Princess Marie as Patron of the National Association for Autism

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The Program for Marie's visit to the Faeroe Islands has been published
Program for rejse til Færøerne med Landsforeningen Autisme | Kongehuset - Forside

Tuesday, March 1
Visit Kirkjubøur Kl. 16:45
Princess Marie will visit the historic city Kirkjubøur where Princess among others will have tour of the historic edifice Kong farm and meet the family Patursson which is 17 generations having a son with autism. Princess will also be shown the Magnus Cathedral, which was built around the 1300th

Wednesday, March 2
Visit at conference Kl. 14:00
The Princess is present at the Faroese public's anniversary conference in which the two professors Christopher Gillberg and Thomas Bourgeron will talk about their research on autism genetics and prevalence among the Faroese population they just completed. Princess participate in subsequent anniversary reception where a majority of members, children and youth with autism will be present.

dinner Kl. 19:00
In the evening attend the Princess for a dinner at Hotel Hafnia in Torshavn.

Thursday, March 3
Visit Torshavn Gymnasium Kl. 10:00
Princess visiting Torshavn Gymnasium, which created a special line with 2 classes for students with autism. During the visit, the Princess will visit the autistic classes and greet students.
Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

BB has more: Prinsesse Marie har et spændende program på Færøerne | BILLED-BLADET

Marie will stay at Hotel Føroyar, which has a fantastic view over the capital of Thorshavn.
And she will also visit the 900 year old Kongsgård outside Thorshavn.

A kongsgård = royal farm, was a place to be used by the king on his travels or by higher ranking representatives of the king.
As such a kongsgård was big enough to accommodate a person of high status and his retinue and also big enough to cater them and their horses.
That meant they were often fortified. Initially a farm with a barricade or a low wall with the main house being prepared for defensive purposes as well. Later on they often evolved into castles and later on manors.
That meant that the person in charge of a kongsgård, was usually a man of some authority.
So 900 years ago when the then hamlet of Thorshavn was attacked by raiders, this is where the locals would gather and bring their families, before organizing a counter attack or preparing a stand, if the attackers were strong.
Later on the local church would have been the point where people sought refuge and prepared their defense. Simply because that was often the only big and solid stone building around.
That remained the case until the 16-1700's when North African pirates went raiding in search for slaves, then people had no option but to hide in the hills. But I don't think Thorshavn was attacked by pirates, but other hamlets were.

As such the family Patursson, who have lived at the kongsgård for 17 generations is I suppose the closest thing the Faeroe Islands have to homegrown nobility.
Such farms also exist in DK, through Mrs. Muhler I know a family who have lived at the same kongsgård for now some 850 years. Of course by now it has become grander looking.
Anyway, another reason for our Marie visiting the farm is that a son of the Patursson has autism.

So stand by for some spectacular photos later on today.

ADDED: I suggest you keep an eye on these links for coverage of Marie's visit:
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how exciting, i wonder if we will see marie with the typical faroese dress this time!
:previous: I hope so.

BB reports that our Marie arrived in the early afternoon. With the first picture: Prinsesse Marie er ankommet til Færøerne | BILLED-BLADET

ADDED: Pics of Marie arriving with her LiW, Britt Siesbye: Maria prinsessa er nú í Føroyum - Føroyski portalurin -

On this Super Tuesday with massive (and interesting) coverage from USA on TV here in DK, we have some news from the Faeroe Islands as well.

Here is a video of todays events with our Marie visiting the kongsgård I told about in the previous post and after that a church from 1300, that is being renovated.
The gentleman who is showing Marie around is speaking Danish. However it must nevertheless be a challenge for Marie, because of his accent.
Maria prinsessa í Kirkjubø | Kringvarp Føroya

And another funny little video where the Faerose reporter is being instructed by a BB reporter about how to address Marie correctly:

After having said goodbye to the father of the boy with autism she was to visit today, she is being interviewed:
Q: Your Royal Highness, welcome to the Faeroe Islands.
M: "Thank you very much. I've really been looking forward to coming here".

Q: Now, you've only been here a couple of hours...
M: "That's right".

