Princely House of Windisch-Graetz

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Jan 22, 2005
The Princely House of Windisch-Graetz


Arms of Mariano Hugo, 6th Fürst zu Windisch-Graetz

A Catholic feudal family traced to 1218-1222
Baron of the Holy Roman Empire 1551
Count of the Holy Roman Empire 1658
Prince of the Holy Empire 1804
the two lines below descend from two sons of Count Joseph Nikolas (1744-1802)

Members of the family bear the title of Prince or Princess zu Windisch-Graetz with the qualification of Serene Highness

Descends from Prince Alfred (1787-1862)
Prince of the Holy Empire and elevation of the Lordships of Egloffs and Siggen into a Principality of the Holy Roman Empire under the name of Windisch-Graetz 1804
the title of Prince extended to all descendants of the first Prince 1822

Ludwig Anton, 6th Fürst zu Windisch-Graetz (b1942)

Descends from Count Weriand (1790-1867)
the dignity of Prince of the Empire and Austrian Prince was extended to Count Weriand and all descendants 1822

Mariano Hugo, 6th Fürst zu Windisch-Graetz (b1955)
Knight of the Golden Fleece 2000
Gentleman of the Holy Father, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Slovenia and Slovakia)
married 1990 Archduchess Sophie (b1959), dau of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria & Countess Helene zu Toerring-Jettenbach:

Erbprinz Maximilian (b1990)
Prince Alexis (1991-killed in a car accident 2010)
Princess Larissa (b1996)

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Princely House of Windisch-Grätz

Maria Luisa Furstin zu Windisch-Graetz, nèe Serra di Carafa, died at age 87.
Fuerst Manfred of Windisch-Graetz and his wife Vittoria Lepri dei marchesi di Rota expect their 3rd child in January. The couple already has a son Nicolo (11) and a daughter Olimpia (9).

Prince Alexis Ferdinando of Windisch-Graetz in car accident

Prince Alexis Ferdinando of Windisch-Graetz, age 20, is in critical condition following a car accident near San Angelo d'Alife, Italy.
Prince Alexis is the second son of Prince Mariano-Hugo and Archduchess Sophie of Austria.

Credit and attribution to Marlene Koenig and Royal Musings
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his death was just announced...
It's simply terrible, horrible...when I think that he and the girl died in the same car crash were almost as old as me...
My condolences to his family and to the family of the girl.
What awful news! I can immagine the despair of the parents and his siblings, over this tragedy. My sincere vows that God will give them strength .
My Condolences to both affected families. Such sadness to lose two people at such a ridiculously young age as well.
I am so sorry to hear this :sad: . they were soo young. My condolences to the families
How tragic and horrible... :sad: My condolences to the Windisch-Graetz-family.
Where can I find a picture of him ? How horrible it is !
My condolences to the whole family....may he rest in the peace of God!:easter::angel:
Rest in Peace.
My Condolences to both families.
Poor guy, he was so young, too young to die! :sad:
According to an Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, his parents gave their consent to an organ donation. So generous of them! Somebody else will be allowed to live thanks to this donation, so the young Prince hasn't died in vain, and to his parents he will be living through the recipients.
I am so sad about Alexis dead. I can`t stop thinking about his parents and siblings. Sophie looked like a loving more, always proud of them. Very sad news.
My condolences to the family after such a tragic incident. It must be awful to lose someone close to you at such a young age.
It is a sad news. Condolences to the family.
My sincere condolences to the family.
Yes, it is profoundly sad. To lose a child is tragedy, but his parents gave life to others by organ donation despite their grief.
I once read that prince Mariano Hugo has a charge in the papal court, but just in one source of no great attendibility. Do someone know something about that?
My condolences to the Windisch-Graetz-family.
I once read that prince Mariano Hugo has a charge in the papal court, but just in one source of no great attendibility. Do someone know something about that?
As far as I remember, he is Gentiluomo di Sua Santità (Gentleman of His Holiness).
How terrible...
My condolences to the family.
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