Princess Hisako Takamado and Family: News and Pictures

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On March 23rd, Princess Hisako attended the opening ceremony of the Toko Shinoda exhibition at Gifu Collection of Modern Arts in Seki, Gifu Prefecture. The princess shared, “when I was 22 years old, I bought Toko’s work at a British gallery her first salary because I knew I wanted it.”

Princess Hisako, who became friends with the artist (1913-2021), viewed an array of Shinoda's masterpieces after the ceremony. The exhibition runs March 28 to June 15.

Photos:,, Chunichi
On March 25th, Princess Hisako attended the Asiatic Society of Japan (ASJ) Annual General Meeting and Special Lecture "Sweden in the world - challenges and opportunities in a changing global security landscape" at Europa House, Delegation of the European Union to Japan, in Minato, Tokyo.

The Swedish Ambassador Pereric Högberg gave the special lecture where he "slammed Russia for invading Ukraine and celebrated Sweden’s recently joining NATO."

Photo: Facebook - Simon Farrell


A better photo of Princess Hisako presenting medals at the 4th World Kyudo Taikai in Nagoya in late February.

Photo: LinkedIn - Kris Dziewiecki
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On April 5th, Princess Tsuguko and Princess Hisako attended the "2024 Cherry Blossom Charity Ball" sponsored by the International Ladies Benevolent Society (ILBS) at Okura Hotel, in Tokyo.

Source: Asahi Imperial Schedule April 1st-7th
(copied at

No photos yet published or official information about the event. Some people on instagram have posted photos of the event or videos but no photos frame the Takamado Princesses. A post, however, confirms their presence at the event in the caption below the photos.
We know that the Swedish ambassador to Japan was present and so I'm still checking on Swedish sites as well.
It's so frustrating not to find photos.


More photos of Princess Tsuguko at the 9th All Japan Brass Symphony Competition Finals at Fuchu-no-mori Art Theater in Tokyo on January 6th.

The article also includes a transcript of Princess Tsuguko's speech at the event. The site has also published the dates of the 10th All Japan Brass Symphony Competition and maybe Tsuguko will participate.

On April 19th, Princess Hisako attended the U.S. Wine Pairing Dinner at the U.S. Ambassador's residence in Minato, Tokyo.

Photos: Facebook - Hiro Tejima
On April 26th, Princess Hisako attended the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra's "671st Masterpiece Series" concert at Suntory Hall in Minato, Tokyo. She is honorary advisor to Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra and enjoyed performances of Brahms's "Academic Festival Overture," followed by Korngold's "Violin Concerto" and Beethoven's "Symphony No. 4."

Photos: Yomiuri, AP Images


On April 25th, Princess Hisako attended a dinner party at Meguro Gajoen in Tokyo. The event was hosted by the Korai Wakamitsu no Kai, a supporting organization of the Koma Shrine in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture.

Photo: Facebook - 初雄盧山


Another photo of Princess Hisako at the U.S. Wine Pairing Dinner on April 19: Facebook - Nakagawa Wine


On April 16th, Princess Hisako visited Sojiji, a head temple of the Sōtō school of Zen Buddhism, in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. She offered incense to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Zen Master Keizan’s death.


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Ayako Moriya gave birth to her third child, a boy, at 11:48am on May 10 at a hospital in Tokyo. After consulting with the Takamado family, the baby's name will not be made public. Both mother and child are healthy.

Ayako married Kei Moriya in October 2018 and already has 2 sons, born 2019 and 2022 respectively.

Sources: NTV, Asahi

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Congratulations to parents, big brothers and grandparents!

These Moriya boys are only grandchidren of Princess Hisako, aren't they?
:previous: Yes, they are Princess Hisako's only grandchildren.



On April 25th, Princess Hisako attended a dinner party at Meguro Gajoen in Tokyo. The event was hosted by the Korai Wakamitsu no Kai, a supporting organization of the Koma Shrine in Hidaka, Saitama Prefecture.

