Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix and Prince Henrik, News 1: July 2009 - February 2012

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I don't think they all do, but it is very common, and the eyes nearly always change color. Henrik's eyes may be blue now but they may very well change as he gets older. (In order for his to stay blue, Marie has to have a recessive blue-eyed gene from a fairly recent ancestor to match with the blue-eyed gene Joachim has from Margrethe - possible but probably not the most likely since she's French and they tend to be a darker people.)
Yes, I agree totally, Maura. I wrote about this earlier when Marie was just pregnant I believe, but my comments were considered to scientific and were put on a back burner thread somewhere.

Now that we have the actual baby, and an article stating that the father says he is blue eyed, it is more relevant.

In any case, it takes a recessive gene from the mother and another recessive gene from the father to have a blue or light eyed child. Not rocket science, but basic high school biology.

Thank you for making the point.
I wonder what pancake balls are? Is this a special Danish dish?

Also, what is rice porridge?
Pancake balls are aebleskiver. They are made from a pancake like batter in a special aebleskiver pan. They are small balls and you turn them with a knitting needle to brown on all sides. They can be served with pancake syrup or honey, or especially delicious, with raspberry jam and powdered sugar.
:previous: They sound really delicious!
I've seen this special pan for sale in some catalogs, all of this after I realized just what they were...
It is a common misconception that all Caucasian babies have blue eyes at birth. I am living proof that is not the case. My eyes were such dark brown when I was born they were almost black!
I personally think that all babies with a recessive blue eyed gene will have blue eyes at birth. Even though there are rules and science with blue and brown eye colour, green and grey eye colours don't always comply. I know a couple who one has green and the other blue, and some of thir children have brown eyes, and they look very much like their father. Even though some said that PHenrik has such dark eyes at birth, they won't stay blue etc., I have experience from my 3 boys who had dark blue eyes for the first 6 weeks, and they all have blue eyes untill today!
I have green eyes. My parents both have brown eyes, but my paternal grandmother had green eyes as well as my maternal grandfather. So, I must have received both recessive genes. It's clear with Mendel's studies about dominant and recessive traits.

There isn't much information about Marie's family, so we don't know if there is someonw out there who could have provided the blue recessive gene. Since P Joachim is blue-eyed, he can only give blue recessive traits.

We'll have to wait and see about the little prince's eye colors.

Nothing was mentioned about the little "strawberry" mark on his ear, either. It was all revealed when pictures were taken of him in China.
28-01-2010 Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix picked up
with the car of Prince Henrik. Cute as always :)

** Pic ** ppe gallery **
28-01-2010 Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix picked up
with the car of Prince Henrik. Cute as always :)

** Pic ** ppe gallery **

What do they mean car of P.Henrik?
The brother or their grandfather? Also picked up from where?
Thanks for the pictures :flowers:
I suppose their grandfather, there is number 101 on the car plate. So maybe this is official car of Prince Consort?
PPE Agency
prince felix is soooo cute, lovely eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing you can not see any asian in him, he is all dad!, his brother too, but the last photo of prince felix is adorable!
Billed-Bladet - Prins Nikolai kom til skade på sushi-restaurant

Billed Bladet has some breaking news about Prince Nikolai, who went to a sushi restaurant in Copenhagen with his mother Alexandra.

The lively boy ran at full speed into a glassdoor and hurt himself. Countess Alexandra scolded the bleeding and probably somewhat dazed boy (presumably she had a fright) after which she wented her anger at the door, which in her opinion was difficult to see.
Oww...that sounds like the sort of thing my sister would have done as a kid.
Ouch. Poor Nikolai, I hope he's alright.
Thanks for the photos of the three little princes. I am very fond of these boys and I think Felix is one of the most handsome princes of all the royalty.
On the occasion of Prince Henrik's 1st birthday on May 4th 2010
wonderful new pictures of Prince Henrik, Princess Marie, Prince
Joachim, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai were taken at Amalienborg
Palace on April 26, 2010:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Adorable! Hard to believe he's a year old already...
Time really flies! Hard to belive the little cutie turns 1 year old already! I love the picture of Henrik and his brothers. :flowers:
the pictures are just lovely. it's great they released them!
Oh my, Henrik is too cute! :flowers: Wonderful pictures.
Beautiful pictures of the little prince. Lovely to see him with his big brothers. Marie is surrounded by a brood of gorgeous boys! I've been hoping we might get an announcement soon of a sibling for the birthday boy
Little Herik is a cutie. He has wonderful eyes and he looks like his father.
I agree Sira. I thought with his colouring he looked more like Marie but as he gets older he's starting to look more like Joachim.
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