Q: ... What's your off hand impression of the (place) and the nature?
M: "It's so beautiful and unique. I have as said before only here for two hours, but fantastic. It's beautiful".

Then she says goodbye to the boy, who seems to be fond of her, because his appears to be reluctant to let of her hand.
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thanks for the videos mulher!
who is the lady with black hair who is with marie? her LIW is with her, but i wonder who the other lady who says goodbye to the man showing marie around is...
:previous: You are welcome. :)

She must be the chairman of the Association of Autism. But I can't find her name off hand.

A short video of our Marie's first day from BB: VIDEO: Prinsesse Marie spildte ikke tiden på Færøerne | BILLED-BLADET

Later today Our Marie is to take part in a conference about autism, which is apparently genetically inherited (I didn't know that).
While the Faeroe Island don't have more with autism than other countries, there are considerably more boys than girls with autism there.
So geneticist have started a project trying to figure out why. And it so happens that the 48.000 Faeroese are a prime sample for study.
It's a homogeneous population, relatively small, relatively isolated and who have lived in the same place for many generations with relatively little genetic influx from outside.
Gåden om autisme under lup på Færøerne -
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is autism the reason she is visiting the islands specifically? or will she undertake engagements in other areas?

All engagements are related to her patronage :flowers:
Later today Our Marie is to take part in a conference about autism, which is apparently genetically inherited (I didn't know that).
While the Faeroe Island don't have more with autism than other countries, there are considerably more boys than girls with autism there.
So geneticist have started a project trying to figure out why. And it so happens that the 48.000 Faeroese are a prime sample for study.
It's a homogeneous population, relatively small, relatively isolated and who have lived in the same place for many generations with relatively little genetic influx from outside.
Gåden om autisme under lup på Færøerne -

Ah that would be a fascinating result once they conclude the study.
Very interesting, thanks for sharing the background info with us Muhler!

The nature on the Faroe islands looks wonderful even though rough, like a mix of Scotland and Iceland.
You are welcome. :)

And we have news from BB: Prinsesse Marie på toppen af Torshavn | BILLED-BLADET

Our Marie attended a dinner tonight and in the picture she is shaking hands with Faeroese PM, who she also sat next to at the dinner.

I thought the Danish press is extremely slow at times, but it seems the Faeroese are no better!

So let's have some scenic pics of the islands:
Here is first a map. The country is basically a number of mountaintops sticking up from the sea:,_straits,_firths_and_major_moutains.png

The capital of Thorshavn, where IIRC about half the population live.

Their parliament, Lagtinget, which means something like the legislative council. The word Ting predates the Vikings. So the Danish equivalent, Folketinget, simply means the People's Council:

But the nature is nothing short of spectacular! And the air is so fresh you need bottled petrol-fumes to cope with it... Enjoy.

This is a traditional farm , and there are still quite a few of them around:

A very common bird, in Danish better known as a Sea-Parrot:
Nice little view from the living room, eh?
Notice the piled stones. A "Varde". They go back to Medieval and Viking times and were used to mark something. Sometimes a grave.

Small hamlets like this are dotted all over the islands. And they are surprisingly isolated! It is claimed by several who have visted the islands that these hamlets and islands constitute a sect of their own within Christianity. I.e. they each have their own little variant of interpreting Protestantism. Christianity is something the islanders are very much into!

A nice little view from the office. There is no such thing as tomorrows weather forecast on the Faeroe Islands. Instead it's this morning, forenoon, noon, afternoon, evening and night forecasts. The weather can change from balmy to horrible within an hour! Or the fog can come rolling in and if you are a tourist going for a stroll, better look out! - Or you risk stepping out into nothingness...

They have a lot of sheep on the islands, so sweaters is something everyone has worn since forever and they can look like this. They are surprisingly warm and you can literally walk your dog during an average winter here in DK and still be warm.
Also for children, here for a two year old:
Here a light one:
This one is for women and for the winter.
And it's not only TV-detectives and royals who wear them:

- Perhaps Marie have bought a couple of sweaters?


