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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 1 of the thread for the Current Events of Princess Benedikte!

You can find the old thread here:

** Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard, Current Events 2: September 2005 - March 2017 **

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Princess Benedikte attends today the funeral of countess Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister, the former Mistress of the Robes of the Swedish Royal Court. The funeral is held at the Trolle-Ljungby Church at Trolle-Ljungby Castle, where Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister has lived since 1949, when he married count Hans-Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister.
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Thank you, Eya. :flowers:

The purpose of this exchange is of course allowing pupils to get to know different cultures. I.e. the Danish culture and the Greenlandic culture.
Often the Greenlandic children come from school in hamlets of at best large villages of up to several hundred people.
They will rarely get an opportunity to travel abroad, because it's seriously expensive to travel to or from Greenland on holiday!

Since the largest town in Greenland is Nuuk, with a population of 16.000, imagine landing in Copenhagen for the first time abroad. A city 100 times larger!
The children will never have seen a forest before. A corn field or a sandy beach where you can actually bathe and frolic for hours and still be comfortable... Photos, TV and Internet cannot convey the feeling of actually experiencing it yourself.
That they on top of that get to go to Amalienborg and meet a member of the DRF, who have a big star in Greenland, is an added experience.

Many Greenlanders never leave Greenland. It's either too expensive or simply too much trouble, because wherever they live may so remote that even getting to the airport is a journey in its own right!
The hamlets of western Greenland are dotted over a coastline that can easily rival the length of the entire US East Coast. The modes of transportation are light planes, helicopters, boats or small coasters. - Dog-sleighs are mainly used for long range person-transport on the east coast.

How about going to Canada, I can hear some of you ask.
The Canadian coast opposite western Greenland is even more remote! So remote that agreements have been made between Denmark/Greenland and Canada that Canadians who need treatment may be transported to Greenland if need be. It's simply easier to transport a seriously sick Canadian to Copenhagen than to say Toronto!
what a nice event for her. 45th anniversary as rigsforstander, so the reign of the Queen.
What a very nice photo with her 4 grandchildren! It's nice to see them, especially the youngest who we don't see often.

Yesterday evening, January 25, Princess Benedikte was the guest of honour at the 40th anniversary dinner for the International Women's Club in Copenhagen.
The club is a network for foreign and Danish women who have lived abroad.

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Today, June 23, Princess Benedikte participated in the 50th anniversary of the Egernsund Bridge. Benedikte herself had conducted the inauguration in 1968.

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Always love this event. The kids are super cute and very elegant princess :flowers:
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