Princess Benedikte Current Events Part 1: April 2017 -

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Princess Benedikte attended today with king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia the funeral of count Hans-Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister. The funeral ceremony took place in the castle church next to the count's castle Trolle Ljungby in Skåne.
Count Hans-Gabriel was since 2017 the widower of countess Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister, the Mistress of the Robes at the Royal Court.
Drottning Silvias tårar – tar farväl av nära vännen _*Svensk Dam
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Princess Benedikte opened the Danish stand at the 40th edition of the international plant fair "IPM Essen" in Essen, Germany today, January 23:

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What a grand lady. She oozes elegance and kindness.
That's correct.
Presumably she has moved her registered address to DK, after having officially lived in Germany since she got married.
She has until now moved back and forth between Germany and DK (she loves to drive, so that's no issue) but now she only spend a month at Berleburg during the summer and otherwise go there for a week from time to time.
- I think she and QMII spend a lot of time together and can - in every way - support each other. And I wonder if she even has her driving license anymore. IIRC your are required to get a certificate from your doctor each year from when you turn 70. Don't know the rules in Germany. Because as she now live permanently in DK she will have to acquire a Danish driving license (and also re-register her car) and considering her age she may not be able to or willing to drive longer distances herself any more. And even though I'm sure QMII or King Frederik can "lend" her a driver Benedikte is not the type of person who is in the habits of shall we say exploiting the rules.
I've been wondering how Benedikte would fare with Frederik as king rather than her sister as sovereign. Would she be under any pressure to retire or give up her apartment at Amalienborg? (I've wondered if Anne-Marie will be able to keep hers, too.)

There are a lot of changes around her -- Frederik as king, Margrethe retired, Carina is chatelaine of Schloss Berleberg, and so on. I hope these all turn out to be happy and positive things for her.
I like the idea she has returned "home" in her "twighlight years".

I suspect any changes to apartments etc will only come about when they are needed for Fred & Mary's children. Why kick out Benedikte and A-M from their apartments just to leave them empty. Fred lived in an apartment there before he married and I assume AM and Benedikte still had theirs, likewise I've read Felix has an apartment as well so there are plenty to go about (Joachim & Marie now have a house of their own in Copenhagen to their apartment is another that may well be free). Given that we can suspect most/all of F&M's children to go to university we are talking at least another 5 years until its a problem (for Christian's residence).

I also think there will be a subtle shift over time in terms of "power", for now Margrethe is still likely very much a driving force, certainly to a degree I don't think Frederik would (even if he wanted to, which I doubt he does) find it easy to "evict" his aunties from their residences while his mother is about. In a few years the power will have well and truly shifted away to Fred.
Why would he want to kick his aunts out? I don't think he needs the watchful eyes of his mother to do the decent thing and make sure these princesses of Denmark receive a reasonable treatment by having a place to stay or live in Denmark. Only yesterday he organized a luncheon for his aunt and her children and grandchildren to celebrate her 80th birthday, so it seems family relationships are fine.
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