Princess Máxima, Current Events 1 (October 2005 - May 2006)

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Yes, it actually is when you look at that picture. But on some others (where the hair is hanging over her shoulder, if you know what I mean) she really looks very nice.

But I still think she looks at her best with her hair up, like in a nice bun, as she wore yesterday (which reminded me of her hairdo at her engagement to W-A and the red coat she was wearing helped completing that image, of course ;))
I think she looks very good, but I have to agree with Alisa,
princess Maxima is not wearing a very suitable outfit for the day light ;]
Thanks all for the pics! I like both outfits, although I agree w/ Alisa regarding the black outfit being more appropiate for the evening.

Her hair stylist need to consult the Swedish Royals on the proper way hair extensions should be worn!
I wonder, Does Maxima do her hair herself, or she have a hairdresser for this kind of events. I like the hair from the front side but back side is really horible.
I don't know any hairdresser who can make such a mess.
Maxima with her long hair (photos posted by Adry) reminds me somehow Princess Michael of Kent.:D
I agree with Sem for the hair and the black outfit for this event is very inappropiate...for me
Her dress is a bit wide, isn't it? Gosh I wonder, why would that be? ;) (just kidding administrators!)

Maxima really is a woman of a million different faces, and she radiates such an amount of energy, even through the pictures, I really like that about her.
I agree, the hair isn't a succes. I assume she thought a bun, like the day before, would be to formal for a childrens event, but this isn't really working out either.
On television the dress looked much, much better. On pictures it seems to be a mess, with the necklaces etc. but as I said, on television it looked terribly elegant.
Actually I like the dress and the way she looks, (indeed she looks very elegant on the pictures imo) but her hairdresser should be more carefull, we are tolking about the beatifull prensess hear. Maxima is doing her best and hairstilist should not let her down.
Excellent point! She is trusting hair styling professionals to make her look good. Do you think she uses a makeup artist for her public appearances or does that herself? I tend to think she does her makeup herself.
Also I think some outfits (fabrics) photograph or appear on video better than others. They are most likely very attractive in real life but perhaps are not so photogenic. For example, from time to time on those red carpet review shows of the Oscars, etc. the reporters will say, "the gown was much prettier in real life" but panned by the critics who didn't see it in person.
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Maxima's smile is so infectious! She seems to be simply enjoying her life.
Naum versus Maxima? Is it really that bad? I rather hoped Maxima would go back to her once Naum improved the conditions of her workers.
No Thats just the titleof the Magazine. Naum says she received a letter not from Maxima but from her secretary explaining the reasons.
Naum says everyhting is a wrong accusatation and she is expecting the goverment is going to put everything in the right place.
She also says that Maxima was forced to do this to not have bad press. And she is wearing her clothes since she is 23 years old.
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