Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's Visit to Thailand: November 24-26, 2008

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Has it been confirmed that the Cp Couple will meet with the king today?
A very busy day for Mary, so far great pictures, thanks everyone.
Thanks everyone for the links to some great photos. Love the ones of Mary with the children making the kangaroo with Lego.
Princess Mary at the Thailand Creative and Design Center

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By Isifa

A couple of Galleries from Belga

BelgaPicture - Category details
BelgaPicture - Category details

Princess Mary´s Speech at the Award of the Diploma of the Danish Export Association and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour.

D.K.H. Kronprinsparret - Overrækkelse af Danmarks Eksportforenings Diplom og H.K.H. Prins Henriks Æresmedalje

Prince Frederik´s Speech at the official opening of "Denmark and Danish Business in Thailand 2008 Business Forum".

D.K.H. Kronprinsparret - Officiel åbning af "Denmark and Danish Business in Thailand 2008 Business Forum"
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Lovely pictures. Mary appears to be doing a great job of CP!
Wonderful photos! I loved seeing Mary and the children playing with Legos. I am sure that these children will never forget the day they played with Legos with a real princess! Hopefully, Mary's visit will draw attention to helping orphaned children.
Thanks all for the great photos! I haven't seen either of Mary Lady-in-waitings on them. Is Mary "alone" on this trip? Of course except from husband :)
Thanks all for the great photos! I haven't seen either of Mary Lady-in-waitings on them. Is Mary "alone" on this trip? Of course except from husband :)

i saw tanya in one of the pictures sitting near mary. i'm not sure whether caroline went with them.
There is a political conflicts in Thailand right now. The demonstrators try to overthrow the elected government because they think the government is corrupted and undignified. The protests have been going on for quite awhile but the protesters say the government should come to an end soon so they started the big demonstration on Monday. In fact, they already took over the parliament and other official buildings.

Anyway, I think that the Crown Prince couple won't be bothered by that at all. The protests are at only certain government official buildings which can easily be avoided. I hope they have a good time in Thailand. The weather is nice and warm!:flowers:

Thank you very much. I hope Mary and Frederick have a lovely visit and go back home safe.
It must be unnerving being in a foreign country when there is some sort of turmoil going on.
Here are some screencaps from the TV2 video of Frederik and Mary meeting the King and Queen of Thailand:
thank you all for providing all these wonderful pictures of one of the most fascinating locations i can think of, what a great opportunity for mary & fred to do such a fantastic visit!
I don't like Mary's dress today! she looks old with that outfit!
I have made an update on my website its the site about Mary and Fredrik in Thailand '( M&F i Thailand )
i just saw picture of mary at dinner today she look divine very beautiful dress
I dont like what cronw princess mary is wearing today. The dress reminds me an old lady.
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Is it possible for them to return to Denmark, while the airport is not working?
Is it possible for them to return to Denmark, while the airport is not working?

they probably flew on the private plane considering the caos in thailand at the moment (or if not, i'm sure the ambassador can organize something for them in order and borrow a plane to come back home). i'm sure they will be fine. i guess VIPs don't usually get any problems, even in moments of general turmoil.

the dress mary is wearing is definitely a difference from what we are used to seeing on her. i guess the weather in denmark isn't ever as warm as in thailand, which justifies the more relaxed clothing with dresses and skirts.

the flowery dress looked really feminine and the purple one seems to suit mary a lot. it's nice to see her wearing something different.

are there any other pictures with the king and queen?
SHE's wonderrful tonight!! but I think her dress is a bit long!
I like the colourful "things" given to CP Mary instead of the bouquet of flowers usually given. On photo nine she is holding three in her hand. They are very beautiful.
She looks gorgeous.
I just hope they get out of there safe. There are more demostrations today.
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