Prince Harry: Official Visit to Nepal - March 20-23, 2016

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I am so excited to see the photos from this tour. Never been so into a royal tour until now :) Nepal is such a beautiful country, I cant wait to see some of the photos of the places Harry is experiencing there.
This little country needs all the help from the International community it can get with its ancient temples and infrastructure damaged and few tourists arriving. Hopefully Harry's visit will give them some publicity, encourage tourism. It's great to see Harry interacting with the local people, smiling and joking about his socks when he took his shoes off to enter a temple, and his woodcarving skills. He really is a natural!
Prince Harry goes rafting in the Badia National Park

Prince Harry misses hunt tigers safari

Prince Harry spends night in a Nepali village home | Daily Mail Online

Prince Harry lays a wreath during an act of remembrance at the British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara

Prince Harry takes part a paint fight

Prince Harry celebrates the Holi festival in Nepal | Daily Mail Online

Prince Harry in Nepal will begin final day of official tour by opening the Girlsummit with President Bhandari.

Arrives at the burns unit of Kanti Children's Hospital

I must admit that this trip i enjoy me too very much!! Ok from the photos but whatever :lol:

Prince Harry visits Nepal | Galleries | Pics | Daily Express Day 5

Kensignton Palace released favorite pictures from Prince Harry in Nepal. He has provided captions in his own words.
The pictures were taken at Leorani village where he stayed the night with a local family

"Found a friend surveying his kingdom! Who can blame him - what a view! He barked ALL night outside our homestay and kept me awake, but we moved past that!"

Prince Harry, from Leorani village

Prince Harry said: "Living in such dramatic scenery clearly has an effect on the Nepalese - such calm, friendly people and so much love to give. Note to self - visit again!"

This was the view from the helicopter as Prince Harry flew over the mountains and remote villages on the way to the start of his trek to the Gurkha homestay in Leorani village. The video was taken by Prince Harry

Prince Harry coming back to Kathmandu today

I agree with you Curryong Harry make a wonderful job to this trip! And now he have a " Harry Hill"

Nepali Times | The Brief » Blog Archive » Harry hill
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He enjoys seeing live tigers. Harry's having a wonderful trip and everyone seems pleased that he's visiting them.
For what I've seen, this trip seems to be quite successful as for now, and everyone seems to enjoy it to the fullest.
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I found myself amused at Harry starting his visit in his (unofficial) royal uniform of a blue suit and tie. This was rapidly followed by the loss of the tie, the jacket and then out came the shirt tails and up rolled the sleeves.

From then on it's been suede ankle boots (fashion not army), jeans and "real" to the nth degree. His avid enthusiasm seems contagious and his interest genuine. His ready smile and humour seem to have made this a successful visit thus far and here's hoping HM continues to deploy her secret charm offensive weapon many more times in the future.
Action Man II. I'm smitten and admit it. :lol:

... And BTW - DM amended the headline, which did not include the fact that the "hunt" was to simply see a tiger. They did not see one.
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Great tour so far both for Harry and the country :flowers:

He seems to be really enjoying himself, both with the people and in nature with the WWF and rafting. He is so natural with the people. I like they had a teenager giving him a tour instead of some official. :)
Thanks for the coverage so far. No one mentioned, no one left out. :flowers:

Harry is a true asset for the BRF and he excels at these kinds of visits.
I am so relieved that this village solved the "My head is too big" issues. I also think that my old practice of breathing deeply to ward off a negative response is going to be replaced with hands together/bow/Namaste. I'll still breathe deeply. ;)
It would be so life changing to sleep with the Gurkhas! I envy Harry.
As a feminist, I do admit to wanting to understand Gurkha women's life experience better. A 2012 study said that PTSD was not much an issue for the Gurkhas.
Maybe we can learn something,you know?
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It must be wonderful to enjoy the hospitality of a Nepalese village in the Himalayan foothills and then go outside and see the sunrise over those mountain tops. I think Harry is appreciative of it all, and seems in high spirits (and laden with scarves and garlands.)
Harry is definitely one man who does not let ego play an important role in his life. No matter where he goes, be it a formal military occasion or a celebration of color in a local school, Harry always seems to be able to mesh right in and fully experience whatever is going on around him.

It is when a person can appreciate and become a part of the world around them that they find that the world appreciates having them in their midst. This definitely describes Harry.
Surprisingly little coverage in Britain of this tour given Harry's so called 'popularity' - Three of the daily newspapers didn't send any reporters, which seems to be the benchmark by which we measure royal popularity lately. I thought he'd be all over the front pages.

Does anyone know what time tomorrow he ends his visit to Nepal?
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Haha! Good one Rudolph!

I've been seeing tons of photos (which have been admired all over the forums) including a photo of a large press pen halfway up a mountain. Richard Palmer gave a list of those reporters who were going, before the tour started. He mourned that he wouldn't be, and perhaps wouldn't be going to India either.

It's been very successful and Harry was mobbed by schoolgirls and by villagers and other locals who were all pleased to see him, and he showed in his own inimitable way how to interact with people who flocked to see him.
We'll agree to disagree. It doesn't look like a successful tour from where I'm sitting. Of course there are 'tons' of photos, it happens every royal tour. I'm just talking about the coverage in Britain.

It's good locals are glad to see him. Locals were glad to see Charles in the Balkans. Seems locals are glad to see royals no matter where they go .
Article and gallery from danish Billed Bladet
Prins Harry og kronprins Frederik modtaget med kærlighed i Nepal | BILLED-BLADET

Prince Harry is reunited with Ghurka fighter he first met in Salisbury when he was six years old as he visits headquarters in Nepal

Prince Harry celebrates the Holi festival in Nepal | Daily Mail Online

very cute photo

article from CNN
"Prince Harry paid tribute to the resilience of the people of Nepal in recovering from last year's devastating earthquakes, before visiting destroyed cultural sites on his first visit to the Himalayan nation."
Prince Harry makes first visit to Nepal -
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