Princess Máxima is Pregnant for the 3rd time!

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Good news!!! Wish they have a healthy baby,that family is full of girls, may be the princesses have a little brother! Congratulations!!!
Yay!!! I'm a big fan of CP WA and Maxima they are my favorite of the European crown princely couples.

I think it'll be another girl.;)
Congratulations! :flowers:

I think it will be a boy, a friend of mine thinks a girl. :rolleyes: We'll see!
I just heard the news, I'm very happy for them! :D
I think it's another girl. :)
Thankssss lula

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!
:flowers:Congratulations to Crown Princess Maxima and Crown Prince Wilhelm-Alexander!!:flowers:

I was awaiting and hoping for the news to come soon!
I would love another beautiful (like her sisters) girl but part of me might be hoping for a boy! ;)
congratulation for maxima and the hole familiy. it is wunderful. perhaps it would be a boy.
WONDERFUL news, congratulations to the whole family and the Netherlands.
great news! my most sincere congratulations to maxima, her lovely family and to the netherlands!

i'm really happy that one of my favourite princesses is pregnant again, it really made my day and was a wonderful way of starting the week!

two nice anecdotes to know/remember: a friend of mine told me the news and explained to me that when a royal child is born in the netherlands, the royal family makes a 'present' to the citizens, which is called 'zoet haget', which is a special sweet given through parties. i also remembered how the court made public that maxima was pregnant with alexia, by an announcement made by catharina amalia... :)
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So nice!!!!

It is announced the same day the Princes of Asturias announced thay would be parents on May 2007 for the second time!
Great news - now we're just waiting for similar announcements from Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Norway, like last time

Well the first one came quicker then you would think. :ROFLMAO:
congrats to maxima and the entire royal family. hope for a safe and healthy birth.
:clap: I also hope that this time it is a little boy. Great news!
I have to disagree. I hope its a girl. three princesses would be so wonderful!

just like Margarethe, Benedikte and Anne Marie were the 3 princesses of Denmark.
Congratulations and best wishes for an easy pregnancy.


And I hope that it will be 3 girl
A boy would be a nice addition, someone for Claus-Casimir to grow up with. What an exciting day with 2 pregnancies announced!!! I'm soo happy for the couple and the cute big sisters...:flowers:
Congratulations to W-A, Maxima, C-A y Alexia! I hope they get a little brother, just to get things a little more even:lol:
pollyemma said:
I have to disagree. I hope its a girl. three princesses would be so wonderful!

just like Margarethe, Benedikte and Anne Marie were the 3 princesses of Denmark.

maybe a boy AND a girl!!
Congratulations for th whole family!!! Maybe a boy.
Twins would be fantastic

I was happy to hear this fantastic news today. It came a bit suprising, but it is wonderful.
A Boy would be great for the two girls, or two boys as twins, that would be absolutely fantastic.

But the most important thing is, that everything goes well with the pregnancy. Long 9 months to go!

All best wishes to our lovely Dutch Royal Family! God bless You!
Great new!!!
Congratulations to them all:flowers: Maybe this time it will be a boy, but the 3rd girl could be too:ROFLMAO:

Btw. Who knows maybe both babies Dutch and Spanish will be born on the same month? It would be great.
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