Prince Ernst August Jr & Prince Christian of Hanover: 2004-2018

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Queen Astrid

Dec 26, 2003

Arms of the Royal House of Hanover

Prince Ernst August Jr and Prince Christian of Hanover

commencing January 2004

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I am also a BIG FAN of EAjr. actually... of all the Hanovers... I have posted some pictures of him in the Caroline and Ernst forum... here is a picture with Christian and Charlotte in 2002


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thanks kittencrews .... that is me about 10 ;) years ago. Does a good job of showing my long, very long legs. :)
LOL... okay Christian whatever you say ;)

Here is a picture of Ernst and Francesca Versace in 2002

Hopefully we will be seeing Ernst and Christian skiing this year with the family!!


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yes, he is very tall he's also skinny so it makes him look taller... Ernst (dad) is pretty tall but he isn't as skinny so it doesn't show as much
It's old but it's him...

EA and Caroline with Ernstie in NYC Oct 2002


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"Well, he is his father's son... "

you are crazy... there is NO comparison.. Ernstie did NOT get his looks from his FATHER... actually it's strange his mother wasn't that pretty to begin with, but now she's really pretty....


Okay, I've been thinking and I think Ernstie did get his "bad" looks from Ernst because Heinrich (Ernst's younger brother) is not that good looking, but it's not a very good picture either.


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Junior with brother Pierre, uncle Al and auntie Steph....1999


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If the British Royals are related to the Hanoverians, why don't the Hanoverians (Guelphs like Ernst and them) look like them...AT ALL! They are hideous people...Ernst JR is the ugliest person I have ever seen! Hes wierder than anything...all that inbreeding finally did something...:) I mean I look more like the Windsors, alot more actually...I could claim to be a Windsor...
Ok, everyone's opinions on looks are just that, opinions. However, let's try not to insult them by calling them hideous and the like.
I do not think that he is ugly. He just always looks very sad to me. I have hardly ever seen him smile.
Are there any rumors of possible royal/noble matches for him? What is the Hannoverian qualifications for marriage anyway?
I don't think there are any qualifications for Ernstie because his father has already married a catholic so they are out of the succession for the British Throne... but they still have to ask QEII's permission

and I am the perfect candidate if I do say so myself!!!
Anyways i just don't understand what they are talking about (even after reading the transalationof German into English) on the Welfen Forum (the official family website's talking board like LTR) Can somebody help me on that one??
P.S. The Duke of Saxa-Gotha-Coburg (Herbertus) was actually posting on the board that was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, Ernst August's children are not out of the British sucession as long as they do not marry a Catholic, or become one themselves. E-A Sr. is out of the succession though.
I must say, Ernst is very attractive. I have never seen a picture of him before, and I was speechless when I saw his pictures, the first one was absolutely gorgeous, and the rest just look like his drunk or really really depressed, if he smiles more he's so very attractive. The resemblence between him and my friend Dan is uncanny, really. I honestly thought I was looking at a picture of Dan when I saw Ernst, with the exception of the lighter hair.
OK, I'm going to try to post the pictures:

I hope this works, these are pictures of him with his step-brother.


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A while back I remember reading he was about 6'3" so I'd assume about 6'4"
soccer game 2004


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Ernst Sighting!

Not very interesting, but I spotted Prince Ernst August last week while I was on vacation!

I was in Paris (I live in Philadelphia, USA), and was walking in the Place Vendome, across from the Ritz. I passed a man walking with a group of other men and KNEW that I knew him from somewhere. At first I thought it was a journalist I couldn't place, but by the time I was at Rue de Rivoli, I realized it was ol' Ernie. I guess if you're going to see Euro nobility, I was in the right place!
Great idea to open a tread for them so maybe I'll start:D .
Some biographical informations:

*Ernst August Andreas Philipp Constantin Maximilian Rolf Stephan Ludwig Rudolph, born Hildesheim 19 Jul 1983

*Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Ernst-Wilhelm Friedrich Franz, born Hildesheim 1 Jun 1985

One thing's for sure - they'we got a lot of names:eek: :D .
Yap...they have a lot of names ...:)

Here are the pics:

1. Christian and Ernstie at Monaco National Day
2. Ernstie and Andrea at Champions Leaque match
3. Ernstie and Chris with brother Pierre
4. With their step -siblings
5. With all step -siblings
6.Ernstie with Andrea and Charlotte
7. Chris and Andrea at soccer match
8. Ernstie and Pierre
9.Ernstie and Chris lighting candle for their step-granddad
10. Chris with Andrea and Dad


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Good idea Nathalian!
Ernest and his ex.wife had a lot of time to chose names!!!! It had to be difficult for Junior and Crhistian remember their names! Image that some1 ask your name, and yoou start: Ernest August andreas Philip..................The other person will get sleep!
Why on the Earth they put so much names?

Thanks for the pics Michelle
juliette said:
*Ernst August Andreas Philipp Constantin Maximilian Rolf Stephan Ludwig Rudolph, born Hildesheim 19 Jul 1983

*Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Ernst-Wilhelm Friedrich Franz, born Hildesheim 1 Jun 1985

One thing's for sure - they'we got a lot of names:eek: :D .
That is their name!??! :eek: Whoa imagine having to remember all that!!! what is with royal and extra long names? :confused: it's not like anyone is ever going to call you by their full name:rolleyes: ...unless they get in trouble with their mum and she start yelling "now you come back here Ernst August Andreas Philipp Constantin Maximilian Rolf Stephan Ludwig Rudolph" :D
What's in a name?

hillary_nugent said:
That is their name!??! :eek: Whoa imagine having to remember all that!!! what is with royal and extra long names?

Ernst August and Christian are the heir and the spare to the Headship of the Royal House of Hanover.

All the names have significance to the Hanover dynasty, and to their mother's family.

Remember, they are very high-ranking aristocrats, and bearing the names of one's ancestors is all part of the deal.
more pics!

I found a few more:D. I'll search for more but it's very hard to find pics of them especially Christian:(.

1. Funeral of Prince Rainier.
2. EA, Andrea & Charlotte.
3. Soccer game 2004.
4. Again.
5. Charlotte & Christian (last).
6. EA, Andrea & Christian.
7. Whole family.
8. Ibiza 2004.


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WHen I saw him at the funeral I noted how much he looks like his ancestors
Who?? EA??? I´m sure he looks like his father....if you put a pic of him and EA Jr., you see how they look a like. Christian is more of a mix..but, of course, looks like his daddy...hehehe...
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