Princess Alexia, Carlos Morales and Family - Part 2: June 2011 -

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Jan 29, 2005


Welcome to part 2 of the thread for the current events, news and pictures of Princess Alexia, Carlos Morales and Family.

You can find the old thread here:

** Princess Alexia, Carlos Morales and Family: Jan 2003 - June 2011 **

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this news is old, it is of may, but pictures are beautiful.

the Queen Anne Marie visited to princess alexia in Lanzarote.They were in the craft market in Arrecife, Lanzarote.
Queen anne Marie, princess alexia, Carlos Morales and Carlos and Amelia
Carlos and amelia in a donkey.
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Thanks Beltraneja. I´m always anxious to see new pictures of Princess Alexia and her lovely family. The two little ones are gorgeous.I suppose that Arrieta and Ana Maria were at school.
Amelia Morales will be in kindergarten , she has just turned four years, and Carlos will be in school. When were the pictures made Beltra, weekday or weekend?
The pictures are 8 may, it was sunday.The photographs were taken by coincidence.
Gosh, I´m so diappointed. No pictures of this lovely family lately, especially as I know they holidayed in Porto Heli with King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie.
THANKS!!!!!Ana Maria practiced synchronized swimming!wonderful!!!!
Wonderful pictures, Dazzling. Thanks a million. The little one in Carlos lap is Amelia. She is so cute. And how great that Ana Maria is learning syncronizing swimming.
Does Alexia have a real job like Pavlos?
Does Alexia have a real job like Pavlos?

Princess Alexia has been teacher specializing in children with Down syndrome. she has worked in" Catalan Foundation for Down syndrome" for many years, now she is the Honorary President of this Fundation. She left her job when she moved for professional reasons of her husband, an architect , to live in Lanzarote. Before, she was teacher in one school of London
Princess Alexia was a teacher for many years for children with Down Syndrome. After her marriage, she seems to still be involved with this founfation and projects.
The latest "HOLA"-edition apparantely contains photos of Alexia and Carlos visiting Cristina and Inaki in Washington on occasion of Pablo´s 11th birthday (he´s Alexia´s godson)
Has anyone seen the pictures already? Did Alexia bring her children along?
In the photos are Carlos and Arrietta.You can put the scan?
How nice to see that Princess Alexia and her family are in Washington . It proves how the two cousins are close to one another. And after all if you have friends it´s not only for happy occasions. True friends are near you in ALL occasions.
My gosh, how tall is Arrietta!
Thank you Beltraneja for posting the pic. The magazine is still not in my bookstore. (Hopefully there are no problems concerning the controversial cover...) Arrietta looks much older than a ten-year-old girl. And little Carlos in this pic has an amazing resemblance to Andrea Casiraghi when Andrea was a little boy. And Carlos sen. looks as if he hasn´t gained any weight since he married Alexia. He´s still got the same smart looks.
Lots of new photos at Getty images! Can please someone post the link? Thank you! Or go over to "Opiniones sobre la realeza"-message board.
By the way: Finally got the "HOLA"-magazine.
Lots of new photos at Getty images! Can please someone post the link? Thank you! Or go over to "Opiniones sobre la realeza"-message board.
By the way: Finally got the "HOLA"-magazine.

More pictures of Princess Alexia with her family and Infanta Cristina. Getty Images - Buscar: DC: Princess Alexia of Greece And Duke of Palma With Families Sighting In Washington - December 3, 2011
Juan Pablo Urdangarin Arrieta Morales Ana Maria
Princess Alexia Of Greece Her Husband Carlos
Princess Alexia Of Greece Her Husband Carlos
Princess Alexia Of Greece Her Husband Carlos
Arrieta Morales And Irene Urdangarin Are Seen
It was not Arrieta but Anna Maria with Irene. Those kids are gorgeous and I am so happy that Princess Alexia went to visit her cousin with her family. It must be wonderful for all but especially the children.
I love this couple. Missing seeing their beautiful children.
I've never seen this photo of Arrietta. Anyone has the original picture or more photos of this day?
What a beautiful girl she has turned into!
Arrieta is IMO the most beautiful girl in all the royal or princely families.

Yes, I´d like to see more pictures of Arrietta and her siblings. Were there more taken that day?
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What a shame we couldn´t see Priness Alexia and her children.

The newest pics aren't much better, but at least there are some ;)

Princess Alexia and her kids were seen arriving at home on January 21, 2013 in Lanzarote, Spain.

** gettyimages gallery **
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