Prince Daniel's 50th Birthday - 15 September, 2023

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Press release from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise on 20th September:
Prince Daniel's Scholarship for young entrepreneurship
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is donating money to enable a scholarship of SEK 50,000 for young entrepreneurs due to H.R.H. Prince Daniel turns 50 years old. "We want to honor Prince Daniel's many years of commitment to Junior Achievement Sweden and young entrepreneurship," says CEO Jan-Olof Jacke.
The annual scholarship of SEK 50,000 will go to a former Junior Achievement entrepreneur who is no more than 30 years old and has run a business for a number of years.
Prins Daniels stipendium för ungt entreprenörskap

Press release from Junior Achievement Sweden/Young Enterprise on 20th September:
H.R.H. Prince Daniel's 50th birthday was celebrated at a ceremony at Junior Achievement Sweden - where the Prince's many years of involvement in the board were celebrated.
The Junior Achievement Sweden paid attention to HRH Prince Daniel's 50th birthday during a gathering for Junior Achievement Sweden's board. Junior Achievement's board chairman Carola Lemne highlighted, among other things, Prince Daniel's involvement in the board. Together with CEO Tove Jarl, she handed over a basket of products from former JA entrepreneurs to Prince Daniel. There were gifts, and short stories about how Junior Achievement's activities influenced them.
Ung Företagsamhet gratulerade H.K.H Prins Daniel – hyllade hans engagemang i styrelsen _ Ung Företagsamhet

This event took place on Tuesday 19th September.
I was thinking before Daniel's birthday that he would get a scholarship in his name due to his birthday. Great to see I was right.
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Svensk Damtidning reveals that Daniel will be celebrated with a huge celebration at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
On Saturday 11 November, almost two months after he turned 50, the royal family and all his friends will gather to congratulate him. A celebration that the court has planned in silence. We will see Daniel's family and the large group of entrepreneurs who surround Daniel in his Fellowship. Perhaps some of his closest royal colleagues will also fly into Stockholm.
Svensk Dam avslöjar! Prins Daniels 50-årsfest på slottet _*Svensk Dam

The court confirms to Expressen that Daniel will be celebrated, 57 days too late.
- Yes it is true. Due to that Prince Daniel turned 50 on the big Jubilee day on September 15, his celebration has been postponed and is on November 11, says Margareta Thorgren.
She doesn't want to go into what the celebration will look like or who is invited, given that it is private.
- It will be a private celebration at the Royal Palace. Prince Daniel is looking forward to this, says Thorgren.
Prins Daniels 50-årsdag firas – 57 dagar för sent _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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Margareta Thorgren tells to Svensk Damtidning that Madeleine and her family are still in the US and will miss Daniel's birthday celebration on Saturday.
- They live in the USA and the reason is partly that they were home recently, partly that it is a long journey. They have congratulated the prince when they were in Sweden last time. Unfortunately, they are unable to attend this party.
Daniel wants to focus on a private one with his loved ones. Thorgen says that it is a private party that takes place at the Royal Palace and Daniel has wished to have a larger but private party.
Hovet bekräftar_ Trista beskedet bara dagar före Daniels fest _*Svensk Dam
Svensk Damtidning's reporter Helena Wiklund is on site outside the Royal Palace and tells that several cars have started to arrive to Daniel's birthday party.
According to Damtidning's sources, one of Sweden's most famous artists will perform at the party. The artist has hits with millions of plays on Spotify and is known worldwide. Out of consideration for Daniel and the guests, Svensk Damtidning chooses not to reveal the artist's name at the time of writing.
Svensk Dam avslöjar_ Svenska världsstjärnan uppträder ikväll på prins Daniels 50-årsfest på slottet! _*Svensk Dam

There are 200 guests at the party, from Daniel's childhood friends from Ockelbo to Victoria's girlfriends with their spouses and Daniel's all entrepreneur friends. Photos of some of them arriving, dress code black tie.
Victoria arrived in a limousine earlier in the day.
Among the guests are Oscar and Gustaf Magnuson, Victor and Frida Magnuson, Peder and Caroline Dinkelspiel, Andrea Brodin and Cedric Notz, Carolina and Patrik Klüft, Karl-Johan and Leonie Persson, Stefan and Denise Persson, Carl and Elinore Tham, Sophie de Geer Josefsson and Marcus Josefsson, Jacob Wallenberg and Annika Levin, Martina and Karl Liska, Jacob and Faye de Geer, Josephine Génetay, Louise and Gustav Thott, Sofia Schörling Högberg and Anders Högberg, Cristina Stenbeck and Alex Fitzgibbons. Actor and director Felix Herngren and wife Clara, singer Joakim Berg (from one of Daniel's favourite bands, Kent) and wife Tanja Määttä Berg.
From the court at the photos are The Right Reverend Bishop and Chief Court Chaplain Dr. Johan Dalman with his wife, Director of the Royal Collections Margareta Nisser-Dalman, and the First Lady of the Court Anna Hamilton with her husband count Peter Hamilton.
Daniel's cousin Andreas Westling with wife Amanda:
Daniel's cousin Sara Westling with husband Jesper

