Princess Beatrix & Prince Claus - Picture Thread

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Marengo said:
She said so herself in her last television interview, given on the occassion of her silver jubilee. But she said something simular before, in a previous one, when Claus was still alive as well.
Thanks, Marengo! ;)
Is something on internet about that interview?
I think Claus was able to help his wife alot. He had a huge knowledge (also because of the work he had before). I think he was very intelligent!
You can see that quite clear when you watch the Engagement-Interview! :)
(I love it!)
His answers are always very good!
I love it , when the reporter asks about Claus "former girlfriends", and he just asks the reporter for his age. :eek:
It's lovely to see Trix giggeling the whole time.

Andere Tijden
Since there was talk of Claus's depressions, I sort of recall hearing somewhere that at one point when Claus was going through a bad time, Beatrix stated that for the time being she would not be going on any state trips? Has anyone else heard about this?
This is a terrific thread. I've followed the Dutch royals for awhile now, and it still amazes me how affectionate Beatrix & Claus were, even in public you could tell they loved one another very deeply.
I'm sure Beatrix misses him very much. :(
Fabulous picture Her Majesty! Another unique hat for Beatrix!:D
I've got one more :D
It's from a RoyalBook I own. :)
I just HAVE to share it with you.

source and copyright: Margret Dünser- Königs-und Fürstenhäuser heute
A possible kiss

I found this picture:

A possible kiss, right? :rolleyes:
It looks like Claus kisses Beatrix on her cheek. :wub:
Her_Majesty said:
I've got one more :D
It's from a RoyalBook I own. :)
I just HAVE to share it with you.

source and copyright: Margret Dünser- Königs-und Fürstenhäuser heute

This is no kiss but a nosey-nosey on one of the Pacific Islands.
Tina said:
I love the name of that dog "Miss Pepper" :lol:


Miss Pepper sadly died in action. She went after a rabbit in the palace gardens and got struck somewhere.

An anxious Queen Beatrix alarmed all the palace staff and guards into the gardens to find Miss Pepper. Sadly she was found dead, suffocated in a hole under the lawn...

SpiffyBallerina said:
Hi. I was wondering if anyone who speaks Dutch might be able to translate what Prince Claus was saying in the video called "Geboorte prins Willem-Alexander"

"On a day like today, a father is a most unimportant figure. And that is exactly how I feel. Nevertheless it fills me with very special joy that I can inform you all via this way, with a first communiqué, about my wife and my son.

My wife has endured the delivery in an wonderful way and is recovering very well. For this I feel deep gratitude to God.

Professor Pleyte, who has done such an excellent job has ensured that my wife and our son will return to Drakensteyn as soon as this is medically allowed.

Our son, and I can say that as a proud father, is a gorgeous baby. He was born three minutes to eight and weighs almost 8 pounds and is 50 centimetres long. Right from his very first moment, he has given a very loud and clear proof of his presence.

Also in the name of my wife I would like to say thanks to all, in the Netherlands, in Suriname, in the Netherlands Antilles, who have shown their well wishes and joy on such an overpowering, spontaneous and heartfelt way, which have contributed to our great joy."
Thanks to all those that have put photos, there are some very beautiful of Beatriz of young person.;)
Thanks for the translation, Henri! :flowers:
Prince Claus always seemed so proud of this wife and the 3 boys.
It's so nice to see the old videos where Claus presents his newborn sons.
I wasn't sure where to post this (because there is already a thread about hearing the royals speak), but I thought it was very appropriate for here since it's the whole Dutch RF speaking ENGLISH at the engagement of Princess Beatrix and Claus. They're SO sweet with each other!!! :eek:

Anyhoo, Queen Juliana, Prince Bernhard, Princess Beatrix, and Claus all speak English (Beatrix and Bernhard are flawless).

At the end of the text in the middle section, there is a video from BBC. Just click on the eye. The first video is an interview with the family but it's in Dutch (in case anyone is interested in that too).
/Geschiedenis : De verloving van Beatrix en Claus - Professionals

I enjoyed the BBC interview very much. Queen Beatrix speaks perfect English, which isn't a surprise since she spent part of her childhood in Canada. It was funny to see her acting almost like a giddy schoolgirl in love, and she was very much in love!
Born september 6th 1926,it would have been the 87th birthday yesterday of the late Prince Claus.Not forgotten!


Pic made by me at an exhibition in the Nieuwe Kerk,Amsterdam.
Sweet memories!!

"A #throwback to June 1966 ��. Prince Claus is greeted by the Golden Retriever 'Joris' at Drakensteyn castle. Joris lived with Princess Beatrix in Lage Vuursche from 1964 and in the following years also became acquainted with Prince Claus, Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince Friso and Prince Constantijn."
When I see Claus von Amsberg and Henri de Montpezat so happy at their wedding with a future Queen . I feel sorry how the end of their lifes was sad as husband of a Queen.
What an utterly beautiful picture, but was it indeed Princess Gracia's funeral?
I thought the Queen was joined by Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard.

The caption must be wrong indeed. There was no Dutch representation at the funeral. Prince Bernhard was supposed to go to Monaco but due to mist his plane could not fly and he stayed at home.
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Prince Claus passed away in October 2002, so did not go on a state visit to Thailand (2004 - the Prince of Orange accompanied her), Norway (2010) nor Luxembourg (2012).

In addition, in your overview you are missing the following state visits from Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus:
- 1981: Luxembourg
- 1981: Belgium
- 1982: United Kingdom (not in 1986 but 1982)
- 1984: Denmark
- 1994: Jordan

And if your intention is to include all state visits by queen Beatrix to fellow monarchs, there are a few more that are missing from the list in which queen Beatrix was accompanied by the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima:
- 2006: Belgium
- 2011: Qatar
- 2012: United Arab Emirates
- 2012: Oman (was supposed to take place together with Qatar in 2011 but was changed to a private visit because of unrest)
- 2013: Brunei

Hopefully your overviews in the other topics are more accurate.
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