Prince Ernst August Jr, Prince Christian of Hannover and Families: March 2018 -

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:previous: Good question....I wonder when his first grandson is born will E-A Sr finally soften toward his Heir and his new wife?

I don't know if Sr. has ever even met his grandaughter...which is very sad.:sad:
Well ... It is impossible to determine what Prince Ernst August will do. He so far has adopted belligerent attitude towards his eldest son. Hopefully TRF members from Germany will be able to clarify how a new head of the house in question is appointed/chosen.
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E-A Jr. accompanied his mother Chantal to Princess Eugenie's wedding last week. So I guess the Windsors consider him the de facto head of the House of Hanover, and not E-A Sr. anymore.:whistling:

I think it's more of a case of getting along between young royals and I was delighted to see the Princes at the wedding. But of course this might be also a statement.

Congrats to the couple! And I thought the belly was just a rest from the last pregnancy :lol:

Christian and Alessandra attended the 'El Medico' musical premiere at the Nuevo Apolo Teathre in Madrid yesterday, October 17:

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Congratulations to Hereditary Prince Ernst-August Jr and Hereditary Princess Ekaterina!
I am very happy for them…. how right they are not to wait too long to have a family !
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Thanks for the update!
Princess Elisabeth bears a close resemblance to her father.
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Godparents of Elisabeth Tatiana Maximiliana Iacobella Faiza von Hannover (apparently known based on her name or the other way around): Tatiana Casiraghi*(34), Maximiliana Gräfin Douglas (32), Iacobella Gaetani (36)*and Faiza s’Lika*(38).
Elisabeth has a lot of hair for her age! She's a beautiful little baby and it's nice to hear that she has a Casiraghi godparent - the two families seem to be very close despite the less savoury relationships with Ernst August Sr.

Ernst August Jr attended the award ceremony of the Lower Saxony State Prize in Hannover, Germany, today, November 1:

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Princess Alessandra attend at the opening of the new store of Jorge Vazquez in Madrid.

Princess Alessandra attend at the launch of Channel No5 Red in Lima, Peru

Princess Ekaterina with Tatiana Santo Domingo in Muzungu Sisters coats!
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I was honestly not that impressed with "Sassa" as a bride but those photos have changed my mind for certain.

One of the most gorgeous Royal brides ever!
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Prince Ernst August Jr "sells" Marienburg Castle to Lower Saxony for the cost of 1 euro.


29.11.2018, Lower Saxony, Pattensen: Ernst August Hereditary Prince of Hanover during a press conference at Marienburg Castle. The dilapidated castle Marienburg owned by Ernst August of Hanover should go completely to the state of Lower Saxony for the symbolic amount of one euro, photo: Rainer Droese, germany out !!!//DROESE_DROESE013129/Credit:Rainer Droese/SIPA/1812021350
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Shame it had to be sold off but I can imagine that its a financial drain with its upkeep and repairs.
Just one euro? Surely that's not one thousand or one million?!
Thanks for the photo!
The couple looked relaxed and happy.
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