Princess Lalla Zineb & Family: News & pictures

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How old is Lalla Abla?
Abla is an intersting choice of name BTW.
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She is 16 I guess , but I do not understand
What do you mean by nale BTW
i meant name,it's editted now.
i was pointing out that her name is coming from her great grandmother Lalla Abla..intersting choice of name.
Lalla Alba is interesting choice of name indeed
i believe that the greatgrandmother Lalla Abla was the mother of Hassan II but not to Mouldy Abdullah.
Realy ? There are not from the same mother?
I did not know that?
No as far as i know Moulay Abdullah and Hassan II are half brothers,their Father Mohammed V had 3 wives .
Nice to see her but I wich to have more clear photos
Thank you for posting nisreen
Great to see Lalla Zineb taking her job at the association seriously her aunt late Lalla Amina would be happy to know her legacy in good hands.
You are welcome it seems that she is not a fan of being photographed
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Maybe she doesn't like to be photographed i don't know but also the princesses work in Morocco is not very well covered wich is pitty.
pitty because the photo isn't clear, i know that Lalla Abla is studying at the American School but i can't tell wich of the young ladies she is.
great photos,it's great to see Lalla Zineb aout and about she looks lovely i very much liked the look with the glasses
For me without glasses is much nicer ,however it is nice to see her any way.
i think she looks wonderful in green the glasses is lovely too
I did not find vedio for the event have you seen it girls on any channel?
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