Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 48: August - October 2008

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A very lovely photo from today:
Diario de Navarra
I´m very happy today, Martti Ahtisaari, the former President of Finland, won the Nobel Peace Prize!
Congratulations for the Nobel Prize and thanks for the lovely pic LadyFinn!:flowers:
I find that Letizia looks great these last days and her hairdo is perfect.
letizia seemed to enjoy the visit to cuatro very much. she certainly sparkles when she comes back in contact with activities that relate to her previous job as journalist. she looked much more relaxed and in contact with the people than usually.
Thanks for the video Donnak!
To tell the truth Letizia looks rather embarrassed than excited, IMO.
Anyways, I know that those guys were working, but they should have stood up when shaking hands with the Princes. How rude!

That was the news room. People sitting on the front line were working on the real time news transmission. Of course they were more concentrated on their work since it was not a job you could take a break for even a few minutes. Thus I don't see them being rude at all or Letizia looking embarassed. As a former journalist on TV, Letizia perfectly understood the situation and the jobs those people have to do.
:previous: I respect your opinions, but they could have politely stood only two seconds, without taking any break.
My opinion, of course.:)
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