youth as he witnessed student life on-campus, educational facilities, student council, and administrative offices, library and other services. Hence, Dr. Smadi stressed the needed support of the university because it is a venue that releases a specialized and powerful workforce in the IT and engineering industry in Jordan.

Dr. Smadi acknowledged that the key that drives PSUT as a competitive institution is its emphasis on the importance of research and development. The Minister further stated that his Ministry would support the university because of its focused visions and ambitions so that Jordan may be dependent on its programs for releasing an exceptional and expert workforce that advocates research and development.

Dr. Smadi plans to continue building a strong bond between the Ministry and PSUT. The Minster of Planning hopes that the special relationship between the university and the Ministry will continue to grow along with the university's focus on technology and its development in order to help the Jordanian economy thrive.

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Princess Sumaya University for Technology Invites Students from Al Ra'ed Al Arabi for a Campus Tour

Amman, Jordan - March 30, 2005 - Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) invited students from Al Ra'ed Al Arabi school for a campus tour to allow students to witness the institution's facilities, student life and the technology and engineering programs as they prepare for graduation.

The purpose of the tour is to create a relationship between graduating students in Jordan and the university as the students prepare for the next stage in their lives. The tour allowed the students to get a taste of university life as well as a glimpse of what involves receiving a higher education degree. PSUT aspires to foster the student's ambitions toward their future learning especially for those who would like to specialize in technology, engineering and communication.

The students were guided by university personnel who showed the students the campus's classrooms, facilities, auditoriums, offices, library, and cafeteria. Furthermore, the guide informed the students of the specific programs available, the student organizations, as well as the application process and requirements to attend PSUT.

Following the tour, the students of Al Ra'ed Al Arabi sat at the university square where university students convene and socialize. During that time, the students of Al Ra'ed Al Arabi got to interact and discuss the university lifestyle with the undergraduate students of PSUT on a personal level. The students also got an opportunity to discuss among themselves the advantages of attending a university that is specialized, holding a tight knit community and a strong employment rate for its graduating students.

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), established in 1991 is a specialized Jordanian university that is a private nonprofit and is owned by the leading applied research centre in Jordan, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS). PSUT's area of specialization is IT, Communications and Electronics. Being both a nonprofit and an institution, PSUT part-takes both the private and public world. It is more akin to public universities in its mission, but more so to the private sector in drive and spirit. Right from the start, PSUT has accommodated itself to both local development and modernization plans and global development.
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Princess Sumaya University of Technology's DART Team Participates in the Annual MIT USD50K Global Startup Workshop in UAE
United Arab Emirates
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Princess Sumaya National Entrepreneurship Competition student committee entitled DART, an organization at the Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Jordan participated in the 8th Annual MIT USD50K Global Startup Workshop (GSW) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The workshop was managed by MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition and was sponsored by UAE's Higher Colleges of Technology.

The GSW event included 300 participants from around the world studying global entrepreneurship activities. The participants were introduced to techniques and effective practices for developing and maintaining business plans on issues such as economic development, technological dissemination, creative strategies and global entrepreneurship. In addition, the participants shared and exchanged their perspectives on regional and global collaboration as well as discussed vital information for starting and maintaining an Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition.

The ten participating DART members from the Princess Sumaya National Entrepreneurship Competition (PSNEC) were sponsored by the National Fund for Enterprise Support along with 2 PSNEC board members and two students whom were panelists and facilitators at the event. The ten traveling students were accompanied by a delegation consisting of 3 PSUT board members, 2 Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) board members, and a dean from King Abdullah II Electrical Engineering Faculty.

Mr. Taher from NAFES, an organization aiming at assisting Jordanian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) stated, 'PSUT's organizations such as DART and PSNEC is exposing and educating the youth of the country to international standards and issues of entrepreneurship.
Consequently, the most effective development for Jordanian small and medium enterprises is through educating the new working generation so that Jordanian enterprises may never remain stagnant. The student's participation with international workshops, conferences and events allows for the stimulation of business development in Jordan.'

Mr. Mohammad Asfour, Advisor to the Board of Trustees stated, 'We at PSUT are proud to have been represented by these ten outstanding students at the Global Startup Workshop because they yearn to learn beyond the classroom and are devoted to life long learning. PSUT acknowledges and appreciates students involved in DART because they are not only ambitious for their own future, but for the future of their country as well.'

The DART program is an active student organization oriented towards enhancing business skills and collaborates with PSNEC. DART's mission is to expose students to the business industry through workshops and lectures so it may build a bridge between academia and the local market in hope to develop and enhance entrepreneurial companies.
I wonder whose tiara she is wearing
From Al Bawaba

The First International Conference on E-Business and E-Learning EBEL 2005 Officially Commenced at Princess Sumaya University for Technology
May 24, 2005

Under the patronage of His Excellency The Prime Minister of Jordan, Dr. Adnan Badran, attended on his behalf by Her Excellency Mrs. Nadia Al-Saeed, Minister of Information and Communications Technology in Jordan, with HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El-Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), Dr. Hisham Ghaseeb, President of PSUT, Dr. Bernard Chapelet, Grenoble Ecole de Management from France, and Dr. Arafat Awajan, EBEL2005 ’s Organizing Committee Chair, attended yesterday the official opening ceremony of the commencement of the first international conference on E-Business and E-Learning EBEL2005 .

