Prince Philip's 90th Birthday: June 10, 2011

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Nov 30, 2010
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Anyone know the plans for celebrating this yet? Any foreign royals attending?
It's supposed to be a quiet family affair, so we'll probably see the Greek Royals.
Goshe the man is still so active. the mountbatten-windsors have great genes
I suspect they may have a service of thanksgiving, either at St George's or the Abbey. They will probably have some sort of a gun salute, and then a private celebration. The British RF have never been keen to have large gatherings of foreign royals in a very public setting and they are unlikely to change that.
But for Charles's 60th there was lots of foreign Royals. And I think I read something about a Service of Thanksgiving.
I am on HM's side: a 90th birthday is special, and should be celebrated as such.
It should be spent how Prince Phillip wants to spend it.
Prince Philip's 90th birthday

Duke of Edinburgh relents over bash for his 90th | Mail Online

A thanksgiving service at St George's and then a celebratory luncheon.

He turned down St Paul's - typical of the man.

It is on June 12th - the weekend after Trooping the Colour and the Sunday immediately before the start of Ascot week.
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Prince Philip set for 90th birthday interviews

Prince Philip will give not one, but two interviews to the BBC and ITV to celebrate his 90th birthday in June. The TV appearances will be in addition to the planned thanksgiving service at Windsor. ‘The Duke didn’t want a big fuss made, but the Queen was determined to mark this milestone,’ says a courtier. ‘He will speak to the BBC and ITV about his life and work.’

You know, this is the first time I have ever heard any of the DOE's children describe him as " caring".

Princess Anne and her father have a wonderful relationship. Prince Philip admires her spunk. I read he wish she was his first born and male.:flowers:
I wouldn't doubt it, Georgiea. They seem to be like two peas in a pod...
Princess Anne and her father have a wonderful relationship. Prince Philip admires her spunk. I read he wish she was his first born and male.:flowers:

When the then Prince Edward dropped out of his Royal Marines training course, according to a broadsheet journalist, Prince Philip reputedly snorted with derision and said that 'his sister would have walked it....'

We have no way of knowing whether such a remark was made of course, but to me it has the ring of truth about it....

I find it hard to relate to people with a lack of warmth..

That photograph really is cute and I agreed with the comment below:

That first picture is so cute, she's very cute, so looking forward to playing but look at her pose her hands, little queen already, I'm sure she was mature beyond her years. I laughed at the Prince Phillip pose though, he looks like he's thinking 'oh great, I have to babysit a little princes, ok ''let's get on with it then''....little did he know on that day that he would become the life companion of one of the most powerful and famous women of our time.
Prince Philip really has done a great job of supporting the Queen all these years. He never complains about his role. I always find it amazing that he's turning 90 and still traveling around the world, without a cane and with a twinkle in his eyes.
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