Photo: Facebook - 初雄盧山


More about the evening at Meguro Gajoen on April 25:
  • performance from Taekwondo Hwarang Park Bukan
  • music performance from CHILDHOOD, a hand flute and piano duo
Facebook - 矢部守重
Ameba Childhood blog post

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On May 11th, Princess Hisako attended the "AFC Champions League 2023/24 Finals 1st Match" Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Al Ain at Yokohama International Stadium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Partial photo: Facebook - Masashi Mikajiri


Princess Hisako traveled to Kyoto May 18-19 to visit the mausoleum of Emperor Go-Kameyama, commemorating the 600th anniversary of his death.

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On May 23rd, Princess Hisako attended the 3rd "Marie Sklodowska Curie Award" ceremony, commending female researchers, at the Embassy of Poland in Meguro, Tokyo. Assistant Professor Kana Moriwaki of the University of Tokyo received the grand prize.

Photos/video: NTV, NHK, Facebook - Mofa Japan

On May 27th-28th, Princess Tsuguko and UNICEF Caravan Campaign visited Ishikawa Prefecture: on the 28th, they went to Kanazawa Nishi High School, in Kanazawa City, where they explained to the students - about 356 - about the situation of children in developing countries and underdeveloped countries.

Princess Tsuguko provided explanations to the children while explaining the situation to them, through videos and speeches. She has also introduced initiatives such as the provision of emergency medical food to improve nutritional status and mosquito nets to prevent mosquito-borne malaria.

Source/photo: Chunichi


More info about their visit to the Prefecture are here:
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On May 31st, Princess Hisako attended the ceremony for the 100th anniversary since Japan accepted Polish orphans from Siberia at Fukudenkai in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Photos/video: Asahi, Sankei, NTV
Facebook - Takeshi Nakamura
Facebook - arimachiphoto
Facebook - sachi.iwaura

History of Siberian Children (English) and their journey back to Poland.

Establishment of the Polish Emergency Committee for Children of the Far East

On September 16, PKRDDW was established with headquarters in Vladivostok. His goal was to find Polish orphans in Siberia who found themselves in a dramatic situation after the outbreak of the Bolshevik revolution. The idea was initiated by Anna Bielkiewicz and Józef Jakóbkiewicz, who was a young doctor. They were soon joined by Karol Zalewski, who later became a professor of phytopathology. In total, between July 1920 and January 1922, the Polish Children’s Rescue Committee of the Far East managed to save 877 children.


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English translated video of Princess Hisako at the 100th anniversary since Japan accepted Polish orphans from Siberia on May 31.

On June 7th, Princess Hisako attended the 2024 Marine Rescue Japan Commendation Ceremony at the Kaiun Club in Chiyoda, Tokyo.


Princess Hisako sent a video message for author L.M. Montgomery's 150th birthday to The L.M. Montgomery Institute (LMMI) at the University of Prince Edward Island.

More photos of Princess Hisako at dinner party at Meguro Gajoen on April 25: Facebook


On June 22nd, Princess Hisako attended the 34th Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Championship at Bardral Urayasu Arena in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture.

Photos:, Facebook - takashi.suemasu

Distant photos:
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More from Princess Tsuguko's 2023 activities:

- with UNICEF in Iwate Prefecture, November 2023. To date, other links pointing to the UNICEF visit - published in 2023 - in the Prefecture have been removed. (
051108-1 (1).jpg

- spotted at the Amami Yagijima Hotel, in Kagoshima Prefecture. She was there for the Special National Sports Festival, October 2023. She caressed a child (?) disguised as an animal. Apparently, the hotel wanted to remember Tsuguko's stay by capturing some photos and framing them. (Facebook)
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On June 30th, Princess Hisako attended the Japan Women’s national team (Sakura Japan) send-off match “SOMPO JAPAN CUP 2024 Japan vs. South Korea, at Oi Hockey Stadium in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The match also supports areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Photo: Facebook -


On July 1st, Princess Hisako attended the Japan Men’s Handball International Friendly match (Japan vs. Faroe Islands) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 1 at Shibuya, Tokyo. She visited both teams afterwards, congratulating Team Faroe Islands and offering encouragement to Team Japan.

