Prince Harry: Visit to the United States - May 9-15, 2013

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Aug 14, 2007
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@RE_DailyMail: Prince Harry is to visit the US May 9 to 15: Washington,Denver,Colorado Springs,New York,New Jersey and Connecticut

@RE_DailyMail: Among the highlights of Harry's trip is a visit to Capitol Hill,Arlington National Cemetery, Walter Reed Medical Centre and baseball in NY

@MaxFosterCNN: Pr Harry tour highlights: Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, New Jersey community hit by Hurricane Sandy, meeting US Olympics

@RE_DailyMail: The trip is a real mix of charity work - particularly concerning military vets - and some official work on behalf of UK government
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Why is this on a separate thread, I've already posted info on current events thread!
Why is this on a separate thread, I've already posted info on current events thread!

Probably because usually foreign tours usually have their own threads. Such as when Will and Kate went to Canada after their wedding, there was a specific thread for it. Also, in the future it does make searching the archives for information easier. "I remember it was during xxx tour" and then looking up that thread is quite easier than having to dig through months of current events. :D

I wish they wouldn't bring up Harry's visit to Vegas in relation to this tour as it is totally different. When Harry went to Vegas, he was on his own personal time and with this tour, there are specific reasons for each place he goes and it'd be nice if the press deemed to focus on that. Harry's really got a full schedule on this tour and it covers a lot of his charities. Makes me realize just how involved he is with different issues.
Why is this on a separate thread, I've already posted info on current events thread!

Foreign tours have their own threads so as not to clog up current events threads for days. I created the thread this morning when the information was announced. Same as Henry's visit to Lesotho in February, same as his Commonwealth visits last year.

@Sentebale: Excited to announce Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup #RoyalSaluteSPC will take place on 15th May. More info here:

The Royal Salute Polo Cup will take place in Greenwich Connecticut, with Henry in attendance I imagine.
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I will be at the Polo in Greenwich. If I get a pic, I will put it up.
Remarks by Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Principal Private Secretary to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, about Prince Harry's upcoming tour to the United States:

I did hear on the news by Royal Reporter, Max Foster, that there may be an opening for Harry to meet up with President Obama. I hope it happens.

Thanks much Dman for posting this. Reading through the Private Secretary's remarks, it really made me realize how much planning is put into these tours. Its precise, down to the minute almost in detail of where and why Harry will be where he is. You can definitely tell that Harry didn't wake up last week and think "Hmmm.. think I'll go fly across the pond for a few days."

This tour had to have been in the making for quite a bit of time with the folks behind the scenes networking together to put together an itinerary that works for both Harry and the patronages and charities. From the time he steps on the flight out of the UK until he steps back on British soil again, his time and activities are already planned and its still almost 2 months before he leaves and from what I've seen, there's very little time that Harry will be able to call his own. I'm sure he'll enjoy what he's doing as he has the charisma that oozes from someone that's passionate about what he does, but I can almost guarantee that those folks looking for Harry Hijinks at nightclubs or schmoozing with his girlfriend are not going to see it on this tour.

I'm looking forward to following Harry on this one and really wish I could be around D.C. when he his. Its only 1 1/2 hours away from me to Arlington. Most likely I'll just follow the coverage here on TRF.
Just in case you missed it, there is a thread to be opened closer to Harry's tour of the US. There is a very in depth itinerary posted there and we can see just how busy Harry will be while he's in the US.

I'm looking forward to following this tour. I am admiring Harry more and more as time passes and I see just how involved he is with what he holds dear to his heart. He not only talks the talk but in many cases also walks the walk. :D
^^^^ So do I delete these posts?

I wouldn't as the thread for the US tour isn't opened yet. The mods should be opening it up soon as its only a few days away and perhaps they'll move your posts there. :flowers:
I'm sure the American media will be providing some coverage of his visit.
Victoria Arbiter ‏@victoriaarbiter 2h
With anticipation building for #PrinceHarry's arrival Stateside, tmo's @GMA will have all the details on what to expect from the royal tour.
any pictute yet?
I think Harry arrives in Washington around 2pm ET.

Richard Eden ‏@richardaeden 42m
Prince Harry will be met at Dulles airport by ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott, who was deputy private secretary to Prince Charles in 1990s
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Live Coverage: Feed-
Reuters Live Stream

They will try to broadcast some Live Coverage of Harry's Official Visit to the US.
According to E!:

Prince Harry has landed! Do you think the Prince will be on his best behavior for his US trip? #LiveFromE

Prince Harry Watch ‏@HWalesWatch 3m
@RoyalSourceFR yes, now at the British ambassador's and the White House.
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Robert Grey ‏@bunnyman94 4m
The Press awaiting Prince Harry. @ Russell Senate Office Building

Max Foster ‏@MaxFosterCNN 3m
(Female) Senate staffers out in force to welcome Prince Harry

Max Foster ‏@MaxFosterCNN 44s
Tragedy. (Female) staffers cleared out by police. Grumpy faces

Richard Palmer ‏@RoyalReporter 3m
Prince Harry has landed in Washington at the start of a US tour.

Robert Kessler ‏@robertkessler 7m
You guys! Prince Harry's here!
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Richard Palmer ‏@RoyalReporter 14m
Funny how many young women working in the Senate have found a reason to be in the Russell Senate Rotunda ahead of Prince Harry's visit ;-)
Live Coverage: Harry's Arrival in Washington DC:
Reuters Live Stream

Senator McCain is there to greet Prince Harry.
OMGoodness. Look at all the people standing on the 2nd floor! Bet it's hard for them to hear each other with all those people and that dome. The acoustics are terrible in there.
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Those poor young ladies. All they want is a picture and the cops are ruining their fun.
I love the description in USA Today - a "ginger haired scamp". Absolutely. That's why we love him.
Those poor young ladies. All they want is a picture and the cops are ruining their fun.

Oh, Dman, on the live stream there were plenty of groupies beyond the Prince and also above on the balcony. Short skirts, long necklaces and plunging neckilines seemed to be the preferred uniform of the day. Everyone was hoping for their The Princess and the Showgirl" moment, I am sure. :lol:
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