ADDED: Here are some pics of Marie at the conference today:
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Uau, the Faroe Islands look very beautiful. So much green!
Oh wonderful, I love the photos you posted Muhler! It reminds me of this series I used to watch & love as a child :)

How often doe the Faroe Islands receive a royal visit? It seems to me that the Danish royals focus a lot more on Greenland, than on this part of their realm.
:previous: :)

I didn't know that series. Look spectacular!

Here is a funny video from BB: VIDEO: Fransk-eleverne overrumplede prinsesse Marie | BILLED-BLADET
Today Marie visited a high school in Thorshavn and the French student turned out to welcome her - very warmly as you can see.
The high school has two classes for students with autism and they were the ones our Marie were to visit and learn about.

The second half of the video is a summary of the visit.
After having visited the Kongsgård, she went to have dinner with Danish Rigsombudsmand = Ombudsman of the Realm, at his official residence.
- A Rigsombudsmand is not a governor, he is rather the Danish governments official representative on the islands and also there to ensure that while the Faeroe Islands have autonomy they still adhere to the Danish Constitution which covers the entire realm and also ensure the Lagting don't overstep their boundaries. I.e. in regards to foreign policy, security policy and law enforcement, all areas that are under the control of the Parliament in Copenhagen, represented by two MP's from the islands.

I agree with you Hannelore, it seems to me the DRF are visiting the Faeroe Islands about half as much as Greenland. Can't say why.
Perhaps there are political considerations. The sovereignty movement is stronger there than in Greenland.
Or perhaps they simply don't request the DRF presence as much?
And apart from that it's no secret that QMII and M&F in particular have a very close relationship with Greenland.

Marie had obviously not been told about Victoria giving birth. BB informed her and she was delighted.
Tak Muhler!! Thank you for taking the time to give us the background information on the islands and the photos are wonderful.
You are welcome TLLK. :)

And finally at long last we have a video from Marie's visit to the high school.
She is being interviewed when leaving the high school.

Normally I praise our Marie's Danish. It's still excellent but this time nevertheless slightly off. She made a few mistakes she otherwise doesn't.
But perhaps she was tired, or was thinking in French.

Anyway from 0:30

Q: Your Royal Highness you (formal You) have been visiting the Faeroe Islands these days, how has it been?
M: "It has been very interesting. Especially today, because I think, to say, it's good (important) to say that... it has succeeded to establish two classes for young with autism, because it's very, very important ...yes, they should also have an education, so they have some skills. We have heard a fantastic young men (no typo) sing. And they have dreams and they must become more independent, so you can - you can be really proud of that".

Q: You got a drawing from one of the students, what do You think of the drawing?
M: "Very nice drawing. - Why are you (informal you) smiling? It's a very nice drawing. Really beautiful".

Q: From a personal point of view, what do You think of the Faeroe Islands. Your first visit here on the Faeroe Islands?
M: "I think I've said that it's really beautiful and I just feel like returning":

Q: Will the Prince come along next time?
M: "Hopefully. And the children too, perhaps, yes. Definitely".

Q: You may have a nice trip back.
M: "Thank you very much".
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Thanks for the video! Marie looked quite tired, it must have been an intense visit - or a glass too many at the hotel bar last night? :lol::whistling:

I really like seeing Marie, she's very spontaneous. Very different from Mary (who I also love to follow, and who's certainly the most classy of crown princesses IMO). I mean: the "what are you laughing about?" comment Marie made is something Mary would be too professional for. Denmark is very lucky with these two additions to the royal family! :wub:
:previous: Perhaps. :wine:

And I couldn't agree more.
Because Mary and our Marie are so different in their approach they appeal to both different segments, who prefer Mary or Marie and the segment (which I belong to) who find both ways both very useful.
Because they are so different, they complement each other rather than compete and that means they can cover a much wider area.

Mary is always extremely well prepared and thoroughly professional, not to mention stylish and also crucial, she is regal - with a human touch.
And when it comes to presenting and promoting something Mary is only challenged professionally by Joachim within the DRF. (Who apart from being a man doesn't have nearly the same public appeal).

