King Karl X Gustav (1622-1660) and Queen Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp

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Jan 9, 2013
Karl X Gustav (8 November 1622 – 13 February 1660), was King of Sweden from 1654 until his death. He was the son of John Casimir, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken-Kleeburg and Catherine of Sweden. After his father's death he also succeeded him as Pfalzgraf. He was married to Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, who bore his son and successor, Charles XI. Charles X Gustav was the second Wittelsbach king of Sweden after the childless king Christopher of Bavaria (1441–1448) and he was the first king of the Swedish Caroline era, which had its peak during the end of the reign of his son, Charles XI. He led Sweden during the Second Northern War, enlarging the Swedish Empire.
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King of Sweden
Duke of Bremen and Verden:

Reign: 6 June 1654 – 13 February 1660
Predecessor: Christina
Successor: Charles XI
Born: 8 November 1622
Nyköping Castle, Sweden
Died: 13 February 1660 (aged 37)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Burial: 4 November 1660
Riddarholmen Church
Spouse: Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp
​(m. 1654)​
Children: Charles XI
House: Palatinate-Zweibrücken
Father: John Casimir, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken-Kleeburg
Mother: Catherine of Sweden
Religion: Lutheran

Karl X in skirmish with Tatars near Warsaw

Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp (23 October 1636 – 24 November 1715) was Queen of Sweden from 1654 until 1660 as the wife of King Charles X Gustav. She served as regent during the minority of her son, King Charles XI, from 1660 until 1672, and during the minority of her grandson, King Charles XII, in 1697. She also represented Charles XII during his absence in the Great Northern War from 1700 until the regency of her granddaughter Ulrika Eleonora in 1713. Hedwig Eleonora was described as a dominant personality, and was regarded as the de facto first lady of the royal court for 61 years, from 1654 until her death.
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Queen consort of Sweden:
Tenure: 24 October 1654 – 13 February 1660
Coronation: 27 October 1654
Queen regent of Sweden:
Tenure: 13 February 1660 - 18 December 1672
Monarch: Charles XI
Tenure: 5 April - 15 December 1697
Monarch: Charles XII

Born: 23 October 1636
Died: 24 November 1715 (aged 79)
Spouse: Charles X Gustav of Sweden
​(m. 1654; died 1660)​
Children: Charles XI of Sweden
House: Holstein-Gottorp
Father: Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp
Mother: Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Saxony
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