Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 13 : May 2006 - Jan.2007

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WOW she looks really good loving the white outfit like the hair also thanks for posting sebastian.
Sebastian, thanks for the pics, she looks fantastic, but what event was that? Does anyone know?
Anag, the pics were taken today at the deliberations for the literature Prix Prince Pierre :)
Some more:






Thanks for the pics. I think the mystery of her haircut has now been detached.
I already liked that outfit at the Flower Show, she truly is an expert in recycling clothes, but I think it's great. And why not, we do the same every day..... ;)

Here is the caption and two more pics from EPA/ANP:

Monacos' Princess Caroline (R) visits the exhibition of Saadne Atif (L), the winner of this year's International Contemporary Art Prize of the Prince Pierre's Foundations', in Monaco, Tuesday 20 June 2006. Atif's winning piece of art consists of several self-playing guitars.

Oh and here are some small pics from Caroline and Ernst on their recent visit to Germany - rtn radio tele nord/ddp


These are really small, tbhrc :D but thanks nevertheless, it's always great to see them in Germany! :)
Deadline Press

Monaco REMISE DU PRIX PRINCE PIERRE PAR LA PRINCESSE CAROLINE DE HANOVRE A L'OPERA GARNIER DE MONACO The Prince Pierre Prizes Proclamation at the Opera Garnier in Monaco. The foundation's literature council proclaims the french author Philippe Sollers as the winner of the literary prize. The prize was delivered by Princess Caroline. June 20, 2006.


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More from Deadline Press

Monaco VISITE DE L'EXPOSITION DE SAADNE ATIF, GAGNANT DU PRIX PRINCE PIERRE, PAR LA PRINCESSE CAROLINE For the Prince Pierre Foundation Price, the artistic council delivers the 2006 international Contemporary Art : The prizewinner is Saâdne Atif. S.A.R. The Princess Caroline visits exhibition of the prizewinner who exhibates the winning piece (electric guitars which play alone one after the other). June 20, 2006. © Bruno Bebert / Deadline Photo Press


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Thanks again for the pics tbhrc, and now that I look at her, I have to say that I think she looks a bit younger. I don't know, maybe it was the lighting or maybe it was make-up, but to me she looks a lot younger. She looks good and I love the hair, it's lighter than I've seen it in a while.

Edit: I know what it is!!! She's wearing lighter color clothes than usual!!!! She's wearing white instead of the usual black, that's what it is!!!

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More from Bruno Press/Sipa

And some small ones from MaxxPP/Newcom:

PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN/M MEHRAN ; MONACO, 21/06/2006 - LA PRINCESSE CATROLINE LORS DES REMISES DE DIPLOMES DE L ECOLE INTERNATIONALE DE MONACO A L HOTEL HERMITAGE. L ACTEUR ROGER MOORE ETAIT EGALEMENT PRESENT Monaco, June 21st, 2006. Students from the international school of Monaco were graduated. Princess Caroline and Roger Moore at the ceremony.



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Copyright : Charly Gallo - Centre de presse de Monaco

S.A.R. la Princesse Caroline de Hanovre, entourée des Lauréats 2006 de la Fondation Prince Pierre :
(de gauche à droite) Saâdane AFIF (Prix International d'Art Contemporain), Ousmane DIARRA (Lauréat de la Bourse de la Découverte), Elena TULVE (Prix de Composition Musicale) et Philippe SOLLERS (Prix Littéraire).

julianneneville said:
PC is certainly keeping herself busy!

yes ineed! lot of work for her. I love all her outfits! and her hair is too good. I wonder if she and EA will go to the World Cup to support Germany i guess
wow... lots of wonderful new pictures... thank you everybody!!
yes, thank you for posting all the lovely new pics of my favorite princess!
Here are bigger versions of those MaxPP pics - From Belga (I hate that watermark)


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Lovely pictures!! Thanks for posting :) Do you ever notice that in some of these pics she's not wearing her wedding/engagement rings? Did she get an engagement ring from Ernst?
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The watermarks are alright, they could be worse. MY OH MY, I didn't know that Princess Caroline attended the graduation, does she do this every year? I go to the International School here, but unfortunately for me there are no princesses in Miami. That would be SOOO COOL, to have PC at my graduation, WOW, I'd drop dead! My favorite pic is the one where the students are throwing their caps in the air (thanks to many worried parents and state officials, I will never get to do that because it's considered dangerous). I like Caroline's face, it's like "Ha ha, none of you better hit me with those caps!" =)


Edit: Thanks for the video tbhrc, his exhibition was quite impressive, but such a shame that they didn't show or interview Princess Caroline.
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Thanks for the newest pics, tbhrc! Has anyone counted how often she appeared in public during the last week?! Very busy days, it's time for July and her summer holidays, she deserves them..:)
It seems her years are counting down:) Beautiful photos from sooo many events! Thanx tbhrc!

P.S. Great idea of that self-playing guitars..
Thanks everyone for the pics :) Caroline certainly has been very busy lately these weeks since we've seen her in weddings, events in Monaco, the US, and in Germany.

If I'm not mistaken this month or in July is the Sculpture contest, so we may also see her there.

Without a doubt Monaco has 2 great and hardworking Princesses nowadays :) I'm sure Grace and Rainier are proud of the work their 2 daughters are doing nowadays for Monaco.
monaco70s said:
Without a doubt Monaco has 2 great and hardworking Princesses nowadays :) I'm sure Grace and Rainier are proud of the work their 2 daughters are doing nowadays for Monaco.

I totally agree! I wonder if they feel the same about their son ;) (I know that was mean...I just couldn't resist...)

Thanks for all the wonderful pics of our wonderful Caro!
I think the same feelings they would have for the girls is the same for him, as far as scandals is related. Caroline and Stephanie made lots of things that probably their parents were not happy about. (ex. Caroline's wild ways when she was younger, her marriage to Junot and now to Ernest (who was married with her friend), Stephanie, you know her story, Rainier seemed to be very close to her, but that didnt stop him from giving to her less money than her siblings.
Two scans from Semana:

Consulate General of Monaco in New York / Town & Country

The Princess of Hanover welcomes Town & Country magazine for a rare backstage visit to 'Les Ballets de Monaco'. August 2006 issue on newsstands July 18.

Is anyone able to get that magazine and scan the pics? That would be great.


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You always bring fresh news, tbhrc!:) Great photo and hope somebody could provide those scans, too.
tbhrc said:
Consulate General of Monaco in New York / Town & Country

The Princess of Hanover welcomes Town & Country magazine for a rare backstage visit to 'Les Ballets de Monaco'. August 2006 issue on newsstands July 18.

Is anyone able to get that magazine and scan the pics? That would be great.

The only other picture of Princess Caroline in the Town & Country issue is one of her as a teenager with Princess Grace. The other pictures in the article are of hotel facades and rooms in Monaco, and one of the dance studio. I would post the picture of PC and PG but when I tried my scanner today it wouldn't work! Once I figure it out.... Sorry about that.
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