Prince Moulay Hicham & Family: News & pictures

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I watched the interview I got to say I enjoyed watching ,he was relaxed and confident .
I do not totally agree ,maybe the King and his brother but fot Mouly Hicham I think he is aging very well ,and for prince mouly Ismail he looks younger than his age .
Moulay Ismail is my same age if you think 36/37 should look old will i am in troubles :D
I look at other men in same age or evn older than the Alouite and they seem to age well like King Abdullah he is 57 and looks really good for his age Moulay Hicham is 55 and look much older that the jordanian King Imo,Mohamled VI is in another league because of his health problems.
No I do not think 36 or 37 is old ,I am saying that he looks younger than his age specialy when he is photographed without beard, any way it is point of view matter.
In his facebook page he said it was her birthday pary
She is so so cure Lalla Bahia.
I wonder if thé picture was taken un Morocco or Us
How cute the picture from Marrakech.
Congratulations for Faiza: Yale then Harvard that's very impressive.
Yes she is hardworking girl specialy she did not need
Education to improve her living standard.
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