Marie charms and smiles her way into people and into a situation on the spot, making her very approachable. And what you see is what you get.
It something delights her, you can tell. If something saddens or horrify her, you can tell. And if something is less than interesting, you can tell.
I'd say Frederik does a very good job in promoting Denmark too;). many businessmen have said how he has made the difference:flowers:
Joachim, although doesn't get enough coverage, is very knowledgeable as well and gets his point across

But yes, Marie is very spontaneous but maybe its because she isnt in that position of being CP. She is allowed a bit more freedom.

I think Denmark is really lucky with both their princesses.

A wonderful smiley Marie
Our Marie has said something political and as such she is (according to one tabloid) controversial. But more on that in a moment.

Summary of a meager article in Billed Bladet #10, 2016.
Written by Dorthe Quist who could and should do better!

Because the article is so meager, it consists basically only of a few photos and a few quotes.
So this is Marie's impression of the Faeroe Islands: "I won't say I'm surprised because I knew it's very beautiful on the many islands of the Faeroe Islands. But still, I was surprised how genuinely beautiful it is here. It's unique. Of course it's a small community but very, very cozy and very beautiful.
And I understand I've been very fortunate with the weather during the three days here.
That what has made the biggest impression is of course the nature. Obviously. The food too is really good here. Especially the fish is good. But people are also very sweet and then you can speak to them in Danish".

About being met with high school students singing French, she said: "That was very sweet, I think. I was a bit surprised that it was in French since I'm also Danish. But the young all saw me as the French Princess".

And about autism she said: "There has been a lot of research in genes and autism for many years. And there are still varying opinions about it. But it's a very exciting project, the two researchers told about.
The most important thing for me in connection with the visit to the Faeroe Islands was that classes for young with autism has been created at the high school in Thorshavn. Young with autism also have dreams and competences. They need to become more independent. That's also important for their families.
It starts with high school classes like these. That's a very important thing. Also because I don't believe in inclusion at all. That's my opinion".

- And this is where Marie became "political".

First a little background:
The concept of inclusion is that children with special needs should be put into classes with "normal" children as far as it is possible, rather than staying in classes or even schools for children with special needs.
The reasoning being that it makes the children feel more "normal" and it stimulates them to get out of a comfort zone that may be a bit too safe and also being with other children who are not having similar issues as themselves.
And that makes good sense, as long as the whole thing takes the individual child into consideration. Otherwise the child will feel like an outsider and the child will not only feel, but actually be outside the comfort zone and not feel stimulated, rather on the contrary.
The problem is that most municipalities has seen that as an opportunity to save money on special classes and teachers, so the interpretation is not "inclusion as far as possible taking the individual child into consideration" but rather "inclusion as far as it is at all possible"!

Prinsesse Marie er helt uenig med politikerne: Jeg tror ikke på det - Royale |
Now, that little remark by Marie has been seized upon by the tabloid BT (no other papers seems to find it controversial though...) where it has been interpreted as a criticism of the current education-policy backed by a majority in the Parliament, but criticized heavily but parents, teachers and organizations.

So far there has been no reaction from any politicians and the survey in the article show that 95 % of the readers agree with Marie.
And since she knows of autism first hand from her family, one can argue that she actually knows what she is talking about...

But BT still try to stir the pot, so today they have dusted of the usual royal experts who IMO have stretched things a bit too much. :p

Marie deler vandene med kontroversiel udtalelse: 'Hun kan blive kendt som den modige prinsesse' - Royale |

Lars Hovbakke Sørensen believes it could actually benefit Marie if she from time to time voice an opinion that may go against the current political majority.
"It (inclusion) is apparently a subject that is very much on the mind of Princess Marie, because her close family is affected. One can sense the Princess' personal dedication and many will also percieve her as a genuine and courageous person, because she goes against a majority in the Parliament".
He goes on to say that she as a secondary princess has much more space to maneuver that the CP-couple who have to be more guarded in regards to what they say.
He also points out that Marie has become more confident in her role as princess within the past year.