Photo: Facebook - japanhandballassociation


Video of Princess Hisako at the 34th Japan Wheelchair Twin Basketball Championship at Bardral Urayasu Arena in Urayasu, Chiba on June 22 from the city's weekly recap YouTube 27:57s


34twin_bball_ Urayasu2.jpg

34twin_bball_ Urayasu3.jpg

34twin_bball_ Urayasu4.jpg
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On July 2nd, Princess Hisako attended the "Send-off party for the Japanese Fencing Team to the 33rd Olympic Games (Paris 2024)" at Ueno Seiyoken in Taito, Tokyo.

Photos: Facebook - JapanFencingKyosuke
On July 8th, Princess Hisako attended the "Send-off party for the Japanese Volleyball Team to the 33rd Olympic Games (Paris 2024)" at a hotel in Chiyoda, Tokyo. She is Honorary Patron of the Japan Volleyball Association.

Both men's and women's teams aim to medal. The women's beach volleyball team qualified for the Olympics for the first time in 16 years. [Sankei]

Photo, video: AFLO Images, Instagram - tbs.volleyboo

YouTube Kyodo Princess Hisako's speech @ 8:55

On July 10th, Princess Hisako donated a painting to the Embassy of Panama, presenting the piece to the Ambassador and his wife, at the Takamado residence.

Photos: Facebook and Instagram of Embajada de Panamá en Japón

[...] In a gesture that highlights the deep cultural ties between the two countries, the Princess donated to the Embassy of Panama in Japan the painting “Lluvia de Fuego” or “Fire Rain” by renowned Panamanian artist Eduardo Navarro, a work she herself acquired in 1996 during an exhibition of the artist in Osaka, Japan.

This act is a testament to Princess Takamado’s commitment to art and culture, and highlights her personal appreciation for Navarro’s work and Panama.

The same day, Princess Hisako attended a charity concert sponsored by BirdLife International at the Ark Hills Club in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo.

20 guests enjoyed a bird-related program and as a surprise for her birthday, the violinist premiered new pieces "Bird Sketch" and "flying bird" commissioned by Yamane Akiko. Princess Hisako was presented with the scores afterwards.

Photos: Facebook - tatsukiviolin, Instagram - tatsuki.narita.1
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On July 14th, Princess Hisako attended the AED 20th Anniversary Symposium at Yurakucho Asahi Hall in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The sudden death of her late husband, Prince Takamado, from ventricular fibrillation while playing squash in November 2002 prompted further consideration of its use by non-medical personnel. The ban on general public using AEDs was lifted in July 2004.

Princess Hisako is honorary patron of AED Foundation of Japan and Japan Heart Foundation.

Photos: Asahi, Sankei, Kyodo, Getty Images

:previous: More photos of Princess Hisako at the the AED 20th Anniversary Symposium on July 14: FNN


On July 13th, Princess Hisako attended the MS&AD Cup 2024 International Friendly match between the Japan and Ghana women’s national teams at Kanazawa Stadium in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Photo: AFLO Image


On July 18th, Princess Hisako attended the 39th Tokyo Comprehensive Art Exhibition for People with Disabilities and award ceremony at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store in Toshima, Tokyo.

Facebook - Mihoko Tatsunori Yasaki - with winner
Facebook - Mihoko Tatsunori Yasaki 2 - viewing art
Facebook - Mihoko Tatsunori Yasaki 3 - awards ceremony
On July 23rd, Princess Hisako attended the 37th Pioneering Originality: Advanced Technology Award ceremony and met winners about their research at Meiji Kinenkan in Minato, Tokyo. The awards recognize science and engineering students and young corporate researchers who have achieved outstanding results.

Photos, full speech: Sankei, FNN, TBS
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