Princess Alia Al Tabba Current Events 1: September 2008-December 2018

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well P.Omar is still at school, in the 10th grade.. and Prince Faisal also went to perform Hajj..
Princess Alia is beautiful inside and out! In a way she is more apealing to me :in_love: than QRania with all her beauty and glam...
what a beautiful dress for princess alia
She looks nice. Alia wear very usually these earrings.
the princess looks very nice and elegant as usual and yes she does wear these earings on a regular basis, but nevertheless they're beautiful. I noticed that she's wearing a ring on her wedding finger replacing the wedding ring she had on before the divorce of course!! :(
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These are great!!! Princess Alia is so kind and attentive to all children. Thanks, Jordan for your photos.
Am very happy to see the princess out and about carrying on with her duties and i must say that she looks amazing everytime i see her, hoping that a certain person will live to regret what they did to her :whistling:
the princess looks amazing once again, glad to see her looking so good :flowers:
i would've liked to have seen the princess at the recent WEF but unfortunately i dont think she attended any of the activites that were held on those days :nonono:
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