Princess Märtha Louise & Ari Behn Current Events Part 6

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Pink Tulip said:
I think some of the things she said were similar to the interview she did with Lenoard Lopate show on her last tour.

Oy, thanks a lot:eek: ;)
How old is Leah Isadora now? I haven't visited here in a while. I'm also glad to see Martha Louise growing her hair long. While I did enjoy it short as well, it being longer is a nice change.
sommone said:
How old is Leah Isadora now? I haven't visited here in a while. I'm also glad to see Martha Louise growing her hair long. While I did enjoy it short as well, it being longer is a nice change.
Leah was born at Hankø, on 8 April 2005. So, she just turn 2 this year.. ;)
purple_platinum said:
Leah was born at Hankø, on 8 April 2005. So, she just turn 2 this year.. ;)

i think you mean she just turned 1. ;)
Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn sometime ago reported Se og Hør to the Press Complaint Commission (PFU) for taking pictures of Maud Angelica going pony riding, which they mean is an invasion of privacy and also a security threath to their daughter to reveal where she is on a weekly basis. Se og Hør claims they have every right to take the pictures since it was in a very public place and Märtha Louise is not a normal person, and that her and her husband don’t seem to understand themselves if they are public or private, and that they are going by the "Have the cake and eat it to" principle

Since they did that several other celebrities has also complained about the methods Se og Hør use, especially against their children, one of those who have criticised the magazine hardest is Ole Gunnar Solskjær, soccer player in Machester United, he claims tha magazine tried to bribe a child in his family to take pictures of his secret wedding. His agent says that they are in full support of the complaint issued by Märtha and Ari and they are awaiting the result. Solskjærs wife has previously won against Se og Hør for publishing pictures of her and their children in Oslo, as she and the children are not official people and have never sought public attention

It has to be said some celebrities do use that magazine shamelessly for self promotion and tip them of when they are out with new partners and such things so there is two sides to it of course.

Yesterday Felipes Ex girlfriend Eva Sannum has also spoken out about how she was threatened by that magazines (and others) reporters the time she was dating Felipe, she says the magazine threatened her and her mother that if they did not cooperate they would reveal things from her mothers past relating to health trouble (she does not say what kind) she says she only felt safe in her house behind closed curtains and that she has actually climbed out widows to avoid the press and got very careful with what she threw out in the trash.

Eva Sannum is a vara member in the Press Complaint Commission and now Se og Hør wants her to disqualify herself and not take part in the review of the complaint about Maud Angelica. Eva Sannum says she has nothing personal against the magazine but the way some of its reporters work.

(Source Dagbladet paper edition today, and articles previously printed in VG and
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Is Se og Hør a tabloid in Norway like the North American equivalent of Star magazine or is something more celeb-friendly (sort of) like People magazine?

I think Martha Louise and Ari are in a difficult position, and I sort of agree with the "have the cake and eat it too" principle. On the one hand Martha Louise was born a princess and the media has followed her all her life and even though she may not actively perform royal duties anymore, she is still a public person. And before marrying Martha Louise, my understanding is that Ari would've done the media rounds now and then to promote his books, which Martha Louise does now, too with her children's books.

They are like celebrities in my eyes: On the one hand they need the media to promote their books, shows, CDs, movies, etc., but on the other hand they want their private life kept separate and distinct and off of the magazine covers.

And I feel for Martha Louise and Ari about the pictures of Maud Angelica riding the way I feel for other celebrities who complain about their kids being in magazines: I think that if they are on the street, walking to get a coffee, playing in the park, then it's fair grounds for picture taking. But if a photographer has taken a long-lens camera and shot into their home or hounded them in a way that poses a danger to the kids or the adults, then that is crossing a line.

It's not necessarily a fair view because the kids have done nothing other than be born to particular people, and they should have full access to the world rather than be locked up in their homes, but I think it's a reasonable comprimise considering the public's interest to know (which isn't always right either).
From the Rocky Mountain News article:

"Although she speaks Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English and can "get along" in French and Dutch..."

Wow, a very talented princess. I didn't know she spoke all those languages. I guess the Dutch makes sense because she lived in the Netherlands for a while.
Time to close this thread. Thanks to everyone who posted.

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