Princess Caroline and husbands part II

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The thing about Princess Caroline is she can look radiant with each of her three husbands. You could easily do a collage of pictures of her with Philippe, Stefano, and Ernst, and you would find the same radiant smile, affectionate gestures, "give your all" attitude to her loves. I think it is (was, for she has seemed increasingly preoccupied, which is normal when you are the mother of young adults and a little girl, and are in your fifties) part of her personality to express joy in the most spontaneous, artless way. Thanks, queenofthelight for all your superb pictures.
Beautiful pics, Dicalap, i had vever seen the last two.

You have quite a collection of Hola magazines queenof the light, thanks everyone!!
Beautiful photos,dicalap.You have a great collection.:flowers:
Caroline is so young in these photos
Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful pics, DICALAP,
some of these are really rare, like some of the honeymoon
I really like this close-up as it shows Caroline in all her
young beauty, and the pic with the horse also catches
a very special private moment :)
Amazing photos Dicalap! It was certainly great to see new and rare photos from the August 1979 Gerard Party in Monaco and to find out Caroline and Junot knew each other since Dec. 1973/Jan. 1974. They were attending a 1920's themed party in Maxim's, many famous guests like Christina Onassis, Gina Lollobrigida, and others. Caroline and Princess Grace look stunning in the Maxim's party organized by Lynn Wyatt.
I see you have a great collection, DACALAP, thank you so much for posting them!))))
y2 your majesty. I noticed y hv a lot of old pics.
I Thank you and also all the others for the beautiful pics you hv posted.
Wow, you got the amazing collection of pictures of Caroline and Philippe, Dicalap and Queenforthelight.:flowers: I was so excited and happy to see these pictures. Thanks for posting them.;)
Thanks for the lovely photos, Caroline and Stefano were a very attractive couple indeed.
I know this is not fair for poor P. Ernrst, but i can't help thinking that Stefano was " THE husband"... :whistling:

I agree with you, Caroline has never been SO radiant, SO beautiful, SO happy, than with Stefano.
I believe this is not unfair for P. Ernst, he brought so much to Caroline, but the Stefano era was THE fairy tale.
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