Prins Daniels 50-årsparty – 200 gäster festar på slottet! _*Svensk Dam
Prins Daniels hemliga fest – på kungliga slottet
Så klädde sig gästerna på prins Daniels fest i natt _*Svensk Dam

At Aftonbladet's video we see also Daniel's childhood friend Niklas Ek (works in Generation Pep) with wife Anna, Curie (has painted a portrait of Estelle) and Jan-Carl Adelswärd and Jan and Ellen Dinkelspiel. Bishop Johan Dalman says that absolutely, he will dance tonight.
Prins Daniel firar 50 år • Gästerna anländer Aftonbladet

Svensk Damtidning writes that the royal family and the Westling family seem to have taken a different, secret way to the Palace as they were not seen at all.
Hemliga planen_ Kungafamiljen smög in på prins Daniels fest – utan att fångas på bild _*Svensk Dam

Andrea Brodin tells at her Instagram stories that her gown is from Lars Wallin.
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There is no foreign royalty invited to Daniel's birthday? Not even the other Nordic crown princes couples?
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According to Damtidning's sources, one of Sweden's most famous artists will perform at the party. The artist has hits with millions of plays on Spotify and is known worldwide. Out of consideration for Daniel and the guests, Svensk Damtidning chooses not to reveal the artist's name at the time of writing.
Svensk Dam avslöjar_ Svenska världsstjärnan uppträder ikväll på prins Daniels 50-årsfest på slottet! _*Svensk Dam
Has the name of the performer been made public?
Svensk Damtidning writes that now they can reveal: the artist, who performed at Daniel's birthday party, was E-Type.

Shortly after four o'clock, the artist's gray BMW rolled into Outer Courtyard, escorted by a court official who gave clear instructions:
- On the other side of the guardhouse, you enter there.
Victoria had invited her old friend, the Euro disco king E-Type! A total surprise for Daniel who knew nothing beforehand.
- It was so cool - suddenly during dinner, E-Type stepped in and ran his show with dancers and everything. Everyone stood up and jumped! The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, the roof almost lifted!, one of the guests tells.
E-Type is tight-lipped and said to Svensk Damtidning: No, I have no comments. However, I wish you a wonderful day!
Victoria and E-Type (Martin Erikson) already got to know each other over 20 years ago, they were at a group which took a diving certificate together.
Svensk Dam avslöjar_ Victorias 50-årspresent till Daniel _*Svensk Dam
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According to Svensk Damtidning's sources Victoria had more surprises in store than just inviting E-Type to perform and it turned out to be an emotional evening.
Victoria gave an outstanding speech, which was completely on a par with the much talked about speech that Daniel gave to Victoria at the wedding in 2010, and the guests could not do anything but cry when she showed her appreciation to her prince.
Damtidning writes that Daniel's 50th birthday celebration may have been pushed aside as the king celebrated 50 years on the throne, but he made it up with flying colors, thanks in large part to Victoria.
Victorias otroliga tal till Daniel på festen – tårar i överflöd _*Svensk Dam
The Swedish Kidney Foundation at its website on 1st November:

H.R.H. Prince Daniel's anniversary fundraiser
Due to that the Kidney Foundation's patron H.R.H. Prince Daniel celebrates his 50th birthday in 2023, we are making a special fundraiser to be able to increase the funding for kidney research. Prince Daniel follows developments in this area with great interest. Since summer 2023, the Prince has been patron of the Kidney Foundation.
- We are very happy and proud to have received royal patronage for the Foundation, and see the anniversary fundraiser as an opportunity to further increase funding for kidney research in Sweden, says Håkan Hedman, chairman of the Kidney Foundation and honorary doctor of medicine.
The anniversary fundraiser runs until the end of December 2023.
Jubileumskampanj - Njurfonden
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