Princess Caroline & Family on Summer Vacation

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:previous: They usually spend the much of the month of August on Pantelleria Sicily for Dimitri's mother's birthday.

I wonder if they didn't go this summer or we just don't have photos?

The summer holidays of Princess Caroline and her children are the most idyllic and enviable of all the families here at TRF imho.

Sailing aimlessly about the Med, making port stops at various exotic beaches...all on an elegant luxurious private yacht. :whistling:
We haven't seen yet Caroline on vacation this summer.
Sometimes Princess Caroline accompanies them on PACHA and sometimes she does not.
Princess Caroline & Family on Summer Vacation

Yes Caroline knows of them, her daughter Charlotte is friends with Athina Onassis (formerly de Miranda) who is a second cousin of Eugenie and Stavros Niarchos. Plus Eugenie’s uncle, Spyros was a witness at Princess Caroline’s wedding to Ernst August of Hanover who is said to be a best friend of Ernst August.

Caroline was allready friends or aqainted with the Niarchos family in the seventies. I think some member(s) attended her wedding to Philippe Junot.
She attended the wedding of Maria Isabella.

Good for her she can have a paparazzi free summer!
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�� beautiful pictures!!! ��
Wonderful to see Princess Caroline and her grandchildren on holidays :flowers:

Sunday 30 July 2023,
Weekend in Filicudi for Carolina of Monaco already spotted on Friday on the island in Sicily, in the company of her dogs. The princess disembarked with the dinghy Pacha III, . And after an aperitif in the small square of Pecorini on the island, the restart to the west.

The young man in the picture looks like Alexandra's boyfriend, Ben Sylvester, maybe that's him?

You could be right, there's a similarity. Maybe Alexandra and Ben have also joined Caroline on board of Pacha by now 😄
Unfortunately, the pic doesn't "open".

It's a photo of the bild article, I've posted as well, so in case the single link still doesn't work when trying again, just use the full article link :flowers:
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