Prince Karl of Hesse-Cassel and Countess Yvonne Szapary, 1966

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On April 18th 1966 Prince Karl of Hessen-Cassel married countess Yvonne Yvonne Szapáry von Muraszombath Széchysziget und Szapár in the Grote / St. Jacobs Kerk in The Hague.

The pictures used to belong to the Algemeen Nederlands Fotopersbureau (ANEFO), who donated it to the National Archives in The Hague. The pictures can now be used. The photographer is Eric Koch.

The groom waas the son of the late Prince Christoph of Hessen-Cassel and Princess Sophie of Greece & Denmark & thus a nephew of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The brides parents were the Hungarian Count Bela Szapáry von Muraszombath Széchysziget und Szapár and Freiin Ursula von Richthofen. According to some press they owned/lived in a villa on the Waalsdorperweg in the Hague, where the various guests also posed for pictures. Css Ursula was previously married to a Dutch ambassador, Mr. Godard Willem baron de Vos van Steenwijk, who died in 1940 in Budapest - after which she married count Bela.

The couple got two children, a son named Christoph (1969) and a daughter named Irina (1970), who married count Alexander of Schönburg-Glauchau in 1999.


A video of the wedding: NPO Geschiedenis - Prinselijk huwelijk

According to the 'Leidse Post' there was a party at Kronberg castle in Germany a few days earlier. The couple wanted to settle in Munich. The newspaper claims that Count Bela lived in Salzburg with his wife.

The bride and groom used an ordinary taxi to go to the wedding ceremony.
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Arrival of guests: prince Heinrich of Hessen Kassel, Pss Irene of Greece, a baroness de Vos van Steenwijk (no idea whcih one) and Prince Ludwig of Baden:

The duke of Edinburgh and his mother:

The bride:

In church:

In church II:

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Leaving the church:

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And some group photos:

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