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) is holding the conference in cooperation with the Euro Mediterranean partnership programme MEDFOREST within the framework of activating scientific research in the field of information technology pertaining to E-Business and E-Learning with the aim of showcasing the latest in modern technology in these field and studying the possibility of applying this technology in the business and education sectors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

In her speech, HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El-Hassan, PSUT’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, stated "PSUT welcomes and organizes this conference as a forum where experts from Jordan, Mediterranean and European countries may gather in exchange of ideas, expertise and practices. PSUT understands the importance of new technologies and innovations to advancing the e-learning platforms, an essential tool for education and training activities. PSUT goes beyond education as it integrates e-business, e-learning and e-applications to advance IT in Jordan and the region."

Dr. Bernard Chapelet, Grenoble Ecole de Management, in his speech highlighted, “The project is a fruit of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. In 1995, in Barcelona, representatives of the governments of Europe and Mediterranean countries agree on common objectives for both parts of the Mediterranean Basin. Among these common objectives was the building of the Information Society, a society which, based on Information and Communication Technology, value knowledge as the source of wealth.” He added, “This gave birth to the EUMEDIS program, an initiative of the European Commission to initiate collaboration between institutions from Mediterranean countries and Europe in different domains of the Information Society such as Education, Health, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Commerce and Industry, Research. MEDFORIST is one out of 5 projects in the domain of Education.”

Dr. Hisham Ghaseeb, President of PSUT in his welcoming notes stated, “This international IT conference is the first substantive fruit of the Euro- Mediterranean collaborative initiative, the MEDFOREST project, and of our (PSUT's) MOU with the Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). The name of the game in all such collaborate activities is information and knowledge networks; establishing such networks with the ultimate aim of constructing a global research community and a globally extended knowledge producing enterprise. This aim is particularly important for the Mediterranean countries, which are already interlinked and connected with layers of inter-meshed natural networks bestowed by a rich shared history.”

Dr. Arafat Awajan, in his welcoming notes stressed that: “40 research papers will be presented during the two days of the conference from a collection of more than 100 submitted papers from 28 countries. All submissions were carefully reviewed by two or three members of the Program Committee and their recommendations were used for selection. In addition to the research papers, four keynotes by leading experts in the main areas of the conference will be presented. 2 workshops are also organized: A workshop on e-learning and a workshop on electronic Customer Relationship Management. An exhibition featuring industrial Demonstrations is organized in parallel with the conference.”

The conference includes a number of activities in addition to the academic meetings have expanded in to training workshops on E-Learning and E-Client Servicing, as well as panel discussions on scientific research at British universities in the fields of E-Commerce and lectures on fundamentals. An exhibition for Jordanian software producing companies has been setup within the conference.

The conference is sponsored by a number of local and international institutions and companies. He added that in addition to the EUDEMIS program for Euro Mediterranean partnership, which is funded by the European Union and the MEDFORIST network, the conference activities would be sponsored by the MICROSOFT company for software manufacturing, the Jordanian Minhaj Company, and the Electronic Directory for Arab Law. The conference is also sponsored by the Jordanian-UK initiative, Get Connected Jordan UK, and the Jordanian association for computers.
There's a photograph of P. Sumaya at this site as well.

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PSUT Holds Its 11th Graduation Ceremony
July 10, 2005

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) has held its 11th Graduation ceremony for the year of 2004/2005, under the patronage of her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan.
Sumaya really does a lot of work, but she could try smiling in the photos, she often looks as though she'd rather be somewhere else.
Princess Sumaya looks very identical to her bro Prince Rashid :eek:
"Princess Sumaya looks very identical to her bro Prince Rashid :eek:"

Really? I always thought she was quite distinct looking and that Rashid has that whole Hashemite look.
"i always that rashid took after his mother...."

Personally, I've always thought the girls, Rahma, Sumaya and Badiya took after their mother. Especially Badiya. And that Rashid looked like The Hashemite side of the family, which is quite weird because compared to the rest of the Hashemite males, Prince Hassan is a bit different looking.
She is so nice in her black suit.:flowers:
She seems to have slimmed
Everyone talks about Badiya but in the flesh, Sumaya actually has the prettiest face. Badiya's nose and mouth are somehow 'off' but if Sumaya slimmed down, she would be knockout.
I agree with Yamamah ,Sumaya has very nice features ,in an interview with her father he said she is the closest among her sisters to him.
AGIPNEWS6519 HRH Princess Sumaya Calls for (Intellectual Property News Agency)

Prince Al Hassan calls for reaching out to Arab intellectuals
Princess Sumaya meets Rwadsmwssat for Hassan city scientific

Princess Sumayya honors number of Jordanian scientists

Princess Sumaya Patronize International conference on tourism kicks off

The Annual Exhibition of Young Muslim Women’s Association for Special Education. (Princess Sarvath, Princess Rahma,Princess Sumaya and her daughter Zein Al Sharaf )

InterContinental Jordan’s Executive Chef wins The Best Chef Of the Year
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Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh (R) shake hands with his Japanese counterpart Hirofumi Nakasone prior to their bilateral talks at Nakasone's office in Tokyo on April 13, 2009. Jordanian King Abdullah II, accompanied by Foreign Minister Judeh, is now here on a three-day visit to Tokyo
Getty Images - Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh
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