Princess Haya current events 4: November 2008 - November 2010

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Princess Haya current events: November 2008 - November 2010

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Princess Haya current events 3: October 2007 - November 4, 2008

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Very pretty thobe and blue looks so good on haya - remember the beautiful aqua blue one she wore with Sheikh Mohammed at the racetrack? That was one of her better dressed moments too.
she is beautiful in this picture and looks very happy. Thank you reeda2000.
i dont think that she should wear the same dress that soon, i mean i understand that she doesnt need a new dress every time she is out but maybe she should wear something diferent.

Maybe she thougt that nobody is watching her:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Princess Haya in Argentina
An article in Spanish about her activities today

Jordan Princess HAYA BINT AL HUSSEIN in Buenos Aires, Argentina for an International equestrian jumping tournament. Princess HAYA is the main personality of this equestrian tournament in the Haras El Capricho, 50km north of Buenos Aires. Argentina November 16. 2008 Here with BERNARDO NAVEILLAN, the winner of the tournament. Pics courtesy from ANP

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya2rq0.jpg
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya1tw5.jpg
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya3jd8.jpg
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya4lo6.jpg
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya5aq7.jpg
ImageShack - Image Hosting :: haya6zc6.jpg
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Humera: I love your avatar.. What event was it? I've never seen that picture of Princess Haya..
very nice picture of princess Haya, she looks very happy.Maybe we see soon her again with her daughter !!
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