"It can be an advantage for her if she makes it her trademark to be the bold Princess, who dare a little more than the others from the DRF. But of course she must not exaggerate".

- Weeell, to be honest I don't think Marie for one second considered the politicians or had any intentions of saying something that could be interpreted as political. She was IMO simply being Marie.
That is, what you see is what you get. She was asked to comment on special high school classes for students with autism and she simply gave her honest opinion.

Had it been Mary, it would have been very different, again IMO, partly because Mary has the position she has, but also because Mary is so professional. Mary doesn't blurt out with something. You can rest assured that what she says has been considered and if she should say something that is critical of a current policy you can be pretty sure it's deliberate.
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mulher, did marie mean that special education should be provided, as opposed to just 'one size fits all' education?
if so, i think the comment is taken out of context.
maybe she used the word inclusion to mean this, when meaning that education should be tailored: is it possibly a misuse of words, given danish is her 2nd language?
The word "inclusion" is the official term for one size fits all education.

So IMO no mistake from our Marie. She doesn't believe inclusion works at all - at least not for pupils with autism.
That is a clear opinion and, I think, an opinion shared by the vast majority of parents who have children with special needs and certainly the vast majority of parents who have children with autism.

But BT in todays editorial actually praise her for taking such a clear stand.
Prinsessen sætter sig i respekt | BT mener

There is a follow up: Prinsesse Marie på farlig grund med politiske udtalelser: 'Det er en usædvanlig udmelding' - Royale |
The inclusion-concept has been criticized quite a lot, for being nothing but an excuse to save money. (I agree).

When inclusion was implemented in 2012, 5.6 % of all pupils attending state school received special tuition, went to special classes or even special schools. 10.000 of these were then transferred to ordinary classes - as a part of the inclusion.

The Association for Autism has previously been very critical of inclusion, without dismissing it totally though.
The chairwoman of the association, Heidi Thamestrup, says: "On the contrary we see an extreme exclusion, where there is not room for all to be themselves. Children with autism do have difficulty socializing - they don't understand what other people think and they need to have enough adults around to help them. But there isn't, so we don't believe that there is genuine inclusion based on the individual child".

But is Marie acting on behalf of the association?

Heidi Thamestrup: "Our Princess is very active and is very interested in autism. It must be a completely private statement, based on what she herself has experienced".

But should she speak about political subjects?

Heidi Thamestrup: "I think all people have a right to have a personal, private opinion about things. I believe that's a human right".
I give credit for Marie for speaking out what she thinks and this could improve the system. She didn't say anything wrong. You'll have autistic people who go to university and mixing with others so why not start this early at school. I also think that this has nothing to do with politics. Anyways, its a discussion on it's own.
"The problem is that most municipalities has seen that as an opportunity to save money on special classes and teachers, so the interpretation is not "inclusion as far as possible taking the individual child into consideration" but rather "inclusion as far as it is at all possible"!"-Muhler

I agree that this is often times the motivation for school districts to have full inclusion for students with disabilities including spectrum disorders. As an educator and a parent of a child with an ASD, I know that it is NOT always the appropriate setting for some students. For my son full inclusion with a little support is/was the best placement for him as he is on the mildly affected portion of the spectrum. Likewise I've witnessed too many times students being placed at a parent's choice or the district's need to save some much needed funds. While I do know that schools must provide the least restrictive environment, too often the students are not able to handle the stimulation of 25 or 30 other peers in their classroom. They become overwhelmed by the sensory input and shut down. Their time in the class becomes more and more limited because they're having full scale tantrums or their stim behaviors become all encompassing. Even their one-to-one para educators are struggling to refocus them.
Couldn't agree more, Dazzling and TLLK.

BT has more on the story: Prinsesse Marie vækker debat med kontroversiel kommentar: 'Kongehuset skal ikke være nikkedukker' - Danmark |

It's basically based on the public reaction on Facebook (about half of all Danes are active on Facebook, so it's a good indicator of what is going on) and glancing at the comments so far, it's my clear impression that the overwhelming majority agree with our Marie and support her right to voice her opinion on that matter at least.
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