Prince Ghazi, Princess Areej (ex-wife), Princess Mariam (2nd wife) & Family

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That's true. He gave a lecture on iterfaith & talked to Muslims & Christian communities there.
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Oh, what a surprise - late fruit of love! Congrats to them!
Salsabil also refers to a spring in "paradise or heaven" which means " Jannah" ( her elder sister`s name ) in arabic .
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King's deputy takes part in Jerusalem forum in Istanbul

Istanbul, May 8 (Petra) -- Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, HRH Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed, the King's Chief Adviser for Religious and Cultural Affairs and Persona Envoy, on Monday took part in an international conference on Jerusalem Endowments held in Turkey.

Prince Ghazi delivered a speech in which he thanked the Turkish president for patronizing the gathering and supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalemites and holy shrines.
Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed mourns the death of his father in law ( father of his wife princess Areej) Dr. Omar Abdel Moneim Al-Zawawi i who passed away on April 11.

الأمير غازي ينعى والد الأميرة أريج الدكتور عمر بن عبد المنعم الزواوي | شرق وغرب | وكالة عمون الاخبارية

Dr. Zawawi was a famous businessman & served for many years as an advisor to the Sultan of Oman.

A royal decree issued today changing the style of HRH Princess Areej Ghazi to "HRH Princess Areej, daughter of Omar Zawawi".
I hope that separation is not the reason behind this change because this style is usually granted to princesses when they get divorced, as happened with Princess Alia Tabbaa following her divorce from Prince Feisal.
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It seems that her new husband did not accompany her. I assume the sons of the princess are studying abroad.
Maybe Miriam wanted to go alone and Ghazi accepted that?

Her sons are still studying, not working already?
Maybe Miriam wanted to go alone and Ghazi accepted that?

Her sons are still studying, not working already?

Its still rather odd as they were only recently married.
Here are some additional photos of the guests of the funeral service yesterday:

** ppe gallery **
Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed and Princess Miriam attended the inauguration of a new Orthodox church in northern Jordan. The event took place on February 19th.

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