Prince Félix, Princess Claire and Family, Current Events Part 1: November 2013 -

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Prince Félix & Princesse Claire planted a Tree in Usingen, the town Princess Claire spent the most of her Childhood. It is tradition that newly Weds plant a tree the year after they mariage. Also the year after the birth of a child. So we can see them around there next year!

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His Chateau, , his Land , his Wine all presents from his father in law. Lucky Prince !
She looks great! The dress is from PRADA and I have always liked it. Claire had a fb profile back then and posted the info about the dress :).
She looks fantastic. I did not find the dress flattering when she wore it to the wedding, but now for some reason it looks better.

I wish we could see what the baby looks like now!

Maybe she'll be at the balcony after the closing of the Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg tomorrow.

HRH Prince Félix visit the Luxembourg Pavillon at the Filmfestival in Cannes.

Only Francais & Deutsch at this moment.
Interview auf Létzebuergësch.


Visite princière au Festival de Cannes

Félix au pavillon luxembourgeois

Luxemburger Wort - Félix au pavillon luxembourgeois



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Finally, pictures of Amalia! She's the very image of Princess Claire! In fact, there's a picture out there of Claire as a baby and she looks just like Amalia! Those are strong genes that Claire has!
Beautiful and happy family. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Felix. What could he ask for more? Awesome wife, adorable daughter, what more?
Claire is very beautiful, Felix is very handsome, I'm looking forward to seeing Amalia grow up and see how she looks like with such amazing genes!
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